Apple Getting Rid Of The Home Button From iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 Home Button

Apple has been in the news lately, due to various rumors being associated with its upcoming iPhone 7 model. Interestingly, however, a new rumor has popped up and it pertains to next year’s iPhone’s 10th-anniversary model. The rumor suggests that Apple might actually remove the home button from the 2017 variant of the iPhone.

The rumor was indicated in a report by Bloomberg which cited a person close the manufacturing proves of the iPhone. The anonymous person indicated that with the iPhone 8, Apple will be focusing more on the display of the device. A major chunk of the report also discusses an iPhone which is made specifically to support FeliCa payments in Japan.

He stated that Apple is hard at work to craft a major redesign of the iPhone. The core of this redesign centers on removing the home button from the section of the device. This rumor is in line with the previous rumors which have been suggesting the same thing in the 10th-anniversary edition of the iPhone. Earlier this year, an article by WSJ stated a similar thing that the upcoming handset would be crafted with a single piece of glass which would altogether omit the possibility of having a home button. The home button has always been a central feature of all iPhone models and it seems that Apple is finally considering dropping it to give a more futuristic feel to its devices.

Earlier this year reports were unveiled which indicated that Foxconn is busy developing an all-glass casing. Also, KGI has backed up the claims about an all-glass iPhone 8. Along with all this, Apple has also made patent filings for a curved OLED display panel for next year’s smartphone. If the reported rumors are true, then this would be the first time, the company would be using OLED panels for display as the company has used LCD technology for all iPhones manufactured to date.

This year’s iPhone is scheduled for an early September release and it has been speculated that the device would have minimal changes in terms of design and specifications. It is most likely that the company would retain the home button in this variant, however, some rumors have hinted at the home button including a new Force Touch technology which would be coupled with haptic feedback.

At this point passing any conclusion about the lack of a home button is irrelevant; however, if it does happen then it would be interesting to see how the company imparts the functionality in the display panel.

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