A new Dawn for the Flip Phone? Motorola teases the audience with their highly acclaimed RAZR design

Razr Design

The iconic Razr handset was released back in the year 2004. The handset earned its company a reputation for designing one of the chicest phones, while at the same time generating a plethora of profit by selling over 130 million units. Lenovo, the current owners of the Motorola brand released a new advertisement marketing their previous Razr phone and in the end promising the company would ‘flip back to the Razr days of yesteryear and get ready for the future.’

The phone is marked to appear on 9th June, 2016 at a Lenovo event. The Razr phone due to its voguish profile was marketed as an exclusive Fashion gadget. However, a year later is when things spun in favor of Motorola when the Razr phone received a major price cut. The device sold over 50 million units after getting the price cut.

Razr V3 Model

In Razr’s four year lifetime, the V3 model was the one that got the most success after selling over 130 million units across the world and becoming the best selling flip phone. Despite it being almost ten years since V3 first made its appearance, the Razr V3 model still holds the title of being the most sold flip phone.

The Razr brand got its proper successor in the form of Razr2 in the year 2007. The Razr2 was premium in the sense that it had an external touch screen.

In October of 2011, the Razr brand got resurrected in the form of the Razr line for a brand of Android smartphones; the Droid Razr which was designed for the Verizon Wireless and Motorola Razr for other networks. This Razr however, was not the flip phone of yesteryear and did not penetrate the market as much as its predecessors.

Many people considered flip phones a thing of the past; however, this is not true. Backed by statistical data, researchers have shown that the Japanese market for flip phones increased exponentially in 2014 after a steady decline in the past 7 years. Coincidentally this is the same year, when, smartphone shipments fell considerably.

Similarly, a few days ago, fashion mogul Anna Wintour was pictured using an AT&T GoPhone (Model Z222) which is a flip phone, dictating that flip phones are definitely not a thing of the past.

We are looking forward to Lenovo’s reiteration of the Razr brand. Let’s hope it revives on the same chic note that it ended on.

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