Monday, December 11, 2017
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Apps for Sharepoint Online

5 Must-Have Apps for Sharepoint Online

Microsoft’s Office Store is now stuffed with a mass of useful Apps to serve in every area of activity. In this brief article, we gathered only the most essential of them...
Overcome Jealousy

9 Proven Ways to Help Overcome Jealousy

Anger Management In a recent study, Thomas researched over 10 years of literature to find ways to teach healthy anger management within the community. It was shown that by...
Hide Apps android

How To Hide Applications On Android | Hide Android Apps

Have you ever suffered from a min panic attack whenever you are handing your phone over to someone else with you constantly monitoring the activity of that particular person who has...
5 Steps for Devising a Stellar Strategy for Getting Successful in any Business

5 Steps for Devising a Stellar Strategy for Getting Successful in any Business

Every single person or a firm wants to be successful in whatever they are doing. But not many achieve the feat and struggle in their respective fields. Apart from many challenges...
Applications for iOS and Android

Top 5 Free Useful Applications for iOS and Android (MACs and PCs included)

Just as we go to Google to have every question answered, we run our lives with the help of our trusty apps. From basic social keeping in touch, editing our pictures,...
Technology Learning Tool

10 tips to use Technology as a Learning Tool

Living in the era of technology, can you get away the purview of this thing? Technology has devoted our days in vast methods. We are reliant upon it to complete every...
Launcher Apps for Android

Top 5 Free Launcher Apps for Android

One of the biggest benefits of being an Android user is that it allows you to customize just about every aspect of your device. Customization aspect doesn’t bar only to themes...
windows tips and tricks

Advanced Windows Tips And Tricks

Windows 10 has been designed to meet the productivity needs of a wide variety of individuals. The operating system has been designed to get all your stuff done in the best...
SoloLearn app

Learn how to coden with SoloLearn on your smartphone

A little more practice in C ++, HTML and co. Can never hurt. With the Smartphone app SoloLearn, you can learn and practice various programming languages on the go. Programming is probably...
Android Spy Tool

Now Use a Handy Android Spy Tool with Rooted Android Devices

Rooted Android devices are undoubtedly the most-used devices worldwide. The main reason for this is that the operating system is more user-friendly and compatible with a wide range of apps. People...


Facebook Signs A Deal With Microsoft For Office 365 Services

Facebook, the social media giant has recently signed a deal with Microsoft, the pioneers of computing. The deal will allow employees of Facebook to...