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Most Effective Tips and Tricks for Computer Printers

Printers have become an integral part of not only our workplaces but also our homes. The advancement in technology has even impacted the printers. This has completely revolutionized the whole process of printing. There are quite a few ways in which you can utilize your printer to its complete potential and keep in functioning in the best possible condition.

Let me shed some light on a few of the handy tips and tricks that will enable you to perform a few of the tasks in a jiffy. There is a high possibility that you may not be aware of a few of the points that I am going to showcase below.

Print in the Correct Order

Most of the printers will print pages with their face down. This will automatically order the stack of pages when you turn it over. However, there are a few of the printers that will print with the face of the pages up. This puts the first page at the bottom of the stack which makes its necessary to reorder the pages. Some of the inkjet printers will reverse the printing order by default, but for all those so not have this reverse printing feature, there is a tip.

MS Office Word has a feature that will enable you to print the pages in the reverse order. In the 2003 version of Word, you will have to go to Tools>Options and then click on the Print tab. Over there you will have to check the ‘Reverse Print Order’. In case of Word 2007 version, select the Microsoft Office Button and then click on the ‘Word Options’. On the left-hand side of the dialog box, you will find the Advanced options. Move over to the print options below and put a check on the ‘Print Pages in Reverse Order’ option.

Test a Formatting or Printing Feature

Creating a text document in Word is quite helpful in testing a formatting or printing feature. This can be done in a fairly simple manner. All you need to do is type ‘=rand(p,s)’ in a paragraph. Over here, ‘p’ indicates the number of paragraphs and ‘s’ are the sentences that are present in the paragraph. Once you are done, just press Enter. Different versions of Word will use the different text. Talking about Word 2007, it uses a different version of the dummy text when compared with Word 2003.

Print Black-Only Monochrome Documents

Most of the printer users face an issue while printing any of the monochrome documents. An error message gets displayed saying that the print will not print as it is out of any of the ink color. In such a situation, you should have a look at the printer driver. Most of the printer drivers have an option that will allow you to print in black only. By selecting this option, the printer will no longer decline the printing request.

Set the Right Paper Type For Best Outputs

The reason behind the poor inkjet output quality is due to the wrong type of paper setting for the driver. Different papers will need different amounts and proportions of ink in order to generate a high-quality output. By setting the paper type the driver will know about the color tables that are to be used. If your printer is not able to recognize the type of paper automatically you can set the driver manually. However, there are some inkjet printers that will identify the paper type automatically.

Invest in Cleaning Cartridges

Drying up of ink and blockages in the nozzles of the print head is a common problem faced by most of the printer users. This results in faded and streaky print outputs. The best way to get rid of this problem is to invest in cleaning cartridges which will thoroughly clean the print heads of an inkjet printer. Any sort of ink that has dried over the nozzles will be broken up and removed.

Check the Price of Cartridges Before Buying a Printer

This might seem silly but a lot of printer users end up buying a cheap printer that has expensive ink replacement costs. Due to which, the cost of the replacing the cartridges would easily cross the price at which the printer was bought. Therefore, before buying a printer check the cost of the cartridges that are compatible with the printer’s model. There is no point in buying a printer that has a hefty price tag associated with replacing the ink. Pricing the printer fairly low and asking a high price for the cartridges is a clever business model that is adopted by a lot of the printer manufacturers.

In The End

I hope that all the tips and tricks which are mentioned in this article will prove to be quite beneficial for you. Do share your views about them and let me know about any other useful tips in the comments section below.


How to make AirPrint work more Effectively with Any Printers

It was not until the fall of 2010, that Apple released the much-awaited feature of wireless printing by the name of AirPrint. However, the feature was a useful update but it came with its own disappointments. This was because only a handful of HP printers were able to support the service. Over the years, the number of printers that work seamlessly with the service has grown significantly. But still, there are thousands of printers out there which do not support AirPrint.

So, if you have a printer that doesn’t support this feature then before you think about buying a new printer just go through this article.

Most of the printer manufacturers offer an app that will enable the iOS device to communicate with a printer that does have an AirPrint support. Apart from this, there are few third party apps that will allow any of your iOS device to get connected to a printer. So broadly there are two ways in which you can make AirPrint work seamlessly with any of your printers. Let’s talk about both these ways in details below.

