Best Online Whiteboard Software of 2018

Best Online Whiteboard Software of 2018

Today, you can find a variety of the options of new efficiency and group coordinated kind of software that you can use. These amazing software have entered the market to rapidly increase the productivity of many businesses.

There are great deals of whiteboard animation tools that are known for their adequacy and persevere. The use of Whiteboards and standard writing boards are normally to conceptualize, design, clarify, and instruct about any concept. Even though many of these tools are modernized, they are now upgraded to become computerized adaptations, still, the physical whiteboard sheets can be found in numerous workplaces. Whiteboard has always had its importance; they are the best and advantageous to helping design any thoughts and plans in a vast, noticeable arrangement.

With the innovation growing day by day, now, there is no need to meet in one space and collect ideas. In this computerized period, you have a virtual whiteboard with cooperation highlights that can prove to be very useful. Whiteboard is your perfect space to team up on thoughts.

Here are two best online whiteboards with the real-time cooperation that you can use for your business ideas:

Whiteboard Fox

The best software, that is less difficult to understand and easy to utilize, Whiteboard Fox is a virtual whiteboard that can do wonders for you. This is an online whiteboard video tool that doesn’t require any setup and is very effective in result.

The options of this software have been very simple & easy to use, also, it has the usefulness of having easily undone, erase, draw, and navigation buttons. The photos and content are supporting in this software, and it has a “Copy All” button that can easily enable different users to duplicate their data to the clipboard. With this software, you can make the drawing highlight feels common, precise and responsive. Although the list of features is not that much in this software Whiteboard Fox does give its clients the basic options to make their video or idea interesting. With this software, you get a quick sharing option. In terms of best online whiteboard software for real-time cooperation, you can get easy sharing and welcoming options. You can even invite your business partners through its simple and interesting sharing option. Different users, through Whiteboard Fox, can create links and connections each time they begin another whiteboard. Through the sharing option in this software, you can inform or message the visitor or business partner to go straight to the whiteboard for updates and add-on.

The way that this application works progressively and effectively is one of the fundamental advantages of utilizing Whiteboard Fox. The users immediately on their screens can see the progressions. In short, Whiteboard Fox is a virtual whiteboard tool available to you that will take care of your business.


A software that is perfect for individuals who are in a hurry or on-the-go, AWW App is your answer! This awesome application runs directly and easily in an internet browser. Working this application is as simple as going through the page itself. You can have all the detail and all the functions in front of you anytime. You need just a login on this application and you can make your own private whiteboard sheet, and you can invite others to go through it. This application gives the client a chance to get to the online whiteboard easily and even allow the members to include and draw, however, they see fit on that sheet. If you get the free version of this application, it confines the accessible apparatuses however, you can easily use the essential options, and mostly they are enough to create an interesting whiteboard. When you download the free version of AWW App, you get your basic picture shot that is simple to utilize. In order to incorporate more highlights for an expansive scale group or individual utilization, you can upgrade to a paid version.

This app has many simple to use options like a dot grid that helps with arranging of content and illustrations, the undo button that commits evacuating errors, pressing the erase button that would delete your whole board at once, and much more. AWW App is very natural to use and versatile on work area gadgets, like laptop or cell phones.

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