6 Simple Steps to An Effective IOS Strategy

6 simple tests to an effective Ios Strategy

When we shift from one thing to a new thing, what usually we expect is something much better and effective. Same in the case of mobile phones and the IOS ones. The IOS app developer has to go through a lot and recharge all the working because later it can be a huge problem if the customer or the user is getting some problems using the app or in the mobile phones. There are many tests and verifications are done before any app or the functioning of any mobile phones. All of this gives a brief idea about the working and the backup that a mobile phone or any app can give. For the better customer satisfaction and services, this should be the main aim of any developer to cross-check and go through all the developments that they have made. There are many books and novels written on the customer dissatisfaction and many issues which are being faced by the users. Maybe this can be the fault of the developers that they do not cross check the working and the functionality of the apps or the phones. There are many effective ways through which you can tweak your mobile phones and different strategies which you can use for a simple and easy working. Some of the ways are mentioned below for you.

Unit Testing Strategy

Unit Testing is often done by the app or soft developer but engineers can sometimes also participate in the same and can do the unit testing. Unit Testing basically means testing the codes that are even the most basic and small parts for the better functioning and working. Unit testing is necessary because if the small codes and small parts will not be working then how will the whole app or software will work. The developers and the engineers carefully go through all the codes and make a proper check so that when the customer is using the app or working on the software they do not have to face any minor issues or problems that can be boundaries in their work.

Functional Testing Strategy

Functional Testing is very necessary for any IOS app developer, because what will be the real end result if the functioning is not good. Only one thing matters are the functioning of the app or software. This basically comes with two major things that are ‘ can the user complete the Task?’ And ‘ Does this feature really works?’ These are the main two questions which need to be answered during the functioning test of the app or the soft by the developers. This is an important and serious task which plays an utmost importance. The user is the main person who needs to be satisfied by the strategies and working with any app or software.

Performance Testing Strategy

Performance Testing plays a very important and crucial role in any app or software development. After all the unit and functioning tests are done. The last stage of the app is its performance test, that how it will work and what are the features that are going to create it unique from others. All of these questions are answered after the performance test. Before getting it to any user or to people, what really matters is the performance of the app or the software and the proper working. This is the process which may take a longer period as the performance cannot be checked within a short period of time.

Load Testing Strategy

Load Testing Strategy is actually very necessary for any app or software developer. This is the test which basically tells you that the app or the software can take a load or huge traffic or not. This can be a great issue for any app or software developer to check that how much traffic can crash or stop the functioning of the app or software. This is particularly a thing to fear for any developer because app crashing is a problem that needs to be figured out during the load test. There should be proper ways and codings through which the traffic can be reduced and the functioning of the app or software can be easily done.

Carriers and Network Testing Strategies

This is one of the tests that need to be done prior to making it useful for the user. The test specifies that the app or the software can work on which network and carrier. There are several apps which cannot work properly on some of the networks and then there are tests which show the proper carriers for the apps or the software. This plays a crucial role in the development of the app. This allows you to smoothly work on the app or the software which is necessary to be verified.

User Testing Strategy

This comes out to be the stage which is very necessary as it really matters that what are the users feeling about the app or software which has been developed by the engineers and developers. The users can be either internal or external, depending on the type of the testing that the company wants to make. This gives the end result that how the app or the configuration is working and what are drawbacks which need to fixed, it’s a type of test for the use of the people.

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