Apple Starts Phasing Out Third-Generation Apple TV

third generation-apple-tv

Apple refrained from mentioning anything about the Apple TV device during its press conference; however, the company has finally started taking the initial steps towards officially phasing out the third-generation of Apple TV model. To make it obvious, the company has removed the listing of the device from its online store whereas sources have indicated that Apple is pulling out the available devices from its retail locations as well.

Till yet, the company has made no statement about the phasing out of the device, however, from the company’s current policies it can be safely deduced that the process has begun. Prior to the conference, Apple TV used to be listed under the header of TV on Apple’s official website. Furthermore, the third-generation variant and it’s meager $69 price-tag was present right next to the fourth-generation model and there was an option to compare the device features. Now, the Compare Apple TV option has been removed altogether.

A thing worth noting is that the direct link to the Apple TV’s third-generation model still works, but, in order to access it, one must have the full link and if that doesn’t work, then it would be wise to Google the product. The presence of the page means that Apple still has the device in stock; however, the Cupertino-based company is not actively looking to sell it.

Sources close to the company have unveiled that Apple’s retail store employees have been instructed to remove any remaining third-generation models from the store shelves and inventory. After this step, the employees have been directed to ship the devices back to the company. Generally, this move happens when Apple intends to sell the remaining stock with a special end-of-life pricing. The discounts occur because the company has intentions to liquidate the remaining items.

The move by Apple doesn’t come off as a surprise as the third-generation variant was introduced in the year 2012 with the first update occurring in 2013. Apple’s latest TV offering, the fourth-generation model of Apple TV is tvOS-powered and has been designed with a key emphasis on living room functionality.

As no official statement was made by Apple, it is unclear whether the third-generation devices would receive any subsequent software updates from Apple. However, one thing is clear – the device is nearing the end of its life.

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