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Top 4 Competitive Analysis Tools Every SEO Expert Should Know

Summary: Knowing about the four tools given below could help a SEO professional to win the race when it comes to improving the ranking of a website significantly over the major search engines.

Regardless of what industry you belong to your business requires to plan out a strategy to beat your competitors. You are best advised to have a look at all the essential digital marketing tools to beat any competition. The marketing strategy must be spied upon in today’s competitive market. The spying regarding company online comes with checking out the competitor website’s content material, emails, social mentions, search rankings and all the activities performed by them done for introducing their brand to their target market. That is due to the fact what may be assisting them might just trigger your business too. Here is a list of the 5 essential tools that could help you to analyze what strategies you should follow in order to stay ahead from your competitors.


A reputed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) business company generally prefers to use this instrument as it is liked by a huge mass of population worldwide and has been rated as the highly effective tools for studying the opposition’s strategy. This is a sort of tool used to analyze and determine the organic performance of the searches online. With the help of tool, it becomes much convenient for the users to identity the search volume of a particular keyword that is expected and rankings of the keyword across many other nations.

It makes use of the comparisons of domain as opposed to region for identification of gaps in keyword and content. The use of this tool is exclusively beneficial when it comes to finding out the pages and posts that could help drive the most organic traffic to your website. You also find it easy to observe the modifications of search traffic and keyword rankings that could help to figure out if the opponent’s strategies are hitting successfully or not.


Any of the best SEO Employer knows the importance of using Buzzsumo when it comes to concerning the analysis of competitor’s content material. The tool makes use of the record for content material analysis for figuring out the kinds of topics and contents that could assist to gain the attention of your target market through social media channels. It reveals subjects and topics that are hot in the market and your competitors love to talk about. You start getting notifications whenever any opponent publishes any new content material. The tool also makes it possible for you to identify a group of people who engages with opposition’s content material and provides you to the lists of promotional outreach.


Many reputed SEO companies across the world have considered this tool as one of the finest ways for finding out the backlinks of your competitors. This tool utilizes the domain of competitors and prepares the reports for figuring out the common yet unique sources of backlinks. It’s impossible to ignore the tool when it comes to keeping the light on the link intersect that could help to identify the websites that are linked to a number of competitor domains. It becomes easier for viewing the complete profile of backlink on a particular page and reveals the back-links of low high-quality, without wasting your precious time.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a pretty noticeable tool while one desires to have the best possible exploration about websites. You can find it very easy to collect the detailed information about online authority, links, as well as the target market. The highly effective way you can possibly use with this tool is to make a report of competitive analysis. The tool is much helpful when it comes to offering you the exact number of natural and unnatural back-links. The information you collect through this tool could help to put up the multiple URLs to evaluate the overall performance based primarily on the reports of competitor analysis.

Although lots of other tools available for SEO companies who want to promote their own and other businesses over major search engines like Google and Yahoo!, having sufficient knowledge about the ones mentioned above will help find their way with much ease.

How To Stay On Your Toes When It Comes to Digital Marketing?

The digital marketing environment is ever changing and the game rules are different today than they were just a year before. Search engine algorithms are getting better on daily basis and the use of A.I. is much more frequent these days. In order to stay fresh and prepared for future changes, you’ll need to learn a lot and listen to experienced marketing professionals. Below are the tips from the most talented ones, and hopefully, their expertise will help you to improve.

Never stop learning

Brian Honigman, who is a successful marketing consultant, freelance writer and speaker claims that one should never stop educating in order to be on the top of marketing trends. He says it is very important to exchange knowledge and experience with other marketers and read a lot as well. You should attend courses, conferences, speaking events and learn from the industry leaders. Those events will help you to widen your network of contacts which will facilitate the search for new projects and will ensure learning possibilities even more.

Never Stop Learning

Get informed from various sources

Buddy Scalera (SVP, Content strategy) reminds us of the need to follow a bunch of different podcasts, conferences and news feed. Every each one of those information sources can be very helpful if you want to be a respectful player in the digital marketing game. Buddy recommends listening to at least one podcast every day. Those shows can give you an edge over your competitors and you can learn what is trending in the industry. In addition, he claims that news feed must be visited through the whole working day. Go ahead and read as much as you can at Feedly, Google News, and Flipboard.

Subscribe to relevant blogs

Ginny Soskey is Section Editor at HubSpot and she says it is very important to surround yourself with proactive and smart people, who are aware of upcoming and current trends. The best way of achieving this is to subscribe to their blogs and follow their latest posts. On the other hand, some learning can be done at your work. Ginny likes to take a cup of coffee with her co-workers once a day and talk about their projects and marketing strategies. Keep up with sharing since that is the best way of winning in this game.

