Bloggers and internet marketers are always looking for the ways to drive more traffic to their website or blog. Most of them are busy enough in doing SEO. But website’s traffic doesn’t come only from search engines.

What are the types of traffic and why you should not only rely on search engines for exposing your website online? Website traffic can be divided into three different types and they are as follows: search engine traffic, direct traffic, and referral traffic.

Today in this post we are going to know about referral traffic and the top 10 referral traffic sources to boost your website’s ranking and search traffic significantly.

Before starting this post about sources of referral traffic let me differentiate these types of traffic.

Search Engine Traffic

“Search engine traffic” or “Organic Traffic” can be defined as traffic driven by the search engines. Everybody is doing keyword research and spending a lot of time doing SEO just for gaining organic traffic and boost their blog’s ranking.

Organic traffic is what every blogger is crazy for. Grabbing more exposure via organic traffic isn’t easy. SEO is no doubt great and you can’t ever imagine how beneficial it can be for your blog, but it takes time to generate positive outcomes.

• Direct Traffic – “Direct traffic” is totally different from organic traffic. It is the kind of traffic which come neither from search engines nor from referral sources.

Simply it can be defined as a traffic which is generated from manually entering your blog’s URL in search engines or the user land to your blog from his/her bookmarking list.

• Referral Traffic – The amount of traffic which doesn’t come from organic search is said to “referral traffic”. It’s simply a recommended traffic which comes from external sources such as social media, other websites, and advertisements etc.

Referral traffic is very crucial for internet marketers because it drives mostly the targeted visitors to their website. This may help them in generating more revenue.

Gaining more referral traffic is not easy enough. You have to put a lot of effort in generating this third kind of traffic. Referral traffic also adds great value to your blog SEO and affects your ranking on search engines. Here are the top sources to build more referral traffic.

Social Media

Social media isn’t the same as it was a few years ago. The versatility, affectivity and the radius of social media has completely changed. It’s easy to gain fame on social media compared to search engines and nowadays everybody is making effort for being popular on social media.

If you are a blogger then you are not on social media for just posting your pictures and looking for likes or comments, take social media seriously to leverage your business online. There are multiple social media platforms but here I am going to feature few of them which I am using for promoting my blog.

Facebook – There are more than 2 Billion Facebook users all over this blue planet. Facebook is one of the most popular social media where you can get feedback’s fast and easily. For a new blogger, social media plays an important role in driving referral traffic especially Facebook.

You can join your niche related forums on Facebook and promote your content. This will give you huge visibility and will be enough helpful in driving traffic to your blog. Don’t always paste links on social media, provide something useful to your audience to get a better response from them.

Twitter – Twitter also provides a bigger platform for your blog and almost everybody is promoting something online using Twitter. A tweet has a short lifespan online (15 to 30 minutes approximately) compared to other social media posts.

Thus you will need to tweets multiple times a day and it can be done easily by using tools for automating your tweets. You can use several tools for scheduling and be posting your tweets, this will save your time and will make promotion more effective.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the best place for the B2B engagement and promotion. It is one of the most reliable sources for driving more referral traffic. LinkedIn is something like the best place for the professionals, thus it provides some serious and great results.

Pinterest – Pinterest is completely different from Facebook and Twitter. If you want to drive more referral traffic via visual content, Pinterest will be the best place. You have to create great graphics to be a good Pinterest influencer.

Question Answer Sites

A professional blogger whom I follow has shared his Quora stats a few days back and it was really amazing. He has featured the benefits of doing Quora in his Facebook post too. Quora can bring a huge amount of referral traffic to your site.

All set to create an account on Quora and post links to your answers, right? Wait a minute; Quora isn’t only a link pasting website. If you want to take more from Quora add value to your answers and make efforts to answer only your niche related questions.

Clearly, don’t spam there otherwise your account may be suspended soon. You are here to help others in solving their problems too. Few things you should keep in mind before answering:

I) Don’t waste time on answering those questions which are not relevant to your expertise. There is a search option available for finding your expertise relevant questions.
II) Some of the questions are really silly and are not necessary to answer. These types of questions are submitted just for fun and gags, don’t give those question a little bit attention.
III) Look for fresh questions or questions with fewer answers. Never submit a one or two line answers, make effort to add meaning and value to your answers.
IV) Put links to the related keywords, this will make your referral link more clickable in nature.

Guest Posts

Guest blogging is the smartest way if being noticed by the professionals of your industry. Guest blogging isn’t just for creating backlinks on authority websites; it boosts your identity online.

A quality guest post can bring more visitors, subscribers, and revenue to your website. It is one of the best ways for increasing exposure of your blog.

Almost every professional blogger do guest posts and if you are not doing guest blogging earlier start doing it, my friend. If you can write a well researched and highly eye-catchy blog, there is a chance of getting featured on top blogging websites.

Always try to put a value on your content; the quality of your guest post is the only thing which can drive referral traffic from other websites.

Crowd Speaking

Crowd speaking has been very popular over the years and there are various crowd speaking platforms available these days. CrowdSpeaking is the place where your voice is heard by the masses.

Many professional bloggers, internet marketers, and service providers increase the visibility of their content, product or service using a crowd-speaking platform.