Official Apps By The Printer Manufacturers

One thing needs to noted over here that these apps are intended to work with only those printers which have a Wi-Fi support. These apps are available totally free of cost and in most cases will work great with the iOS device. However, there are a few apps that will come with only limited functionality which means that they might not be a complete solution for all your printing needs.

Let’s have a look at a few of the applications that are available by a few of the popular printer manufacturers.

Epson iPrint

Brother iPrint&Scan

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint


Kodak Pic Flick

HP ePrint Home & Biz

However, on testing a few of these apps with the different printers without the AirPrint support it was found out that there are a few features on which the apps are lacking. One of the biggest drawbacks of the apps was a zero support for the old wired printers. This leads to a conclusion that the printer manufacturer apps are not a complete solution.

So let’s now discuss about a commercial solution to fix this issue completely.

Third Party Apps

Before we begin our discussion, you will have to equip yourself with the below-mentioned things.

A Mac or a Windows PC

An iOS Device

FingerPrint app that is suitable for the desktop OS.

A printer that is easy to use with the desktop OS.

A Wi-Fi network that will connect the iOS device to the host computer.

The center of our discussion will revolve around the FingerPrint app which is one of the best third party apps available out there. The app is able to work seamlessly on all the iOS devices. Over the years the app has seen a lot of updates and houses almost all the necessary features. The best part about the app is that you can use it for a trial of 7 days before purchasing its paid version.

Installation and Configuring the FingerPrint app

The installation procedure of the FingerPrint app is a fairly easy one. The only concern that you will face is the OS platform on which you are going to install the app. The app will act as a print server for iOS. By doing this, the app will be able to fake the AirPrint client that comes included with the iOS version. You need to install the app on a PC or a machine that will remain in a functioning state. If the OS X or the Windows based home server is having an access to the networked printers, this situation would be perfect for the FingerPrint scanner. All in all the machine which you are using should have an access to the printer that you want to use it with.

During the installation process, you will encounter the straight forward dialog boxes and you will be supposed to click on the ‘Next’ button. Once the process has been completed you will have to reboot the machine. After the machine has rebooted, click on the FingerPrint app option in the start menu. The app features a fairly clean interface that will display all the different printers which are available. Just check only those printers that you will be actually using for taking the prints.

On your iOS device, you don’t have to do any kind of configuration for accessing the required printers. All you need to do is launch a program that has the printing capabilities. Any program that has an access of AirPrint will be able to use the print on the desired host computer.

In The End

Above is a useful guide to making the AirPrint work seamlessly on any printer. Do let me know about your views about the article and whether the procedure mentioned above proved to be useful for you or not.

10 tips to use Technology as a Learning Tool

Living in the era of technology, can you get away the purview of this thing? Technology has devoted our days in vast methods. We are reliant upon it to complete every single irrelevant need of ours. Can we consider our lives without technology? Can we evoke a single day where we haven’t used technology in some variety or the other? If technology has saturated each and every phase of our life, why should we depart education out of it? In this fast changing world, education too cannot escape the influence of technology. The existence of the internet itself has transformed the method through we access and broadcast information. From laptops, educational apps or websites through which you can hire a private home tutor to online courses, technology has changed the appearance of education today. Looking back at this change, here’s a list of ten methods through which technology has affected education.

Making a worldwide Platform

No longer restricted to a single platform, education assisted by technology has crossed boundaries and continents. A number of institutions are now giving online courses that can be used by students all over the world. Video chatting and applications like Skype have produced a global platform of teachers and students who can distribute knowledge in a simple and suitable way.

Competent judgment

More and more institutions have now digitalis their evaluation process. Students now take online tests that allow them to instantly review their capability. E-tests are flexible and unbiased. A student can take an online test, according to his or her accessibility. This has specifically helped students who practice distance or correspondence classes. Eradicating the human component, e-assessments are fair and more trustworthy than traditional tests.

Enhanced Student-Teacher communication

More and more professors are now using technical aids to keep in touch with their students. Teachers stay in regular touch with their students through e-mails and facilities like Dropbox that permits you to upload and distribute content with a huge number of students.

