5 Best Ways to Create High-Quality Backlinks..!!

Ways to get Quality backlinks

The Google Optimization works on the basis that the popularity of your website depends primarily on the number of people that like your website. The ranking of your website in search results will also vary accordingly. One of the most important parameters that indicate your website’s value is your “Website Ranking” in search results and this totally depends upon the Google Search Optimization.

The best way to make your website popular from search engine’s perspective is the backlinks from another website that point to your website. You must know the fact that the only way to enhance your website in terms of search engine optimization is to build high-quality backlinks.

If you are a beginner, then the high-quality backlinks are the only way for the success of your website. But the task is not that simple, building backlinks is somewhat a critical process and you need to be a master in your work.
In this article, we will share with you the top 5 best ways which will help you in creating High-Quality Backlinks for your blog or website.

Broken Link Building

No matter how good or well maintained a web site it, it will surely suffer from “linkrot.” Linkrot means when people click on the link they will lead to empty locations which do not have any useful resource.
The link connects a web page to a location on the Internet on the same or another webpage which may contain a useful resource for the user. So, these links which are left out or are broken can help you solve the purpose and gets you a link.

It involves 3 basic steps:

•    Finding the broken links over the web
•    Identification of the content which they are referring to. It must be relevant to your web page.
•    Ask the referring site to refer some new unbroken content to your website.

Building backlinks fulfill a purpose in 3 ways:

•    The visitor of the website can see a proper well maintained up to date content and will experience fewer 404 errors which show “Broken Link” or “page not found.”
•    The website will not have to experience a whole bunch of broken links.
•    And for you, you can have high-quality backlinks to your website from the existing website.

How do you do it?

The first step is you need to identify a website which has broken links and you would like to have a backlink from.
You can also make use of “Broken Function” which is present in Site Explorer which will enable you to identify broken links for that particular website easily.
Here, build hundreds of quality backlinks by working hard on this domain.
Make sure to choose authoritative sites to willing link back to you.
And don’t forget to only follow hundred percent legitimate means in creating backlinks.

Profile on Social Networking Site

Having a high ranking profile on the social networking site such as Twitter proves to be a boon for websites that have just started. This one of the under-utilized and a unique method which you can make use of to create high-quality backlinks for your website.

These websites allow people to add links which follow up to some website. All you need to do is master your skill in adding links to social bookmarking websites. Work to have a high ranking profile on social networking site by adding good quality content.

Article Marketing

Article Marketing is posting quality articles on the internet with optimized keywords so as to create backlinks. It is considered as one of the best ways to get high-quality backlinks for your website.

For a long time now, Article marketing has been one of the best and most effective ways to get quality backlinks to your blog.

This kind of articles is submitted to large directories which post them based on their specific rules. You must submit quality articles and avoid duplicate content.

Some companies make use of “spinning” the articles in which they just make some changes in the articles by hiring some individuals and submit the same. The effectiveness of article marketing has been decreased over the past few years because of the submission of duplicate content, bot submissions, and spam. Moreover, these articles are rarely read and are basically used only as a means of creating backlinks.

This method is great and is a helpful tool to increase the search ability if it is used correctly. But there is this other method known as “Guest Posting” which is more helpful and in trend nowadays for the creation of quality backlinks.

Guest Posting

According to us, Guest Posting is more useful than Article Marketing. Guest posting is a method of writing quality articles for someone else’s blog. It must not be confused with commenting on a blog which is a bad idea.

Most often bloggers ask for quality articles from outsiders in exchange of a backlink. It solves two purposes: It is good for the blog owner as he gets quality information for his website which will provide good information to visitors. Secondly, you will get a backlink for your website and you can also establish your authority in case the article is good and unique.

But on the other side, many a lot times, Google has warned against guest posting. But high-quality guest posts are good as compared to mass-produced low-quality posts. If you follow right strategies for guest posting then it can prove to be a great tool for creating high-quality backlinks for your website.

Link Exchange

Link exchange has a potential to impact your website positively by getting you backlinks and in turn improve business relations also.

It is an old style but can work the best for you if you belong to a community of webmasters, SEOs.
One thing which you must keep in mind before implementing this strategy is that when you try to get quality backlinks through link exchanges you must have a separate website where you will be putting other people’s link.  But we personally recommend that you must invest your time in creating quality content for your website so as to have one-way links rather than moving around asking for an exchange of links.


So we conclude that provisioning high-quality backlinks can add more traffic to your website through Google search engine optimization. Just start working hard-headedly and implement the above-mentioned 5 tips so as to incur potentially instant improvement in your website’s ranking.

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