Want to know how crowd speaking works and how can it bring huge referral traffic to your blog?

• Online campaigns have proved very useful in providing great exposure to a blog, product or service.
• CrowdSpeaking can simply define as a method which helps you in amplifying your message to a huge group of people.
• If you don’t have millions of followers on social media, don’t worry crowds-peaking will increase your reach and share your message with the crowd.
• Your content will be shared on a scheduled day by all the supporters of the crowd-speaking service and it will go viral.
• There are multiple of sources available online to amplify your message such as Kickstarter, GuestCrew, Crowdrise etc.

Email Newsletter

A professional email newsletter can drive huge referral traffic. Yes, an email newsletter.
Create an appealing email newsletter with adding great value to it. For best results make effort to email newsletters at least four times a month or once a week.

Make sure to add a custom signature to your email, this will drive more targeted referral traffic to your blog. You can use many tools for creating a great email newsletter such as Wisestamp App, MailChimp, and Emma etc.

If your business targets a specific community or country then getting listed on targeted newsletters makes sense. For example the MYUKMailBox newsletter sends out targeted UK shopping destinations which can be a great referral source for UK based busineses.


youtubeVideo marketing can play a vital role in reaching your targeted audience. The definition of quality content has changed over the years and if you are not adding relevant visuals to your content, it may look like outdated and can turn off your visitors.

YouTube could be a great destination for increasing your reach. Why YouTube, you ask?

• YouTube has become the second largest search engine giant.
• Each minute there are 400+ hours of video uploaded.
• Its Alexa ranking is 2 makes YouTube second most popular website in the world.
• The watch time on YouTube is incredibly more than 1 billion hours/day.
• It processes 3 billion+ searches/month.

If you are not using YouTube yet, these stats will surely encourage you to jump over and join the YouTube party. YouTube is completely different from other social media sources. Before knocking the door of YouTube check this list of must-to-do things.

• Killer content is necessary, if the viewers don’t find your content useful they will surely leave.
• Optimize your YouTube videos, yes there are a lot of things to do.
• Upload videos frequently and only quality videos.
• Nearly 20% of the viewers may leave your videos after just 10 seconds of watch time, thus focus on creating the pretty good intro.
• Make sure to embed your videos on your blogs.
• Promote it on your other social media sites to increase engagement.
• Add your blog’s information in a decent way on its description area.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is still the uncontested king for driving referral traffic. Everybody is doing blog commenting but most of them especially newbies are just doing it for backlinks and not adding value to their comments.

Your low-quality comment on an authority site will cost you a lot. Don’t do blog commenting only for backlinks, provide quality comments to get noticed.

Here are the tips will help you in do blog commenting in a better way.

• Don’t wrap your comment with just saying “nice post” or “very informative post”. It should have 100+ word count and enough for the reader to understand what you’re saying.
• Comment on blogs relevant to your niche, don’t spam.
• You can make a list of authority blogs for commenting.
• Read the blog carefully and provide your honest feedback.
• Don’t hesitate to share your experiences and opinions through comments.
• Your comments may not be approved on the same site sometimes, don’t worry it happens.
• A single quality comment on an authority site can bring up to 5-10 clicks on your site.


Visuals are one of the most shareable content and great relevant Infographics can be a good source for driving traffic. The best part of Infographics that these contents are linkable.
Infographics and visuals have a longer lifespan compared to tweets and Facebook posts. Sometimes people don’t have time to dig the whole post, an infographic having well researched and valuable information will make your blog appealing as well as save the time of your readers.

Make effort to create an understandable infographic loaded with necessary content. Higher the quality of infographic, higher the chances of getting shared will be. People will share your infographic with the source address, more shares mean more backlinks.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle has been very popular since it was launched on 19 November 2007. Millions of units have been sold and the market is still growing with no signs of downfall.
You can create an eBook related to your niche and provide it your visitors for few bucks or free. You should add few links to your blog to increase the chances of getting clicked.

Clearly, Amazon Kindles or the eBooks will not drive tons of referral traffic but this will help you in reaching your targeted audience in a completely different way.


Reddit has a global rank of #7 and #4 ranks in the USA. Reddit will bring more eyes to your content compared to Facebook and Instagram. But content promotion isn’t easy on Reddit, you just can’t sign up and start posting links, your account will be blocked no doubt.

You have to follow some basic steps to use Reddit smartly and make it beneficial for your business.

• First of all, find relevant subreddit and submit meaningful answers a week without posting anything else on Reddit.
• Read the guidelines and follow them, never violate the rules.
• Make effort to analyze the interest of the visitors coming to read your answer and make a post regarding their interest without putting any internal links.
• If the visitors will find your post useful, write another post and this time you can put links to your blog.
• Do not abuse even after seeing positive results.

Final Note:

Blogging is not just writing blogs and sharing it on your Facebook page. A lot of things you have to do get best results. Search engine traffic is no doubt great but it doesn’t mean to ignore referral traffic.

Most of the new bloggers and bloggers without enough knowledge of SEO rely on referral traffic only. The actions you will take to increase referral traffic not only will boost the site’s ranking it also helps in creating your identity online.

If you have any suggestions about more referral traffic sources, please provide your feedback.