7 Digital Marketing Tricks To Enhance Your Business Efforts in 2019

7 Digital Marketing Tricks

In 2017, Forbes reported that US companies alone would spend close to $120 billion on digital marketing. The report also revealed that investment in this form of business advertising is growing at a compounded rate of 11{4b8db105d51fc49c1c727c21ad8f1560ea0d09dcad6eb0845e46ab84b524419d} annually. Interestingly, Forbes announced that most companies had changed their marketing expenditures to reflect changing realities in the digital world. In other words, businesses were adopting new strategies to suit the prevailing circumstances. Following their lead is an excellent idea.

Here are 7 digital marketing tricks to enhance your business efforts in 2018.

 Blogging Generates Leads

Closing a sale is impossible until you generate a sufficient amount of leads, and blogging helps you do that. In fact, bloggers are thirteen times more likely to realize a positive return on their investment than traditional marketers are. Moreover, businesses that run a blog generate 67{4b8db105d51fc49c1c727c21ad8f1560ea0d09dcad6eb0845e46ab84b524419d} more leads than those who do not. These statistics highlight the value of running a business blog. Start one today so that you can identify as many leads as possible.

The Dominance of Mobile Marketing Is Inevitable

According to Google, over 50{4b8db105d51fc49c1c727c21ad8f1560ea0d09dcad6eb0845e46ab84b524419d} of search queries worldwide originate from mobile devices. This figure will rise exponentially as the global smartphone penetration rate increases. Right now, it stands at 36{4b8db105d51fc49c1c727c21ad8f1560ea0d09dcad6eb0845e46ab84b524419d} only. Are you ready for this changing global dynamic? You should be. Remember, 80{4b8db105d51fc49c1c727c21ad8f1560ea0d09dcad6eb0845e46ab84b524419d} of shoppers use their phone to find store locations, check product reviews, or compare prices. What experience will they have when they visit your mobile website? Is your site responsive to their device? It should be. Remember, a responsive website displays itself correctly on a smartphone or tablet.

Live Events Are Critical To Digital Marketing Success

Live events attract a large audience because people love watching things that are happening in real time. In other words, they prefer seeing activities as they unfold instead of reading about them later. That is why people watch live videos for a longer duration of time than they do ordinary ones. Real-time events encourage online interaction as well because visitors want to be the first to like, comment, or react to them. Moreover, these videos set you apart from your competitors because most businesses are unaware of the potential benefits of this emerging trend.

Voice Assistants Are Changing Everything

Marketers rely on texts and audiovisual displays to generate leads. Unfortunately, these traditional ways of presentation are ineffective when it comes to voice assistants. A necessary adjustment for you is to develop website content that is accessible to voice-oriented platforms. Doing so increases the likelihood that voice assistants will stumble upon your website when searching for products that are similar to yours. Currently, the most prominent voice assistants are Siri, Google Home, and Amazon Echo.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a Game Changer

Having a simulation video that mimics the services you provide is an excellent idea. More specifically, this simulation video would give clients a near firsthand experience of what you have to offer them. For example, taking them on a virtual tour of your real estate property is possible. You can show them the sights and sounds of a particular location if you own a travel agency. Remember, your marketing strategy will change eventually to reflect these growing trends. Change it today so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

Social Media Marketing

Currently, more than two billion people worldwide use social media regularly. In fact, this online platform is so robust that some governments are seeking ways of curtailing its power. In contrast, professional marketers are devising strategies for generating leads through it. For example, marketers can take advantage of social media influencers. These influencers have a wide following. That means you can boost your sales and online presence by paying them for promotional services.

Infographics and Audiovisual Displays Are an Excellent Idea

Monotonous texts are off-putting because people love excitement. That means an exciting website is necessary if you want to attract online visitors. Fortunately, infographics and videos offer you the level of excitement that your online visitors need. Remember, reading infographics takes a short while. Watching a video that highlights a particular event is also more convenient than reading about it is. Therefore, infographics and audiovisual displays are an advanced way of attracting people to your site.

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