10 Working Secrets of a Successful Content Writer!

Secrets of a Successful Content Writer

Just as everyone with a camera isn’t a photographer, same is the case with writers as well. Not everyone who hits the keyboard isn’t a writer. A good write up can be very difficult to produce. As people only read what catches their eye. According to research, writing is the least favorite activity notified by Americas. They prefer talking, then reading and finally a proportion of the masses like to write more than speaking or reading. Therefore making writing almost a foreign skill to a lot of people.

Then it comes to content writing which is very different from every day write ups. And the most important thing is to maintain the interest of the reader. Readers tend to lose interest in your article in seconds. Therefore it is very difficult to produce a reader-friendly article. Your readers accept from you only but the best. Your article should be informative and entertaining at the same time. A mixture of these two is usually difficult to construct.

If you want your articles to be jaw dropping and phenomenal, then you need to follow a certain guild line that I have made after much researching. I have thoroughly gone through many of the best articles over the internet and have compiled a list of 10 secrets that content writers use secretly to make their articles fascinating.

The list below has those 10 secrets which will guarantee to make your content way better than it is right now. If you want to quickly make a name for yourself in the arena of content writing, then follow the list carefully and be sure to follow up on every point. So without further delay, I present you the list of 10 working secrets of a successful content writer.

10 secrets to make your work spellbinding.

Thorough research

Everyone knows how a cell phone works, or how to install Windows so don’t drag the same old topics again and again. Give your readers something new. Like how to make money from just a smartphone. Topics like these are certain to catch the reader’s eye. But to give out something like that you need to do a thorough research first. Not just built up the hype with a fancy title and leave the rest of the article hanging. Keep updating yourself with the latest happening around your niche. Suppose if you’re a tech blogger than it is your job to know the latest tech and gadgets in the market. So don’t waste time on telling that world what an iPhone 7 can do. Instead, tell them what the iPhone would do. Tell the world they don’t know.

To search, you can always you the internet and Google is the best source to research for almost any topic. Also, try adding links to of multiple URLs as references, it makes your claim much more legit, and the readers believe in what you’ve said.

Have your own signature voice.

You can’t be a content writing legend if you don’t have your unique voice. Anyone can copy and simply reproduce what one has read. To make your work stand apart, you need to bring innovation into already accepted ideas. After a thorough research, jot down all the points that you will be writing on. Once you’ve done that, move to phase 2. That is trying to express your thoughts about what you’ve learned. This is where you show your skills as a writer. Every individual has its own way of talking same as everyone writer has its own way of writing. In which he decides the wordplay that he will be using. This is an inborn talent which every writer possesses. All you need to do is find your own voice, and for that, there are 3 simple steps which professional writers follow. That is COPY, MASTERY, and INNOVATION.

Copy the idea or the concept, become its master. Know everything about it there is to and then finally bring in innovation. That tells the people something they don’t know or point out to a certain fact that everyone has missed so far. Do not try to copy the writing style of a famous writer or your favorite writer. Instead try to tweak it into something new because the readers can identify that you’ve copied the entire concept as well the style from somewhere else, the minute a reader realizes this, they lose interest in your work. Therefore it is mandatory to have your own signature voice.

Stay on point.

The easiest way to ruin a perfectly good written blog is to deviate from your original topic. This is a mistake what happens naturally. When you write, you bring in extra information, which could lead to a whole different topic. Suppose you’re writing an article on the pros and cons of the internet and you discuss Facebook as a con. Keep it till there and move to your next point. Not start discussing Facebook in general, like when it was founded, what happens there, etc. Your reader came to your article for the pros and cons of the internet, not to read about Facebook.

To avoid straying away from the topic think of the first and last paragraph first. This will keep your article in a confined boundary. Your conclusion or generally known as the “BOTTOM LINE” is the essence of your article. Keep the bottom line unique to create a bewitching effect on the readers. Once you’ve done writing, go through the editing sessions and chop off any unnecessary detail that you’ve added.

Long or short, it doesn’t matter!

Matching depth with length is a difficult thing to pull off, but I will make it simple for you. The psychology of every reader is different; some prefer long articles while some prefer short articles. What you need to do is find a middle ground. Introduce points and subheadings in your article to avoiding the boredom of the reader. If you have a topic on which there is very less to write on then dig deep, research well and discuss the most important aspect of the article with in-depth detail. But if there’s much material to write on then pick the most important aspects that you want to discuss, cut off the rest and try to simply hard to understand topics.

Show off something Unique.

This is basically a simple construction step which can help you in constructing a unique article. First of all, divide your article into three parts.

Topic; It is obvious that this comes first. This is your subject line or the whole point of conversion.

Idea; This is the idea which you want to express in your article.

POV; This is where you get to pick sides, whether you’re against or in favor of the topic.
You can build your article on these points. Start off with your introduction, give out your points and ideas make unlikely comparisons, and remember to bring in opposing views so that your article remains neutral and unbiased. You can further highlight categories and divisions, pick out a specific tone that you’ll carry through the article. And finally, always be innovative.

A good title takes a great deal of time.

The title is everything! No matter how exceptional the body of your article is, a bad title can ruin your article even before the reader starts reading it. Therefore a nice title is mandatory, so give yourself time to come up with an extraordinary title. Do remember that a title must be catchy, must predict the content, must have the keyword in it and it should reflect your tone which you’ll carry in the entire rest of the article.

Keep the reader enticing for more.

This is a battle that you have to win! The first line of your article should be so tempting that it simply does not let the reader leave without reading the entire article. Try this out by asking your friend to read the first line, only the first line of an article that you’ve completed, if he insists you to let me him read the rest then give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve done a good job and if this does not happen then remake the first line until it has that spellbinding effect.

Introduction Matters.

The first paragraph matters as much as the first line does. The first paragraph should be like those cold telemarketers who don’t take no for an answer. If you’ve successfully pulled off the first paragraph, then it is guaranteed that your article will be a hit. For a short article the first paragraph is the introduction (50-80 words), and for longer articles, the first couple of paragraphs can be an introduction (150-200 words).

Don’t create unnecessary hype.

This is again a common mistake that most writers. They create such unnecessary hype in the starting which is difficult to maintain through the entire article. This results in reader getting bored and leaving your article unread. Therefore you must not drag and exaggerate. Only built the hype which is maintainable throughout the article. Keep the information believable, provide facts with resource links and stats to make the reader believe your claim. Otherwise, he may leave may not come back anytime soon.

Killer Ending.

The ending is much important as the introduction is. And a just like in the movies, a bad ending could ruin a perfect movie. Same is the case with articles. After constructing a phenomenal article don’t ruin all your hard work with a bad ending. In fact, put your best in the ending as it is the end which will give the reader your final word. A good ending could leave your readers with deep thoughts for days and he will me waiting eagerly to hear from you next. This is how readership is built. Therefore it is mandatory to create an exceptional ending.


This is a bonus point to take your articles to the next level. Try adding a good conclusion in which give out your personal view about the article that you’ve. Readers enjoy reading the writer’s opinion, therefore, add it in conclusion.


So there you have the 10 working secrets of a successful content writer. All in all, research thoroughly before starting, keep the text plain, simple and readable. Avoid fancy language but be innovative about the ideas that you’re discussing. Write in your signature voice, be unique, try out different angles and start off and end with a lasting impression that will leave your readers spellbound.

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