Benefits Of Having A Professional Author Website


Does the author need an author’s website? Although authors currently receive writing services in the USA and are not published, do they need an ambitious author website? The simple answer is yes. An author’s website is an integral part of an online presence. Even if you haven’t published your first book, it is vital to set up an author’s website. The author’s website is the reader’s access to you and the world of e-books. It’s an ideal marketing platform and a great place to attract the audience to buy your books.

The most important place for people to learn about your books is online. The online status of an author can be reflected in the central hub that can bring in as many other interactions as possible. The central hub has two critical elements: the author’s website and (preferably between them) the author’s blog. You can start with a simple website, add more into it as your skills grow, and find what your readers like. 

In this article, you will understand why it is important for authors to have a website and the benefits of having a professional author website. If you are a self-published author, maintaining a website is especially important because you need to provide readers with a solid platform to interact with you and keep them updated on your plans, activities, upcoming books, etc. So, keep reading!


Whether you agree or not, it is now a fully digital world. Most people spend a lot of time looking for online solutions that meet their needs. Whether they wanted to buy, find things, travel, read good books, articles, everyone searches the internet. Therefore, as a solution provider, the most important task is to provide it anytime, anywhere. As well as a detailed and comprehensive map, you can reach your destination and handle it easily (despite all obstacles). Its website also serves as a map for those looking for solutions. It tells them all the information about you, such as who you are, what you are doing, where and how they will get in touch with you. Frankly, today’s author is a significant part of the author’s branding!

Many authors do not have a website. They still depend on social media sites for their digital look and feel the need to create their own. Is it still worth it? This problem still haunts your little brains. Whether you are an author, non-fiction writer, freelance writer, or newbie writer, no matter what type of author or writer you are, I want to tell all authors that you need a website.

Why? Let’s use a simple analogy to understand this – how long can you live in a shared or rented house according to other rules? Whether it’s a small house, a two-story apartment or a bungalow, you need to have your own home because you feel safe and free. Having a personal website gives you the same feeling, increases confidence, and regularly publishes new blogs, articles, ads, etc., to attract your audience.


  1. Professional Digital Presence 

Whether you’re writing a novel or working as a freelancer providing writing services in the USA, clients need to know who you are and what you offer. Where do they look? A questionnaire is not enough. Your inbox is loaded with a publisher and literary agent queries, and you need to know more. You need to be great, stand out from the competition and show the client that you are providing the best writing services. You also need to prove that you have learned the latest technology. What if there is no website?

  1. Marketing Success 

If you are an author who is planning a traditional route with a copyright agent or publisher, you will need to create a domain name. After all, publishers want you to do a lot of your marketing now. Besides, if you plan to publish at your own expense, the site will become even more critical. Readers and supporters need to know who you are and what you write. 

Try the following: Type “Stephen King” into the search engine. What happens first? Try other writers who have at least some successes. Their website is not the most recent in terms of design, it is also not the greatest, but it is there.

  1. Centralized Source For Readers 

If readers want to find your book, they need to go to Amazon or other sites. To keep your daily activities up to date with them, they need to follow you on social media. If someone wants to read your poems, articles or valuable ideas, they need to browse the blog/media portal or the news section where you posted the content. 

Do you focus on everyone? Be sure to write your articles, and, in addition to the presentation of your website, you can also include links to interviews, press releases, events and other third-party content. Readers do not need to search for you on multiple platforms or websites. Your author website must meet their needs and make it easier for the readers.


Therefore, all of the above should facilitate the author’s trust (ownership of the site). Are you ready? No complex code or background information is needed. Bookmarketeers provides high-quality author website design and writing services in the USA to ensure that you get your professional author websites and thrive your online presence.

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