A Brief Review of Android 7.0 Nougat

Android Nougat 7.0

Android Nougat has been out for a few weeks and would be coming straight out-of-the-box in LG’s upcoming flagship V20. As of now, Google’s Pixel, Nexus, and Android One can download and run the latest operating system. Prior to the software release, developer previews were downloadable on devices that signed up for the beta testing. The features embedded in Google’s new operating system include:

Productivity Features

Android Nougat comes bundled in with plenty of productivity features. The most prominent of which is the split-screen multitasking ability. Certain supported applications would now allow easy usage of two apps. However, the mode would suit tablet and phablet devices more. Android TV users would be pleased to know that a Picture-in-Picture mode has been provided in Nougat. Double tapping on the multitasking button will allow you to easily switch between the two recent applications.

Better Notifications

With Nougat, Google has aimed to improve the way notifications are handled. Same application notifications would now be bundled, allowing easy expansion if needed. Direct replies to notifications have also been included which would allow you to easily reply or ignore the notification. A notification management option has also been included which would allow you to change the type of notification you get based on the application.

Battery and Data Saver

Nougat has brought in a lot of battery optimizations and the Doze software which was introduced with Android 6.0 has received an overhaul to become Doze 2.0. The new software would search for content update in intervals which would conserve battery. A data saver option has also been included which would allow you turn background data off for certain applications.

Performance Tweaks Under The Hood

A new JIT compiler has been included in the Android Nougat which would give a performance benefit to the overall system as applications would require less storage space and would update faster. Vulkan API has also been embedded in the system which would improve games on mobile devices.

Security Enhancements

With all the tech companies endorsing new security standards, Google does not intend to stay far behind. With Android Nougat, Google has tried to improvise on the encryption standards, as now the software would be decrypting entire files rather than blocks of information making your data more secure.

Android for Work

A new feature has been introduced for people who prefer keeping their phones as work phones. This would allow clumping of productivity and business applications in one place thereby saving time. The work account would be separate so you can easily keep your personal content on the side.

So far the latest version of Android looks promising with a whole lot of tweaks and security updates. A proper transitioning to Android devices is needed to make it a complete success.

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