Apple Comes Out With An Official Rio 2016 App Store Section

Apple Official Rio 2016 App Store Section

Apple, the tech giant has come out with a new section for their Application Store which showcases games and applications that have been built specifically for Rio 2016. The section launch coincides with the first day of competitive events that occurred in the 2016 Olympic Games.

The section of the Application Store reads that Olympics is an event when the world unites to celebrate the struggle and triumph; an event where legends are born and the impossible feats are accomplished. Utilizing the official applications, music, and games dedicated to the event, you can follow the excitements of this year’s event and perhaps relive the glory over and over again.

Three applications have been featured related to the 2016 Olympics out of which, one is made for competing athletes .Two games related to the Olympics are also devised with the aim to help educate young viewers who are celebrating the impeccable sporting occasion.

The Olympics – This is the official application for the Olympics and features a multitude of news and highlights. Further, the application also documents unforgettable moments and records; definitely a precious guide for the present and past Olympic games.

Rio 2016 – The application allows you to get the official schedule of the Olympic games coupled with real-time results and medal counts of the both Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Olympic Athlete’s Hub 2016 – This application has been devised for the competitors and is a resourceful tool which features, tips and assistance while also providing the athletes with a way to connect with other fellow athletes.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games – The game pits you against other players with the objective to make you ambitious for gold. The game features six minigames which include tennis and archery.

Rio 2016: Vinicius Run – The game requires you to run through both colorful forests and beaches taking the shape of Vinicius, who is Rio’s cheerful mascot.

Earlier this week, Apple unveiled the official ad for the 2016 Olympic Games. The ad ran on Friday night coinciding with the opening ceremonies of the event occurring in Rio. The ad took over Apple’s homepage for a great amount of time.

Part of the advertisement is a contribution from Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign. The ad has been labeled as “The Human Family” and celebrates and cherishes the diversity across the world. The ad derives its inspiration from the words of famous poet, Maya Angelou.

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