Learn from your clients

Steve Armenti is a Director of Strategic Services at Skyword and his main source of hot information are his clients. He says it’s really important to get connected with innovative companies since those are trend setters. The best way to know something has a potential to get trendy is when someone asks you to do something you never heard of. This way, you’ll be able to find an original solution which will be replicated many times in the near future, and that’s the definition of a trend.

You need to love your job

If you want to be a leader in the game of digital marketing, you’ll need to dedicate yourself truly. Freelance Web Design by Ryan Burchey proves the claim mentioned above. His completed projects tell the story of success. He is an experienced web designer who claims that love for the job is the first thing you’ll need if you want to be on the top. He is completely dedicated to his clients and aware that they are the ones producing trends. Another thing he recommends when it comes to staying on top is a great customer service and honest communication. That way, you will learn a lot about your customers’ wishes and needs.

Choose customer over marketing trend

Another professional who claims that is better to learn from your customer rather than marketing trends is Jay Acunzo. He is Director of Platform and Community at Next View Ventures. He is sure that the way of client’s content research and usage is way more important to a marketing strategy than to copy some tactic everybody talks about. He is also reading plenty of digital marketing blogs where he gathers information and builds his strategy. Another routine he recommends is making a list of people you want to learn from and frequently visit their pages.

Final thoughts

As you can see, it is crucial to stay open and curious in order to improve. Don’t feel ashamed to ask questions and listen to colleagues with more experience. You should stay awake and prepared to adapt to the smallest change in trends. Listen to your customer base, go online to read and love what you do.

Boost Sales with These 5 Social Media Steps

Social media is such a vital part of business nowadays that it cannot be ignored. If harnessed in the right way, you can take back full control over your business’s social media profiles to be used as an advantage and a tool for success. Today, we’ll explore five steps you can take immediately to draw in more potential leads, taking them to your website where you’ll simply have to convert them using your tried and tested methods, naturally and dramatically boosting your sales.

Build Your Following

The first thing you need to do to is to start building your social media following. The more followers your social media profiles have, the more leads you’ll have and the higher the level of credibility your profiles will have, naturally boosting your follower count and so on and so forth. Always remember that there’s no time like the present. If you haven’t already got a social media profile, make one right now and start sharing your content.

Post Regularly

If you don’t post regularly, your followers will quickly lose interest in your profile, and they’ll unfollow. In fact, according to Entrepreneur statistics, this can happen as quickly as three days. As an authoritative page in your industry (which is what you should be aiming for), realistically, you’ll want to be posting every day. To really ingrain your business in the minds of your users, you want to be on their feeds every day, embedding your brand, turning yourself into a household name.

Additionally, you’ll want to vary your posts. Don’t post the same kind of content day in, day out. Your users will quickly become bored, and they’ll unfollow, causing your sales count to drop. Instead, post images, share videos. You could even share other user’s posts, such as sharing fun and positive comments that your users are sharing, helping to create a community, something your users will love to be a part of, hoping they’ll get a mention. Another fun way to portray specific information is using a slideshow, like the ones found on Slideshare.

Dream Big

This may seem like a ‘far out’ piece of advice, but if you don’t aim big, you won’t become big. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start small but don’t limit yourself, or you’ll be limited. There are over 2.3 billion active social media users in the world. Although near impossible, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t all follow your page. Start by aiming for hundred followers, then a thousand, then two thousand, ten thousand and so on.

Don’t reach a certain number and stop, just drive yourself forward and keep going. There is no limit. Even if you’re a business that operates in the UK, you may have followers in Europe that share your posts thanks to their relevance, allowing it to show up on the feeds of someone in the UK who would like to buy your products or services. Always remember that social media is a huge network and you never know who your next customers may be.

Maintain Balance

Finally, the most important part of creating the content for your social media profiles to boost your sales means finding balance in your posts. If you’re continuously uploading post after post simply trying to sell your products or services, nobody is going to want to read your content. Instead, aim for an 80/20 balance.

This means your content should be providing your users and readers with 80% valuable content and 20% promotional. When you’re starting out while trying to increase your follower count, you may even want these figures to be 95% valuable and 5% promotion, as so to draw in those readers and users, so they’ll follow your page. As your follower count goes up, start to subtly introduce slightly promotional content that leads people to your website. You’ll instantly start to see your sales figures increase, boosting the success of your business.

However, don’t get carried away. Always remember never to exceed the 80/20 balance. Otherwise, you’ll be driving users and followers away from your page.

Be the Leading Figure

Think of it this way, if one company is the leader in an industry, posting all the relevant content and giving users everything they need in one convenient place, why will they need to go anywhere else. No matter what industry you are in, you need to become this leading figure. Brainstorm ways you can cover every single aspect of your industry, leaving no stone unturned.

