Three Simple Ways to Setup and Use a VPN on Apple TV

Apple TV VPN

It’s true that we have entered into the golden age of video entertainment. Binge watching has now become a favorite leisure activity of millions and streaming services are popping up everywhere.


With the market growing in tandems, tech giants are all trying their hand at providing the best possible streaming service.

Apple’s venture into this industry has been in the form of Apple TV. A digital media player powered by HDMI that brings you variety of video and music content from different sources.

But there is a catch.

Apple TV like many other video streaming solutions suffers from the curse of geo-restrictions.

This means that your favorite shows and streams are constantly blocked on the device, based on your location.

So, is there a solution to this persistent problem?

Well, this is where VPNs come in. They allow us to change our IP address and access the service with zero limitations. The Apple TV VPN combination means geo-restrictions are the thing of the past.

So, how does one use a VPN on Apple TV? I explain this below.

Let’s dig in.

Three Easy Ways to Set Up a VPN on Apple TV

Setting up a VPN on Apple TV is a bit trickier than doing the same on Windows and Mac. Unfortunately, one cannot just download the VPN on the device and use it straightaway.

Instead, there are three ways to go about it.

Connect Apple TV to a VPN Router

Since using a VPN directly on Apple TV is beyond the realm of possibilities, connecting it to VPN-enabled router is the next best thing.

Here is how you can do that:

  • Subscribe to a VPN
  • Set up the VPN on your router
  • Connect Apple TV to the router

Now, above steps are not as simple as they sound. You will have to consider many things. First, you need to pick an appropriate VPN. Preferably, one with a vast range of servers from around the world.

Most serial streamers go for VPNs with American servers as they unblock services like Hulu and Amazon Prime. Not to forget, Netflix US is much bigger than let’s say Netflix India.

Anyhow, there are many VPN with American servers but not all of them are fit for streaming. I suggest a quick look at VPNRanks for more information. They have the latest guides and blogs on this subject.

Moving on, you will also need routers that support VPNs. DD-WRT, Asus and Tomato are some popular options. Setting up a VPN on these routers shouldn’t be an issue even for casual users. However, you can always seek online help.

Lastly, connecting Apple TV is as simple as you like:

  • Turn on your Apple TV
  • Go to settings
  • Select General
  • Hit the ‘Network’ option
  • Configure Wifi
  • Choose your Wifi network
  • Enter the password

Now every time Apple TV connects with the router, you will be able to stream without any roadblocks.

Connect Apple TV to Laptop Hotspot

Connect Apple TV to Laptop Hotspot
You can also turn a Windows laptop into a secure Hotspot for your Apple TV. For this, all you need is decent Laptop with a working VPN.

Just run the VPN on the device, connect with a US server and then turn your Laptop into a Wifi Hotspot. You can do this via the Mobile Hotspot option in Windows 10. Although you will have to make slight tweaks in the settings, the process is not that complicated.

When you are done with that, simply connect Apple TV to the Wifi hotspot. And just like that, you can unblock movies, shows and documentaries that are limited to certain regions.


The third option is to configure a VPN’s DNS on your Apple TV. This method is relatively easy but requires VPNs that offer custom DNS.

Here is how it goes:

  • Obtain a VPN’s DNS server IP from the provider
  • Change the iTunes Store Location of your device to the location of the VPN
  • From Settings, head towards Network and then select the Wi-Fi connection. Click on your Wi-Fi connection and change DNS to Manual from Automatic through the configure DNS option.
  • Enter the DNS IP of your provider and click done.
  • Apply changes and let your device restart.

That’s it. You are free to stream content from anywhere with absolutely no limitations.

Why Use a VPN with Apple TV?

VPNs offer multiple benefits. They get you past discriminatory geo-restrictions that put the shackles on your streaming experience.

As it happens, streaming services like Netflix have distinct video libraries for different countries. They offer the best content to the American users while rests get the crumbs. VPNs make streaming fairer by opening up video libraries like Netflix US.

And this not the only reason to mix up Apple TV with a VPN.

With VPN, your online security improves exponentially. It protects you from malware, trackers and makes your online profile anonymous. This keeps the government, hackers and local ISP from spying on your online activity.

Now, a lot of you may think VPNs are illegal. But is it really the case? Scroll below for the answer.

VPN with Apple TV: Is it Legal?

In short: No.

Netflix and other content providers dislike the practice of geo-dodging. But there is nothing illegal about it. Quite simply, there is no local or international law anywhere that criminalizes the use of VPNs for Apple TV.

Hence, you may land in hot waters for downloading torrents but for using a VPN on Apple TV? No so much.

Final Words

Now that you know three quick ways to set up a VPN on Apple TV, geo-restriction should not stop you from streaming your favorite movies and shows.

After all, there is a treasure trove of entertaining content locked away on devices like Apple TV. Accessing it requires just a little effort from your part.

Apple TV is a brilliant streaming device but it can be enhanced even more through a capable VPN.

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