7 Best App Store Optimization Tools to Improve Play Store Ranking

7 Best App Store Optimization Tools to Improve Play Store Ranking

Mobile apps have taken the center stage and become an integral part of any business that wants to sustain growing revenue. The app economy is on a northward trajectory with new apps getting submitted to various app stores every week. Google Play Store has over 3.6 million apps right now. In order to get noticed in such a fiercely competitive world, the app developers surely need to come up with some strategies making use of App Store Optimization Tools.

The app store SEO, which is also referred to as app store optimization (ASO), helps these developers in optimizing the stores. These strategies, which are based on certain tips and tricks, ensure that the app gets recognized by claiming some good and prominent rankings at the Play store. Only when it gets recognized do the users download and use it.

Here are seven of the best App Store Optimization Tools, which are available to make yourself visible in the Play Store Ranking.


One of the ways to optimize your ranking is by enhancing your keywords. AppAnnie is a tool that helps in tracking the performance of your app through keyword rankings, reviews, and ratings. As it predominantly focuses on keywords, it also lets you figure out the keywords that the competitors are using. The premium paid version of this tool unlocks a plethora of data and analytics that can be used for app store optimization.

Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is one of the best apps for analytics and is actually a combination of many tools in one. It is intelligent enough to provide details on keywords, competitors, and localization. Thus, a digital agency anywhere in the world can use it to derive useful insights into competitor’s activities and localization. Based on these insights, they can then devise their own strategy.

Mobile Action

Another fine mobile analytical tool that provides data and reports on the mobile marketplace is Mobile Action. This tool helps in getting precise details like keywords performance, app downloads and revenue generated. To get detailed information about your closest competitor, you need to upgrade to premium version.

Keyword Tool

No developer or publisher can deny the importance of keywords in improving the rankings. There are some apps that have more local relevance, while some have global acceptance. If some app is relevant in the national capital, then a digital marketing agency will have to keep a watch on localized keywords too. Keyword Tool is a keyword specific app that helps with all types of keyword information so that the app climbs up in rankings.

Store Maven

Store Maven is an excellent tool that has been used since its launch by top mobile publishers like Facebook, Google, and Uber for two basic purposes. These are to reduce the app’s acquisition cost and improve ASO strategies. It helps by analyzing which page design works better by testing it on a real-time dashboard and thus can be then used for getting more converts and higher rankings.


Apptopia is one of those App Store Optimization Tools, which helps in analyzing the user engagement across geographies. As it lets the publisher keep a track of both the daily and monthly active users on the app they are tracking, they can fine tune or change their strategies for better engagement based on these insights.

App Trace

If you are looking for some basic but important information and don’t want to spend much, then App Trace is the best tool. Making use of various algorithms, it provides the app store browsing details to the publishers and developers. This basic information contains data like recently implemented strategies by competitors, relevant keywords, user engagement, estimated revenue, and also provides suggestions for a new approach. All these are really helpful in taking the necessary steps for optimizing the rankings.

Just making an app and getting it listed on Play Store is not enough. There are various strategies that are applied to make it visible in the store. Unless it is visible, no one will take notice of it and it will be lost in the crowd of thousands of similar products. Getting your app noticed in the crowd of more than 3.6 million apps and hundreds of similar apps as yours is the biggest issue that the publishers are facing today. Besides developing a good app that can appeal to the masses, it is of paramount importance to be visible. Unless it is visible to the people, there is no use of having awesome features because no one will download and open it to discover them.


The above-mentioned tools will help in making your app visible by improving its rankings by providing different kinds of data and analytics. Make sure to use them and enjoy good rankings on the Play Store.

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