6 Steps:How to Create a Successful IOS Development?

6 Steps_ How to Create a Successful IOS Development_

There is an app for everything at present, from organizing your work schedule to apps that can monitor your heart rate. For this reason, anyone running an online business today must consider developing a rich mobile experience.

Though smartphones and tablets enjoy a great share of the market, the most leading device among all is iOS. iOS from Apple is known for its exclusivity, classiness, and unmatched style. To ensure that users of Apple are catered by the best solutions and services, the company enforces strict guidelines on its developers for new IOS 8 App Extensions.

Being an iOS developer, you must follow the standard practices to ensure that your app is accepted in the App store. To make sure your iOS app delivers you successful results, here we share the important tips to create one!

The Purpose must be a Solution

The first step toward creating a successful iOS app is to define your app’s purpose. Before you begin the process just answer why are you developing this app? Apps are needed to meet specific requirements, and it is vital you define these needs.

Make sure your app solves a problem. It is essential that your app is original, better than its competitors, and solves a problem.

Format the Content Well

Apple is highly concerned about the layout of its app content. It accepts an app that has original and unique content and at the same time fits well with every screen. The other rules related to the development of ios 8 app extensions are:

  • Clarity – It is about making text bold such that it is readable and fits well on any device.
  • Depth – It presents a sense of drilling deeper as users navigate through the different screen.
  • Deference – It is related to intuitiveness and fluidity that every iOS app must have. The app must have a clean and neat design that does not compete on elements like images and text.

The color and font size is another feature that must be considered. The font size must be readable so that even when users don’t have to zoom in or out. So, before you submit your app to the Apple’s app store, you must test it on various emulators to review the layout.

Introduce Some Viral Mechanism

Even a well-designed app can fail to target the audience and market if it lacks a viral mechanism. It is essential to include some viral element to the app’s core functionality. This is needed to ensure that each user can enjoy the app potentially and attract a network of users.

Besides incorporating rich features and deliver rich user – experience, the app must be engaging to the users. Consider WhatsApp and Instagram that have been able to attract audiences because of incredible fun and convenience they offer.

Introducing Intuitive Project Directory

Intuitive project directory would not be much needed when you are developing apps for small personal projects. However, this becomes mandatory when you are developing apps for iOS.

It is because there is always a possibility that any other coder would work on your project in order to fix any code issues or to maintain the app. Hence, it is a good practice to maintain and organize an intuitive project directory.

Without having one, your app can suffer from unorganized and messy codes. Also, the other developer may add bugs to your app’s code. With an intuitive project directory, it is possible to keep a new developer updated about the latest happening of your iPhone app development.

Define an Apple ID Code

Apple needs developers or coders to sign their unique code before they upload an app to its store. Hence, you need to define a unique Apple ID Code that would help users to sign their code.

This ID is a unique mark of identification, considering you as a coder or developer of the code. But if you have developed iOS 8 app extensions for client use, then you must send all essential documents to them for upload.

This code is free to create. You are also free to upload the app and code as long as you follow all other rules and guidelines from Apple. Also, you can get added to another company or app store as a developer to help them manage and upload their code.

Performance and Compatibility

Your app can attract more downloads only if it is high performing and support various versions of iOS. For an iOS app to be successful, it must be high performing and meet the unique needs of the specific target market.

Since, iPhone targets the rich, sophisticated, and classy groups; hence the users expect iOS apps to be flexible, fast, and agile. Additionally, your app must deliver smooth interactions between users so that they can communicate in images, videos, and text.

Some good examples of this are Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger where people can conveniently connect and interact with each other.

Final Words

While above we have discussed some really important tips or aspects to consider creating successful iOS development, one important thing is to test the app. It is essential that you carry sufficient testing before finally releasing the app. One easy form of testing you can perform is A/B testing. With this, you can create different versions of your iOS 8 app extensions and target more audience. Eventually, you would be able to determine which version works the best.

So, do consider these important tips and enjoy successful iOS development!

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