Immediate Access to Information

Knowledge is now in the palm of our hand. No longer restricted to course books, anyone can now have access to a range of information within seconds.


Online libraries and e-books are now in trend. Google Library Project is the perfect example of this. Google has been working with distributors and libraries to make an exclusive online library that is wide-ranging, flexible and practical. Traits like Google Books offer oddments of a big amount of books, thus taking together new books and publishers to the readers. Credit goes to the Internet, publishers and readers can now find out each other with the aid of a single click!

Play stations and Video Games

Replicating real life troubles, video games can bring about behavioral changes in the students by creating them more goal-oriented. Play stations not only offer a wide range of information but also begin students to be problem-solvers. While cracking theoretical problems, students are allowed to coordinate their abilities while concurrently harvesting information. While the adverse effects of an obsessive indulgence in video games have been encountered many times, one cannot disprove the fact that video games, when played under proper supervision can certainly be an enormous source of ‘edutainment’.

Use of Multimedia

Technology and media have surely banged the field of education. Use of animation, videos, multimedia aids has converted traditional education methods by making it more appealing, amusing and compelling.

Educational Websites and Mobile Applications

Mobile learning is the latest avatar of present education. A large number of websites and mobile applications have already become admired means of education because of their pioneering take on traditional education ways.

Attending Students’ Diversity

A variety of various educational tools, audio/visual stimulus, and animations, e-learning elements demand to students with diverse learning styles. Some students do not react to classroom learning which has often been called as ‘dis interesting and ‘unimaginative’. Such students are efficiently tempted into studying via digital means which offer a perfect mingle of fun and learning.

Students with particular requirements

It has been observed that students with particular needs are unable to respond to traditional classroom culture. Keeping them in mind, a number of mobile applications have come up in the market that looks to begin such students into the majority by assisting and allowing them with digital educational aids. Computer technology and e-learning activities have really helped in linking the gap between disabled students and the normal ones by building education more reachable.

6 Ways To Recover The Deleted Files From Your PC!

Our computers and phones hold a large amount of data which is very important to us. Sometimes, an accident tap of the fingers may result in your deleting some necessary files. Worry not, all is not lost yet.

PCs come with a few hacks that let you get your deleted files back, even if you have emptied your Recycle Bin. So there’s no need to despair. A little research and reading can save you hours of reworking and regret. Read on for some ways and means to recover deleted files from your PC:

Restore From Recycle Bin

Double check your Recycle Bin just in case. Your deleted file may be waiting for you there. In this case, simply right-click on the needed file and select ‘Restore’. This is a fairly simple step, but one that needed covering.

Previous Versions

If you have already emptied the Recycle Bin, try going to the folder where you had your important file. Right-click on the folder, and see if you can select ‘Restore Previous versions’. If you can do this, the old files may show up within this folder.

Don’t Save Anything More

Above were two of the most obvious methods. If you are a PC novice, though, they may be helpful to you. Moving on, take a look at your hard drive. More often than not, even your deleted files are still lurking around there.

Unless your PC is completely out of extra space, it wouldn’t delete any of the files it ever had. The size of the file deleted simply becomes ‘usable’ storage, meaning that it can be replaced. This is different from free space, which means the hard drive space that was empty in the first place.

It is only when you download or save new files that are more than the free space that your deleted files are gone forever. Hence, once you realize that you’ve deleted an essential file, don’t download or save anything more. Stop those torrents and shut down your browser. Both could be downloading data that may replace your precious file at any moment.

Recovery From Hard Drive

If you’re lucky, you wouldn’t have used the usable space from your deleted file. So it would be somewhere on your hard drive. Unfortunately, you can’t use conventional searches to seek and restore it.

The next step here is to get some software that would do the job for you. Luckily, many of them are free and are basically all you need to get your stuff back. A user-friendly software for this purpose is Recuva. There is a program called Restoration that boasts great reviews.
What these programs would do is to search through every nook and cranny of your hard drive. If there are any files still there, they’ll find them. Once you see your needed file or files, you can simply click and restore. Your videos, pictures, documents, and presentations could hence survive a near death.

