Apple Watch: 7 tips for runners


Regardless of whether you are a professional runner preparing for competition or just starting to master jogging, Apple Watch can help you.

Although they are not designed as watches for running, Apple Watch is packed with features that help you remember the kilometers and keep motivation during the workout. You need to know where to find them.

Here are some tips to help your watch Apple become a better companion.

Statistics update

First of all, make sure that Apple Watch knows who you are. This means that sex, weight, height, age are all the indicators by which the clock will accurately measure the distance and burned calories.

You may have asked this in your Health application when you first set up the clock, but if you do not have a weight or it has changed since then, make sure that your profile has all the necessary information.

Go to the Watch application on your phone and select the “My Watches” tab at the bottom, then go to “Health” and click “Edit” in the upper right corner to make changes.

Calibration of hours

Another important part of getting to know you are calibrating the clock for your individual pace and step to get a more accurate distance calculation when you leave your phone at home or the connection to GPS is not reliable.

If you have never calibrated a watch, you can start with a clean sheet. Go to the “My Watch” tab of the Watch application on your phone and click on “Privacy” and select “Reset fitness calibration data.”

To recalibrate the clock, Apple recommends going out to a flat place in the open air, where you will receive a good signal reception. Users of the series 1 watch will have to take their phone for the first time. Then you will need to start jogging or stroll with the running “Workout” application on Apple Watch and do it for at least 20 minutes. If you do not have free 20 minutes, you can also break the process down into 5 or 10-minute intervals, just know that you need to achieve a total of 20 minutes for accurate calibration.

As soon as you start the initial 20-minute run, you can leave the phone at home and continue with the usual route. The clock will continue to learn about your step and be calibrated on its own with the passage of time.with these features now Apple has beaten all smat watches like Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smartwatch and Amazfit Bip Smartwatch.

Tighten the bracelet

After you have passed the planned distance or number of steps, you need to make sure that you get an accurate reading of the heart rate. Apple Watch uses heart rate (along with other indicators) to calculate burned calories, and the gadget can be used to monitor the pulse during training. But the heart rate sensor should be in direct contact with your skin to read the exact data, which means that you may have to tighten the bracelet before you go for a run to make sure that the watch does not twitch around your arm when you swing your sweaty hand up and down. Just do not overdo it and do not interfere with blood circulation in your hand – and it is desirable to relax the bracelet at the end of the workout.

The clock is also designed to work on the wrist, so setting the sensor on the underside of the wrist (where you usually check your pulse) is actually wrong. I wore the clock on the wrong side for several months before finally realising it, so get rid of the time wasted from my mistake. If you want more accurate information you can associate the clock with an external heart rate monitor.

Customization of metrics

During street jogging, Apple Watch can read eight different indicators: from the average pace to the increase in height, but that does not mean that you should see all this information on the screen all the time. Decide on the parameters that you want to look at constantly, and then configure the Training interface in the Watch app on your phone.

Scroll down to the “Workout” option on the “My Watches” tab on your iPhone, and as soon as you enter it, click “Workout Overview” at the top. Then select the option “Open” (or “Closed“), click “Edit” in the upper right corner and add, delete or rebuild the option at your discretion. You can view only five indicators at a time.
Apple Watch

Purpose of goals

You can also set goals before each run in the “Workout” application in Apple Watch. Click on the three dots next to the type of jog that you choose, and set your goals based on distance, calories or time.

Activate automatic pause

This feature is necessary for urban runners, without having to pause at each traffic light. You can activate the “Auto Pause” feature in the Watch app on your phone or directly on Apple Watch, so set up auto-pause.

In the Watch app, go to “Settings> General> Workout” and select “Auto-pause for running“. If you are in the Watch app on iPhone, select the “My hours” tab, “Workout” tab and click “Auto-pause for running“. It works for street tracks and on a treadmill, so the traffic light or a break for drinking does not reduce your time and pace during the run.

Maximum battery life.

As you probably understand, jogging badly affects the offline mode. And if you’re a night runner, like me, you can detect a dead battery charge. Or, even worse, the battery can sit before you finish running, which means it will not be displayed in your activity log!

If you run on a dangerously low charge, try activating the power save mode before starting the workout. This is different from the mode that turns on when the charge is reduced to 10{4b8db105d51fc49c1c727c21ad8f1560ea0d09dcad6eb0845e46ab84b524419d}, and which disables all functions not related to time. Power saving mode is a preventive step that will help extend battery life while maintaining most of the basic tracking functions.

To activate the power saving mode on Apple Watch, go to “Settings / Basic / Workout” and switch “Power Save Mode“. You can also do this in the Watch app on iPhone and turn it off after completing the jog.
Apple Watch OS

 You can see a slight change in calories burned because this mode also turns off the heart rate sensor, but it still needs to give you precise information about the jog.

Watch OS 5 will bring even more opportunities for work.

Runners will also receive a new set of tools in Watch OS 5 to increase the level of the runner. It is expected that the update, which is expected in September, will add the cadence (the number of steps per minute) and the speed on the site (how quickly you ran the previous kilometer) to the list of indicators for tracking while running. The new OS will also add custom step notifications (via tactile feedback) when you drop below or rise above the target tempo.

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