Monday, December 11, 2017
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How To Control PC Through Your Smartphone?

Just imagine you checked out from the office without forwarding a file to the boss, which was mandatory to be submitted. What will you do? All the way came back to...
Applications for iOS and Android

Top 5 Free Useful Applications for iOS and Android (MACs and PCs included)

Just as we go to Google to have every question answered, we run our lives with the help of our trusty apps. From basic social keeping in touch, editing our pictures,...
Apps for Sharepoint Online

5 Must-Have Apps for Sharepoint Online

Microsoft’s Office Store is now stuffed with a mass of useful Apps to serve in every area of activity. In this brief article, we gathered only the most essential of them...
Black and White Pictures Are Ideal for Web Design

Reasons Why Black and White Pictures Are Ideal for Web Design

While browsing the Internet, you must have often come across numerous websites that use top quality colorful pictures. These pictures fascinate you and give you a thrill. You are often very...
how to record screen on Mac

Recording And Capturing The Screen Using Movavi

With the Movavi Movie maker you can record the content which is displayed in the Mac Screen be it video guides, video, Skype calls among others that you can record. It...
Solitaire Apps

Tips And Tricks for Solitaire on iPhone

How do you like to spend your free time? What do you do when you’re waiting in line for something, or you’re sitting down waiting to be called? Most of us...
How to Backup Android Phone

How To Backup Android Phone And Keep Your Data Safe

Backing up Android phones is of paramount importance as most phones these days harbor not just text messages and contact address but critical pieces of information such as documents and photo...
SoloLearn app

Learn how to coden with SoloLearn on your smartphone

A little more practice in C ++, HTML and co. Can never hurt. With the Smartphone app SoloLearn, you can learn and practice various programming languages on the go. Programming is probably...
Tips to protect your online accounts

7 Tips to protect your online accounts

Criminals on the Internet are becoming increasingly sophisticated and more professional. In this article, we will show you how to securely protect your online accounts through seven simple steps. The threat in...
Overcome Jealousy

9 Proven Ways to Help Overcome Jealousy

Anger Management In a recent study, Thomas researched over 10 years of literature to find ways to teach healthy anger management within the community. It was shown that by...


Nokia 9 Specification Review & Price

Nokia 9   The Nokia 9 runs Android OS, 8.0 (Oreo), Support Dual Nano-SIM with 4G network support, offering a 5.5 inch Display, 13 MP rear...