Reverse The Deletion

There are also some computer software’s that allow the user to take back their deleted files. This is effective even if the hard drive has deleted it for its own storage purposes. For example, if you have a NAS drive, it may just have moved the file to its own Recycle Bin.
Recovery software like Disk Digger should be a part of every computer system. Deleting a file from the Recycle Bin as well would make downloading new software more dangerous. This is because t would take up space and may end up replacing the very file it was supposed to find.

Hence, the best way is to make sure your download the software as soon as possible. This means that you do this before any mishap happens to delete your files.

A Word Of Advice

While you would probably be able to retrieve any accidentally deleted files, it is wise to minimize the risk. Your PC may already be running short on storage. Hence, when you delete a file, there is a decent possibility that it might be lost forever.

The best way to resolve this issue is to have several backup plans for your most important files. You can make use of an external hard drive for this task, or even a USB. Your PC should also have a Google Drive option. Other digital safety nets would save automatic copies of your files. However, this may cost a bit and also be a bit insecure. Look around and read reviews of such services before you make a decision.


When you delete your important files, you may feel like your own worst enemy. However, it’s never a good idea to give up so easily. Computers were meant to serve us, and we should not be dictated by their delete buttons. In fact, with the right research and experience, the computer itself would help us recover our lost data.

Now Use a Handy Android Spy Tool with Rooted Android Devices

Rooted Android devices are undoubtedly the most-used devices worldwide. The main reason for this is that the operating system is more user-friendly and compatible with a wide range of apps. People often need to track specific Android devices for any reason. You may find it necessary to track your daughter or son’s mobile activity to keep them safe. Sometimes, you may want to track your employees. The whole idea behind using an Android spy tool is to be able to gather information about device usage and to ensure online security.

Android Spy Tools

How to Track any Rooted Android Device with an Android Spy Tool

Using an android spy tool, you can track any rooted Android device. Talking about rooted devices, the advantage of rooting is that you get complete access and control of the operating system. It is like becoming the administrator of a Windows system. You can run apps that require bypassing the security on the OS, and you can delete or permanently hide apps. You can install an android monitoring tool easily without the risk of detection by the person you want to monitor. Its design is such that once you enable stealth mode, it remains undetectable. You don’t need to worry about backing up data either; everything uploads to the control panel.

With the tracking app of your choice installed on the target device, without detection, you can see everything going on, on the device. Just install it and activate it and that’s it. After that, you can access every detail on a personal control panel. Even if the target person later deletes data from his/her device, you can access the automatic backup on the control panel anytime.

Using such an app is legal and has no legal implications as long as you use it responsibly and strictly as a parental control or employee tracking solution. Yes, sometimes letting the person know you are watching is necessary, which is why it is best to use it strictly on a company-issued device when you want to watch over your employees.

What Kind of Mobile Activity to Monitor with the Tool

The tool gives you access to call logs, IM logs, text message logs, browser history, and GPS location history. You can track the present GPS location of any rooted device without hassle. In fact, the tool supports Geo fencing as well. You can check social media activities, photos, and videos on the device and those shared via Tinder and Instagram. You can listen to recorded conversations on calls and recorded ambient discussions. WhatsApp is one of the most frequently used IM chatting tools nowadays. Following this is a Facebook messenger, then others like Skype, Viber, LINE, and KIK. You can read entire threads of conversations on these apps, see contacts, and call logs via these apps.

Availability of Such Tools

Now using an Android spy tool for a rooted device is very easy and accessible for anyone. You simply have to visit the website of the product, subscribe to it, download it, install, and activate it, and start accessing the control panel. There is no hassle and no complication. The customer service team is always on standby to assist and is usually cooperative.

How to Maximize Your Android Smartphone Battery Life

If you are using your device to perform multiple tasks at a time, then it will end up with battery drain no wonder in a shorter period of time. Despite the fact, you have bought a device with longer battery life, still, it will start draining over time with extensive use. Thus, you can consider following certain steps to stop battery drain and maximize battery life on your Android smartphone.

