Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube are creating anti-terrorist pact

Facebook Microsoft Twitter and Youtube

A joint database of Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube is supposed to help against terrorist propaganda on the net. The US players want to more easily identify photos and videos of terrorist groups.

Special times require special measures: The otherwise heavily not known for collective alliances, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube go into the offensive in the field of anti-terrorism. They form a joint pact in the fight against international terrorism in the search results and the platforms themselves.

The core of the alliance is a cross-company database. With it it should be possible to identify photos and videos of terrorist groups. Already deleted content should be provided with a “digital fingerprint” and be exchanged among each other, writes Facebook in a blog post.

In future, it will then be possible to identify corresponding terror content during the upload. Data that makes users personally identifiable should not be shared.

Great goals

The individual companies can individually decide how and when the content is removed according to their own policies – and especially what is classified as terror propaganda.

The long-term goal, according to Facebook, is to make this data base available to other companies. Which technology is used for “digital fingerprints” is not clear.

In addition, the big US players like Facebook still fights the debate on “Fake News“. After the scandal surrounding the false news, which might also have influenced the outcome of the US presidential election, Facebook now applies a test to the messages that appear on the network.

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