11 Creative Ways to Write About Android App Development

Android App Development

Launching a new app but don’t know how to promote it? Check out some really interesting and creative ways to write about your android app development in a flawless and creative manner!

Plan Pre-Launch Promotion

One creative way is to start marketing your app even before it is launched. An excellent way is to talk about it with your customers and let them give feedback and suggestions. You can send an email to customers who are out of physical reach.

If your idea is able to grab their attention then this is the first step to success. This way you will be able to uncover all the gaps and create an app that serves their need.

Write about your app on your Website

If you have a website that is responsive, functional and engaging then it can be the best platform to promote your mobile app. When new and existing customers will land on your site then they must have an idea about the new mobile app launch.

An interesting way is to have a pop-up display whenever someone visits your site. This way, the app will be the first thing that they will view.

Talk about App in your Latest Blog

Besides showcasing your app on the website, you can also feature it in your latest blog. You can do this by creating an exclusive promotion strategy that you can leverage.

This can be done by creating a blog post exclusive to the app or talk about it at the end of every post to invite more viewers to download and use the app.

Use Email Marketing as a Promotional tool

If you wish your application to be engraved into every marketing aspect then using email marketing as a promotional tool will surely work. Whenever you are sending business mails or other promotional mails then include details about your app.

You can include details about the application at the footer in a one-liner promoting your app. The best way is to talk about supportive features of your app to the customers. You can also add a link redirecting towards the app download page.

Plan Video Promotion

Another interesting and creative way to promote your app is to present everything about it in an exquisite and engaging video. You can prepare a 30 second short commercial accentuating its features.

The video must talk about how, why and what. Also, make sure that the video is promoted on all possible channels and is updated on a weekly basis to bring fresh news every time to your customers.

Think about SEO

If your app URL ranks higher in the search results then it would definitely be clicked and probably downloaded by more number of people. So, make sure you SEO optimize your app. For this, include all possible keywords related to the services your mobile app is offering.

Just identify the best-targeted keywords that you wish to rank for and analyze the keywords of your app. Also, build quality links as per the ranking to get desired results overtime.

Feature App in High Authority Blogs

Well, you can always plan to promote your app through an app store, but this would certainly not deliver positive results always. For such reasons, it would be viable to make the best possible use of Google’s search engine.

Search for related keywords of your app on Google and check the list of top 5 authority blogs that can be considered in order to get your app higher rank. If you are able to get this, then you will be able to reach a much wider audience. Also, it will help you avail lasting benefits like wider exposure, targeted traffic, efficient link-building, positive reviews, and ratings.

Join Reputed Social Media Groups

Another way to write about your app and promote it a wider scale is to increase the visibility of social media communities and groups. Social networking platforms like Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook can help you connect with reputed developers and entrepreneurs that can offer an instant go to your app.

Ask their suggestions and feedback on the app. You can even offer them free promo codes to try. Discuss the application’s features, future updates, bug fixes, and give value to their opinions. This will help to build you not just an efficient app but develop better relationships with them. This might present the opportunity to promote the app even on their platform.

Think of an attractive app logo or icon

With millions of viewers on Google Play Store and in the App Store, it would be really competitive to give your app a respectable and lucrative position in the market. But one thing that can set you apart from others is your mobile application icon or logo.

In order to create an attractive and unique icon, you must think of a unique shape, have a limited color palette that is easy to remember and enough to differentiate you from others. Avoid using images and lots of text.

Include App Download Links on your Site

Having an app download page is one thing, but leverage those customers towards your mobile app is another thing. Extract essential information about your app and write it down on your website along with the app download link to get more traffic and visitors to your site.

Link Your App in the Email Signature

Another excellent and creative way to write and promote about your app is to include about it in your email signature. It might take a long time for everyone to know that you have finally launched your app. But if you would add details about your app in the email signature then they would be able to know instantly about the new launch.

Add the app download link to your email signature that would help you drive better results.
Whether you adopt one or all of these measures, just make sure you are focused and creative in your work as this will help you avail better results in less time.

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