Use Battery Saver Apps

To start with, you can use battery saver apps for Android to save some battery juice instantly. These apps work on smart techniques and advanced algorithms to keep a tab on all battery draining functions on your devices. Using these tools, you can disable all such battery draining functions instantly with one click step. These functions may include Wi-Fi usage, Bluetooth, auto-sync, background services and much more. You can use these tools for improved device performance. These tools work automatically to reduce your manual efforts and save time.
Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

Turn off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

When it comes to manual intervention to save some battery juice, you can start with disabling Wi-Fi & Bluetooth services when not in use. If you are one of those users who keep these two services active all the time, then it’s going to consume a lot of battery and device resources. When keep enabled all the time, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth look for devices near around to connect with. It is also not safe from a security point of view as if it auto-connects to unsafe public Wi-Fi network or so on. You can switch to taking calls direct from device sometimes if you are extensively using hands-free connected with Bluetooth on your device.
Wifi and Bluetooth

Manage Screen time out & Brightness

This is another basic step that can help you save some battery juice instantly. Keeping screen time-out longer prove unnecessary when you are not using your device actively as it consumes lot battery on your device. You can keep screen time-out shorter in order to save some battery. Alternatively, you can instantly press the power button to turn your device screen off. Apart of it, keeping screen brightness low can also help you save some battery. You can use the auto-brightness feature on your device to save some battery too. Both these simple steps will help you save your device resources instantly.
Manage Screen time out & BrightnessManage Screen time out & Brightness1

Turn off apps & services running in the background

Many apps & services not only consume device resources when used actively but it also consumes device resources while running in the background. These apps & services keep on running in the device background to provide you latest notifications related to it. Amongst these apps & services remain unnecessary items as well which consume device resources for no good reasons. Thus, you can consider disabling all such apps & services running in the background. To stop such apps, go to Settings > Application Manager or Applications > Running Apps and stop them instantly to save battery life.

Turn off apps & services running in the background

Turn off animation & live wallpapers

Animations and live wallpapers on your device enhance the aesthetic value of your device. They may look good but these features consume lot of device resources including battery life. Thus, you can manage or disable them to save some battery life. To stop live wallpapers, simply select Wallpapers in device Settings > Display > Wallpapers instead of Live Wallpapers.
Turn off animation & live wallpapersTo disable animations, you need to first activate Developer Options on your device. To do this, go to Settings > About Phone > Build Number and tap it multiple times until it displays message that the Developer Options is enabled. Now head back to Settings > Developer Options and turn off three options called Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale. Remember to leave Developer Options enabled as disabling it will bring animation settings to its default state.


Despite the fact, smartphone batteries are more efficient and powerful than ever before still it gets drain over time due to extensive use of the device. It becomes important to follow certain steps to save your battery juice if you are multi tasker and use your device extensively. You can follow above-mentioned steps to do that. Apart of it, using battery saver apps for Android also prove effective as these tools work automatically to save your battery life. You can use these tools for instant and effective results.

Best Secured Messenger Apps For Android: 7 Must-Required Android/iOS Messaging Apps

Messaging is the most simple communication app for today’s generation. Teenagers as well as the older generations are busy digging their heads into their smartphones chatting online or offline. With the emergence of messaging apps like whatsapp,hike and its intuitive features like video or audio calling, sending documents, videos or photos have taken the Android devices to a different level. Thesedays, along with calling, texting or messaging has been a new trend. We bring to your 5 best messenger apps that is a must required for all Android/iOS users.

7 Messaging Apps for Android and iOS Users

Preserve your personal chats or texts with the following 5 messaging apps exclusively designed to maintain privacy. These messaging chats provide with security services to save your messages from prying eyes. Go through these messaging apps to know which one would you prefer to have in your Android or iOS.


This is the most commonly used messaging app is overloaded with great features other than just typing messages. Along with providing great features, it also protects all your important chats. It is enabled with end-to-end encryption, this signifies that the message is only read by the send and receiver. A security code is provided that helps to verify that your messages are not being intercepted with anyone else. It is applicable for Android, iOS and PC.

Download Whatsapp!


The easy to use messaging app comes is a privacy-conscious messaging app developed by Open Whisper Systems. All the conversations are encrypted end-to-end just like whatsapp. This messaging app doesn’t record metadata of messages which means it doesn’t keep a track of your contacts,date and time of messages. If in case, you uninstall Signal the backup is not available, this makes it less preferable.

Download Signal!


