Android N; Analysis of the Trending Names and Features

Android N

The time of the year when Google is about to officially unveil their new flavor of Android is coming near and we are checking out the features that it would be coming bundled with. Google is known for keeping the naming of its new operating system a secret and there is no exception this time either

Google has titled the new flavor as Android N and asked the internet to help them name their new OS by coming up with a name bearing the letter N as the initial and posting it on social media with the hashtag #NameAndroidN. However, this resulted in much controversy for Google. The internet backlashed because the n-word is a known racial slur. It was recently reported that Google has finally decided a title and it is expected to be revealed to the general public in the coming weeks, perhaps in June itself.

Speculations have suggested that the letter N in Android N would derive its name from a sweet. Current analysis of the internet has suggested that the names Nutella, Nectar, Nougat, Nachos, and Nut-brittle are amongst the favorites. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai was questioned why he never named the OS after an Indian sweet dish, to which he answered that he will ask his mother for suggestions. Hence, the name Nan-khatai or any Indian sweet dish is definitely not out of the question. No confirmation on the naming has yet been received.

Android N is the latest offering from Google and it was released as a Beta Version at Google’s I/O 2016, which is an annual developer conference held in the month of May. The Beta Version is currently up for grabs after you sign up for the beta releases through your Google phone. The actual release was expected to come after a few months, closer to the end of the year, however, Google’s VP of Engineering, Dave Burke went on record stating that the OS could be released later in the summer.

The beta version of Android N was released to Google’s Nexus devices via OTA, however, the final version is expected to hit the market with successors of Google’s Nexus 6P and 5X, sometime later in October.

The new Operating System brings in a plethora of features amongst which the prominent ones are, multi-window support, enhanced Google Assistant, direct reply notification, enhanced power efficiency, a cleaner VR interface, bundled notifications, Data Saver, betterment of the file browser system, a night mode to invert colors and the best one yet is the support for Java 8 Language which is open-source.

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