Apple Leaks Reveal Details About MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple has scheduled a new event titled as Hello Again and as per rumors the company would be unveiling their new MacBook lineup in the event. A few days ago, Apple released the macOS Sierra update; the code of which contained hidden images of the highly anticipated and much-awaited MacBook Pro. If the images represent the finished product, then they shed light on more than a few details.

The first noticeable difference happens to be OLED touch strip above the keyboard which seems to be embedded with a Touch ID sensor. The strip is rumored to be called as the Magic Toolbar and might serve to push important notifications while also allowing the user to quickly make Apple Pay payments using their MacBook instead of authenticating their device with their iPhone or Apple Watch.

However, this new implementation has served to eliminate a few keys that people regularly use. The primary of which is the Escape key. Even though the Esc key is not as vital in the macOS, when compared to other operating systems, however, deleting it altogether would make many tasks more cumbersome. Considering Apple’s recent killing of the headphone jack makes this idea seem less farfetched. But, this depends primarily on how Apple implements the mechanism.

Other decipherable hints come in the designing department. It seems that the new Pro version would also employ the same butterfly mechanism as its 12-inch counterpart. It seems that audio system might also be getting an upgrade with the adoption of top-mounted speakers. The metal hinges also seems to have changed, however, a top-down view only serves this much.

The leaked image provides no idea on the connectivity ports and whether the new MacBook would feature the headphone jack. Similarly, nothing could be discerned about the performance of the laptop or what it packs under the hood. With just one day to go in the Hello Again event, it seems that most of our wait is over.

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