Unlike, other messenger apps, Frozenchat offers end-to-end encryption using OTR (Off the Record) messaging. All your messages are protected and can verify the person who are talking to. It is an open source that supports the open XMPP protocol and doesn’t have a central server.

Download FrozenChat!


The iOS messaging app supports off the record messaging and the open XMPP protocol. Before you start a conversation, a digital fingerprint can be noticed, this allows the user to cross check with your friends to be sure no-one is intercepting messages. The experiemental features allows the use for Tor, that tracks your location while messaging contacts. The user should use an XMPP server to keep your messages in the secure place known as ‘dark web’.

Download ChatSecure!

Wickr Me

Along with end-to-end encryption it can even remove metadata like timestamp from your conversations. After a certain period of time, messages get self-destructed. The wipe features allows to safely erase unnecessary messages. The messaging app is not clear on how effectively the app can delete data, thus Android user should encrypt their devices.

Download Wickr Me!


Want a replacement for regular Android’s SMS apps? This one is just what is needed from a messaging app. The smart app stores all messages received in the encrypted database. It doesn’t have a password to protect but if you wish you can! If the other person owns this app, it is recognized and use end-to-end encryption to deliver text and media. Try to know!

Download Silence!

Facebook Messenger

Facebook uses the signal protocol for end-to-end encryption and offers an option named as ‘secret conversations’. After a conversation has started, the user can send text, photo or videos. Bad luck for group chatters as it doesn’t support group chats. If someone tries to report your messages, it will automatically get decrypted and sent to Facebook. This messenger is used by all of us for chatting on Facebook.

Download Facebook Messenger!

Over to you!

Try these apps on your Android or iOS for a better experience about the features. All your messages are perfectly maintained and protected from prying eyes. Find these apps at Google Play Store or iTunes to download it ASAP! These are just a handful, there are many such messaging apps for Android and iOS. Protect all your messages, media history .

5 Must-Have Apps for Sharepoint Online

Microsoft’s Office Store is now stuffed with a mass of useful Apps to serve in every area of activity. In this brief article, we gathered only the most essential of them and chose one must-have third-party App per category.

Office Store Editor’s Pick

DocuSign for SharePoint Online was designed specifically for sending, signing and tracking documents securely right from any document library in SharePoint Online. It produces a significant increase of workflow productivity due to its digital signature feature, providing a secure and quick way of documents processing.

Customer Relationships

SideKick 365 xRM Ultimate is an all-in-one CRM system for perfect management of your leads, prospects, tasks, and projects with a close Office 365 integration and a bundle of settings for an improved customization. The useful features of the add-in are so numerous that there is not enough space to describe them all.

Staff Management

Human resources is an important area of a company’s activity, so it needs an efficient and dedicated solution. Kasper Pro HR with Self Service is exactly this sort of a tool. It automates employee on boarding, company cars and property management, supports competency-based appraisals, training, and skills management.

Layouts Customization

A functionally rich and beautiful Virto Event Calendar Viewer by VirtoSoftware enables displaying your events within a SharePoint web page. This smart calendar will auto detect the type of your events and sort them once you defined categories, and thus shorten the process of events creation. It also provides popups, filtering features and hourly-schedule preview.

Additional Functionality

There is also some isolated solutions offered by Office Store, such as Location Finder. It allows SharePoint users to see your defined locations and their details on an auto-zooming map. Designed for a convenience of the users, it can be useful in some occasions. It also implements an auto calculation of latitude and longitude values to add new locations with ease.


Top 5 Free Useful Applications for iOS and Android (MACs and PCs included)

Just as we go to Google to have every question answered, we run our lives with the help of our trusty apps. From basic social keeping in touch, editing our pictures, crunching our numbers, web designing, and even for searching our better halves, all of these we do with just a click on our pad and screens. In this competitive world, there are many similar apps options out there working for similar tasks. But we have done our research and distilled the top 5 free apps which are accessible by iOS and Android devices. Moreover, since our world has increasingly gotten interconnected (and thus our lives), we also include the app’s accessibility on the larger screens of PCs and Macs. Interconnection and flexible accessibility sound very well-rounded and nothing is against well-roundedness.


