Beginners Guide: Basics of Social Media Marketing

Basics of Social Media Marketing

In this age and time, the way of marketing and advertisements stepped up to the next level. The business of digital marketing agency boomed as the demand for the services being offered also came to rise.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media networks or sites to promote, advertise and market products and services. It also refers to the process of creating or gaining more traffic through social media. Social networking sites or SNS have their own platforms and algorithms which enable companies, organizations and individuals to observe and track the progress and engagement of their ads. In social media marketing, the user-generated contents such as comments, posts, reviews about your products and services matter very much. This “earned media” should be     well utilized to create more traffic or surfacing on the Internet aside from the marketer-prepared ads or contents. Besides, it makes your viewers know that the products and services you offer are real, reachable and legit people can access those.

The two basic strategies in social media marketing are passive and active approach. Passive approach is more on utilizing different platforms to know and hear your leads and customers’ thoughts on your products and services. Blogs, content communities and forums are few of the productive avenues on passive approach. In this way, we can see that social media is a useful tool of market intelligence. You may release articles and videos about your products and services, and see how people respond to it.

On the other hand, active approach in social media marketing dwells more on consumer engagement. Companies, organizations, and individuals are very active and responsive in social media as people are communicating with them online. That is why it is important for these entities to keep their social media accounts active as people are expecting them to be engaged and reactive. Some groups employ social media influencers or bloggers to market their products and services.

Why should you consider Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is an efficient and cost-effective way of making your products and services known to the people. Given that there are more than two (2) billion active accounts in SNS, it is not impossible for you to reach your target market online. Moreover, social media marketing is easy to do though there are some points you should be aware of. Nevertheless, you can hire digital marketing agencies or technology solutions to help you with your plan in social media marketing.

If you have the technology and abilities to utilize such marketing strategy, why not maximize your potentials? It can be simply you who’d be doing some blogs and articles about your products, you can also ask your friends and colleagues to share your posts, and let them give feedback about those. In a more technical aspect, you can search further on how you can more gain traffic in advertising.

Few things to remember about Social Media Marketing

You might still have some thoughts on social media marketing. To put in a simpler context, here are some points for you to remember about it:

•    Note that your goal here is to generate some buzz about your company, organization, or yourself. They say bad image marketing is still marketing and still makes people interested in your products and services. Nevertheless, don’t forget that you would want to be remembered in your own brand (which is supposed to be great and legendary).

•    There are a lot of social media networking sites than Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. Think of ways on how to maximize the services of SNS. Aside from plainly posting and sharing, you can actually avail (with fees, of course) of their marketing and advertising services. You may want to check other SNS such as Google+, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Yelp, Foursquare, Tumblr and other blogging websites.

•    Aside from company to consumer, consumer-to-consumer is another way to engage and attract future and previous customers. Always remember how powerful word of mouth is (even in online).

•    Know when the best time to post is and which SNS to use. Keenly observe when your target audience or population is online. You may say that most students and youngsters are active during 12 NN because of school breaks and at night time where they are usually at home resting.

•    Stick to the code of ethics even in marketing and advertising online. We understand that you are hoping to gain more traffic and attract people but please don’t resort to spamming and other annoying practices. Play by the rules and know the ins and outs of social media marketing, and you’d surely get what you hoped and worked for.

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