Advanced Windows Tips And Tricks

windows tips and tricks

Windows 10 has been designed to meet the productivity needs of a wide variety of individuals. The operating system has been designed to get all your stuff done in the best possible way, whether it’s a mundane task like adding a picture or a processor heavy picture editing job.

However, like all things in life, the operating system can be improved further by using some Windows Tips and Tricks. The default system settings are suitable for a majority of users, but you can still amplify your productivity by using the following computer secrets and tricks.

Give Voice Commands

With Windows 10, you can use Microsoft’s own voice-assistant Cortana to harness the ultimate productivity. In order to access it, click the start button in the search box present in the Task bar. Cortana can help you find files and launch applications for you.

If you have never used it before you can access it by tapping the start button and selecting Use Cortana. In order to ask the virtual assistant a question, click the microphone right next to the search box. Further abilities of Cortana can be explored in the Tips and Tricks section present in the search function.

Snap View

It is a tiresome task to work on multiple Windows. However, with Windows 10, Microsoft has unveiled an amicable solution. With the new Snap View feature, you can access up to four windows at the same time on a screen. For snapping Windows in place, left click on the top of Windows and drag it to either a side of the screen or to a corner.
File Explorer

With Windows 10, Microsoft has tucked away all the advanced processes in a corner including the file explorer. Therefore, if you miss it, all you need to do is to access the folder icon next to the Task bar. This would allow you to have a look at all your files in one place.

Minimize All Windows At Once

At times, you want to access the desktop straight away and don’t want to go through the hassle of minimizing all windows one by one. The easy solution to this is left clicking on the task bar which would minimize all of them at once and then a simple click would restore all of them back in place.

Manage Desktop Space

If your desktop is getting clogged with files then there is an easy solution, by right clicking on the taskbar you can access an option called View which would allow you to change icon sizes and even hide files if you wish.

Click-less Scroll

Previously, you needed to click on the window first if you wanted to scroll. However, with the new Windows 10 you can easily scroll in multiple windows by simply hovering over and using your mousewheel. This feature is activated by default.

Hopefully, the abovementioned computer tricks and secrets would enhance your productivity. Keep following our blog to get more computer secret tricks.

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