Bans Placed On Playing Pokémon Go In The Indonesian Presidential Palace

Pokemon Go Bans in Indonesia

Pokémon Go, a game that has broken all existing records in terms of downloads and active users associated with a mobile platform game, comes under fire in Indonesia and receives a ban in the Presidential Palace.

In what comes off as not-so-surprising news, Indonesian officials have released an official order which bans the playing of Pokémon Go from the Presidential Palace area. After the official order was released, printed warnings were put up in haste around the Palace complex that is situated in the state’s capital, Jakarta. The warning strictly stated that Hunting Pokémon is prohibited in the area.

Bey Machmuddin who is the current Chief of the Palace’s Press Bureau released an official statement that said that the Presidential Palace is the office of the President and not a playground for people to hunt Pokémon.

The news comes off a week after the Cabinet Secretary, Pramono Agung stated that he had captured a variety of Pokémon from the Presidential Palace. After the statement, many officials expressed their concerns that the game can be a potential security risk.

Similarly, Police has also received a ban from playing the game during their official duty hours. Further, local media reported that the Minister of Defense, Ryamizard Ryacudu had warned against the application stating that the location information that is uploaded using the game can be misused by foreign elements to detect significant sensitive information.

The game, Pokémon Go works by integrating Google Maps’ positioning capabilities and a smartphone’s GPS system to overlay reality with Pokémon creatures. The game has been a major hit in US and other countries where the game has rolled out. The game faced major server crashes due to the massive influx of users. The game hasn’t been officially released in Asia; however, it is still popular in the Indonesian region. The game requires players to be physically present in order to capture Pokémon and this has led to players getting exposed to traumatic incidents. The hazardous element of the game has received many critical reviews.

Recently, on Monday, Indonesian police detained a Frenchman when he trespassed on a military base situated in the West of Java Town while hunting for these fictional Pokémon creatures.

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