One issue that constantly looms as the backdrop of our smartphone storage is us needing to keep just so many things. Microsoft offers this very useful app which is not only accessible on our Android and iOS devices, but also on PCs and Macs (Microsoft actually says any other devices you use, so Blackberry users, maybe you are in) This app gives you an extra 5 GBs worth of memory to keep (and work on) your work and personal documents, and filing them with a user-friendly algorithm. Its web designing platform also comes with a very sleek web design that could be your favorite go-to at work. Borrowing Tolkien’s words, this is the OneDrive to store them all, and as Microsoft says it, #DoMore wherever you are.


We are aware that supermodel Kendall Jenner said she was ‘banned’ by Uber with no clear reasons as to why, resulting to the nascent chicness of its rival, Lyft, but Uber remains the hands-down most recommended ride sharing app. Why? First, it actually has more areas covered worldwide (616 cities and counting). Second, its affordable price; ride sharing apps fluctuate their offered prices with the dynamics of traffic demands, but Uber is consistently the most reliable at offering more reasonable prices. Its web design is also quite practical for those who love to check the overview of everything. Uber also recently improved its rider experience by letting riders connect their Uber app to music streaming apps Spotify and Pandora so that you can feel at home while ride sharing and do your own episode of Carpool Karaoke.


Blogger-approved! If you are intimidated by the sophistication of Adobe Photoshop/Light room, check this app out. The app is top-notch in photo editing and has been awarded a couple of times, recently as Top 100 Best Android App by PC Magazine in 2015. Snapseed has a clear user interface that answers to the calls of your inner photographer heart, and it has many of the features that the advanced Light room offers. The app’s web designing features offer ease and relatively more control to users through its large variety of tools and the precision of adjustments. Since it is also downloadable to Microsoft devices, should you need to spruce up some lovely visuals on larger screen, you can resort to this as well.
Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker

Better than Monopoly, everyone knows Poker is an aptly correct metaphor to living our lives. With the deluge of poker apps out there, Zynga Poker is undoubtedly the one with an attractive design and user-friendly interface. We can also access its fun web-designed platform via Facebook. Many other poker apps were reported for glitches that cost players their money, and this is one with less of it. Practice that poker face and get ahead in the game and life no matter what hands you are dealt with.
OK Cupid

OK Cupid

Shoutout to the single people out there, OKCupid has been in the business for about 12 years so that they know their stuff! If you cooperate with the extensive profiling via answering the questions on preferences, you can know the percentage of similarities between you and your prospects, which will help you a lot in the making of decisions. It came in a web designing sleek interface first, but we can also now download it to our smartphones! Seek and you shall find.

Tips And Tricks for Solitaire on iPhone

How do you like to spend your free time? What do you do when you’re waiting in line for something, or you’re sitting down waiting to be called? Most of us instantly head to our phones, which means that you are probably looking for something to do that will both strengthen your skills and be entertaining at the same time. Solitaire is one app that you can put onto your iPhone that is perfect for such occasions, because it is fun to play and it can even improve your mental fitness. However, if you haven’t played in a while, then you might want to check out these tips and tricks to get started.

Start With the Basics

One of the great things about free Solitaire app is that you can find so many different varieties of the same game. However, if you’re still new to the experience, then you will want to start with the classic version first. Then, once you’ve mastered your moves there, you can go on to play other varieties.
Solitaire App for iPhone

Deal One Card at a Time

With traditional Solitaire, you can either get three cards at once or a single card. We suggest starting with one card as it is much easier to finish a game that way. Then, if you are looking for a challenge, you have somewhere to go to make the game more fun and engaging.

Don’t Rush Your Foundations

When you put your cards up on the top, those cards are called foundations. While aces and deuces can be placed immediately, don’t rush to put other numbers until you have at least gone through the whole deck first. This way you don’t run the risk of needing something later on when you can’t use the card.

Don’t Move Kings Immediately

Another rookie mistake is to move a king once you have a free space. However, don’t do that unless you can benefit from it right away, meaning that you should have lower cards ready to place once that happens. If you don’t, hold off until you do.

In the end, Solitaire is not a hard game to master, but it can still be a lot of fun. Use these tips to your advantage, and you’ll increase your win rate in no time. Download here.