Not only will you always have a ton of content posts you can write, but you’ll also become a kind of celebrity in your industry. For example, if you represent and operate within the running industry, you need to know everything about everything, for example, the best running shoes, the best running playlists, the best clothes, water bottles, routes, gear and everything else you can imagine.

The Beginner’s Guide to Modern Day Email Marketing

With the rise of new marketing and sales methods like social media and SEO, a lot of people are starting to give up on email marketing. Email numbers are declining and many think it’s over. However, email is not over. Those people are just doing it wrong.

This is good news for you because this means less competition and more room in people’s inboxes just for you. Even if you believe that email marketing is losing it’s edge, it doesn’t matter because people are spending a lot of time in their inboxes.

It’s a safe bet to say that email is here to stay, so from the paraphrased words of James E. Watson, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

Use the Right Tools for Automation

Take Advantage of the Tasks that Technology can Simplify

There’s a lot of email marketing software out there that can make it easy to craft promotional, newsletter-style emails. While these tools are nice and can help simplify the process, sometimes these emails seem a little bit too impersonal and can get automatically filtered to Gmail’s promotions tab. Do you ever even click on your promotions tab and read those emails? I know I don’t.

I like GMass, because you can send out personalized emails to hundreds of people using mail merge, and it shows up right in their inbox. It’s nice when you receive a promotional email that you subscribed to that is friendly, personal, and not pushing to close a sale. Aweber is a good tool for doing personal, relationship building emails as well.
GmailMarketing today is all about building relationships for the long term, not trying to sell a customer in the short term. I’m not saying you should never try to make a sale, but just keep this idea in mind.

Shock Them, Then Leave Them Hanging

Be Remembered for Your Compelling Copy and Make Them Thirst for More

Your emails should be a short introduction leading to something else. That something else can be a landing page, free download, article, blog post, or purchase page. The point is that the email should be a teaser to something else and not an end in itself. Think of it like the free samples you get at the grocery store.

Once you got that structure down, start focusing on the actual writing. Think about what it is that your audience wants, and craft your message to hammer hard on those desires. This does not mean repeat yourself and say “50% off all smartphones” 85 times in the email. People are smart enough to know that if it seems too good to be true, then it usually is. They’ll start asking themselves “what’s the catch?” because it sounds too “salesy”.

Instead, ask yourself why your audience wants what you offer, then paint the picture with a story. Know who your audience is first, then connect with them by relating to them. For example, if you’re selling a SaaS product to help small businesses grow, talk about your understanding of the life of an entrepreneur struggling to make ends meet. Tell them a story about how you discovered and developed the product that you’re offering as a free trial, and tell them exactly how it helped you. Switch the focus from selling to giving, connecting, and supporting. You’ll be surprised how much people will start to fall in love with your emails.

Another good tip to keep your audience begging for more is to send weekly instead of daily emails. It shows them that you care about quality over quantity and value their time. I’m sure you hate having an overcrowded inbox, so don’t be the reason why other people’s inboxes are overcrowded. Even if I subscribed to someone’s email list, the majority of the time I unsubscribe if they send me daily emails simply because I can’t keep up.

What’s in it for Them?

They Subscribed to Your Emails for a Reason

People have a billion emails to go through in their inbox, so why should they take the time to open and read your email when they know it’s just another promotional email trying to get them to buy something from you?

The answer… VALUE. With all of the emails I get, I know which particular emails I’m going to read immediately and which I “save for later” (let’s be honest, no one ever really goes back to read old emails later). I read the ones from people that give me free stuff, offer advice, or simply entertain me. Don’t think that you always have to have a coupon, deal, or free ebook for them. While those are nice, sometimes all it takes is relating to your audience personally, offering advice from your own experience, or being witty with your writing.

I subscribed to and read emails from The Hustle every day simply because I love their funny headlines and interesting stories.

Email is Personal, if You Make it That Way

Offering value, connecting with a story, and automating with email marketing tools are the best ways to get ahead in the email marketing world and stand out in people’s inboxes.

Still don’t think email is a good marketing strategy? Check out these stats.

Drew Klebine: Content Marketer, Tech Writer, Philosopher, Musician

Drew Klebine is a Content Marketer, Tech Writer, Philosopher, and Musician from Pittsburgh, PA. His writings focus on modern marketing practices, software reviews, upcoming technologies, brand and product promotion, health, self-actualization, religion, and existential philosophy.

Step Up Your Social Media Marketing

In today’s age, traditional marketing campaigns are kind of out of date, and there are a lot of ways you can improve your advertising plans. So how can you step up your game especially in social media marketing? Sales productivity app like Vender app, among other else, would surely help you. But before we go into that, here are some notes you should look into:

What is social media marketing?

