HTC Unveils Desire 10 – Budget Phone With A Handsome Look

Htc Desire 10

Tech-giant, HTC who has been struggling to keep up with competitors in the smartphone arena has relied mostly on its Desire line as the breadwinner for the past couple of years. Even though the company pushed out great high-end phones, however, somewhere along the line they faded without generating a lot of revenue. In this area, the Desire line performed markedly well for the company’s revenue but the revenue generator of the company always had a non-serious, playful look to it when stacked against the company’s flagship devices.

It seems that HTC is all set to change that as the Desire 10, the latest installment in the Desire lineup is shedding off its youthful appearance to take on a more mature outlook. Desire 10 comes in two variants – a ‘Pro’ Version and a ‘Lifestyle’ version. The specs on the two variants differ to quite a degree, however, both the phones have opted a similar design language.

If there was one word to describe the design that HTC has opted for the series, the nit would be ‘adult’. The phone comes in four different colors, each having a unique and fresh look to it. The colors include Navy, Black, White and a Pale Blue variant that HTC has dubbed ‘Valentine Lux’. Both variants of the phone are designed with plastic, however, the metal trim on the sides is what renders the device a much more premium look than their price-tags suggest. We particularly liked the black and navy colors on the phone.

The phones share a common ground in terms of design, software and display size but beyond that they differ from one another.

The Pro version of the phone has a crisp 1080p display and is bestowed with a MediaTek Helio P10 Processor coming in two variants of RAM that is 3 and 4GB. In terms of storage there are two options 32 and 64GB. In the camera department, the rear side has a 20MP snapper whereas the front features an outstanding 13MP camera. All of this is coupled with a fingerprint scanner.

The Lifestyle version of the phone ditches the fingerprint scanner and has a 720p display. Powering up the device is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with two options of RAM available that is 2 and 3GB. Storage options include 16 and 32GB and the camera department features a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. Both phones have Hi-Res audio certification.

The Lifestyle version of the phone will be available in the UK at price of £249 whereas the Pro version hasn’t received a price or availability update as of yet.


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