Here’s What Trust Pilot Users’ Have to Say about PureVPN Review

PureVpn Review

PureVPN needs no introduction in the VPN industry as it ranks in the top 3 top-tier VPN services. The VPN service has maintained top position in the market due to its massive user base which is spread across the globe, largest server as well as IP pool, advanced features and functionalities, and more.

If you are looking for PureVPN review, you can even find tons of websites discussing the many benefits of this VPN service. In fact, apart from the niche-specific websites, you can even find dozens of top-rated review websites that have given good ratings to the VPN service such as Trust Pilot.

A Little about Trust Pilot

Before we proceed to the PureVPN review on the Trust Pilot, I believe it is important that you get a little familiar with the review website.

The world’s renowned review website, Trust Pilot, came into existence almost 11 years ago in 2007. The website lists online businesses, products and services for reviews. Any online service can register for free but they would have pay a hefty amount for custom promotion packages.

The good thing is that the website offers genuine reviews from users who have experienced the product or service they are reviewing on.

By compiling all the reviews, Trust Pilot gives the product or service a rating that tells the user how good a service is. Services that are rated close to 10 are considered good while services that are below 5 are considered bad.

PureVPN Review on Trust Pilot

If you compare other VPN services with PureVPN on Trust Pilot, you will find out that PureVPN beats all when it comes to speed, performance and functionality. Unlike many other VPN services that have a rating of around 5 to 6, PureVPN has a massive Trust Pilot rating of 9.5, having a whopping 6.2K reviews.

Trust Pilot has a categorical rating system that goes like this:

  1. Excellent
  2. Great
  3. Average
  4. Poor
  5. Bad

PureVPN has an outstanding percentage on the Excellent scale, i.e., 85%. The Great category gives PureVPN 12% review. The amazing fact is that PureVPN has a 0% in the Poor category, while other VPN services has at least 5%.

Most of the PureVPN reviews you will read on the Trust Pilot, you will see that people usually talk about the streaming speed the VPN service offers. After all, a great percentage of VPN users use the VPN service for hardcore streaming such as binge-watching Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Regardless, here are some of the reviews that offer good insights into PureVPN service:

“Great VPN.

Easy to use.

Always up to date”

“Fantastic experience in streaming. No freezing. Works amazing fast. Enjoyed the shows.”

“Never lets me down!


“Using PureVPN for more than 3 years now. Amazing evolution of their tech, always responsive customer service and unbeatable price to service ratio.”

“This has been my favorite VPN to date and I got the lifetime subscription which was worth getting. My internet speed has been better and their security addons work really well as I tested it out in a sandbox environment. Great customer support as well.”

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PureVPN Customer Review
PureVPN Review
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