Most of us are aware of the traditional marketing strategies – television or TV ads, posters, flyers, radio commercials and much more. One of the most innovative ways of advertising or marketing is thru digital means, which social media marketing is from. A company, group, or an individual is marketing the products and services that they offer as well as making their brand to be widely recognized thru social media networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).

Why choose social media marketing?

First of all, it is way cheaper compared to the expenses in traditional marketing. Second, you can reach a wider range of audience as according to a study, in 2016, there are more than 3.4 billion Internet users. We can’t deny the fact that there are also lots of people registering and actively using their social media accounts like Facebook. Last March 2017, it has been recorded that there are over 1.49 billion active Facebook users. Now that’s real power. Moreover, you can see real numbers and reports if you are using social media as one of your strategies in advertising. It will help you see what works for you and what does not.

Level up your social media marketing

Use applications that will help you

In the field of sales and marketing, productivity is critical and something that we should carefully monitor. Good thing, there is Vender app – a sales productivity application, an answer for our needs. It helps you manage lead-related tasks and gives you statistics and relevant information. It can be downloaded for free (trial version), and for a couple of bucks, you can maximize all of this app’s offers and perks.

Post fabulous infographics and videos

Releasing studies and statistics are okay but make sure that you sprinkle some creativity and arts in those! Your followers, leads or potential clients should be enticed with what you are selling. Indeed, your posts should reflect the image of your company, and so you should make your people see that you can be serious, fun and creative all at the same time. We are all aware how short the attention span of the online users so your social media accounts or page has got that something special that would make them stay a little longer.

Be more interactive

It is important that you just don’t send auto-reply messages to your people. Who doesn’t hate getting the same reply over and over again? Moreover, one of the vantage points of social media is that people can interact with real people. Aside from responding to your messages personally, be interactive and connect to your leads and customers thru your posts.

Employ social media influencers (also known as bloggers)

Having an influencer or a blogger with a good amount of followers review and test your product is something that will help you with your marketing. Product and service reviews can support your advertising plans in social media as your influencers or bloggers will assist you in explaining and showcasing what you can do for your customers. They, the social media influencers, have followers which they usually have interactions and connections with so they are already a nice target for your offers.

Play some games and other promotions

Also, be sure to give prizes! Raffles and other gimmicks can be done online as well. Note that your instructions or their ways to be part of the game or promo are creative to the point that they will not realize that they are helping you spread your brand. Something nice yet not too technical on their part. Let your followers enjoy your games and promotions, and soon you’d reap what you sow.

There you have it! If you haven’t done these simple tips as a part of your digital marketing strategies, maybe you want to rethink and consider these.

Great Tech Writing Instruments And How To Use Them Perfectly

The phrase ‘Technical writing can encompass a huge range of writing, including in engineering, finance, and more. The one thing all these types of writing have in common, though, is that the right tools can enhance the way you work, and improve the quality of your writing. Here are some of the best tech writing instruments out there, and how you can use them to get the best out of your writing.

Disqus: This is one of the most popular commenting tools out there for your website or blog. It helps readers comment on your writing, give feedback, or even give you help with the writing you’re creating. You can personalize it for your own needs, so if you want feedback on your work, this is the tool you want to be using.

Best Australian Writers: This tool is the one you use if you need help with getting the writing itself done. You can get in touch with them to find a writer to cover the topic you have in mind, or you can have a writer proofread and edit your work, so you can get it ready for publication. All you need to do is give the writers the job you have in mind, and they’ll find the right writer and quote to complete it. It’s as easy as that.

Microsoft Word: This perennial favorite is popular for a reason. It’s one of the most well known and well-used writing tools out there. What’s even better about this version is that you can use it online, without having to pay out for the full Microsoft Office package. Just set up an account, and away you go. Your writing will be saved to the Cloud too, keeping it safe in the event of a machine failure.

Fast Stone Image Viewer: Technical writing often involves having to use and edit images to illustrate your points. This is one of the most popular image editing programs out there. It allows you to create, edit, and add effects to images that you need.

ZebraPen: Sometimes, you need to go back to pen and paper to get the effect that you want. The ZebraPen ranges are designed with this in mind. Their Stylus pen is of particular interest, as it features a stylus at one end and a ballpoint pen at the other. You can switch between paper and tablet with ease, without having to switch between instruments.

Schmidt Technology: The pens made by this company are pens that are made to last. If you prefer to work with pen and paper, these are tools that will last you for years to come. You should always have quality tools to hand, so these may be the pens for you.

Easy Word Count: Your text needs to be simple and to the point, in order for readers to be able to comprehend it properly. This tool allows you to quickly check the current length of your writing, so you can decide where to make edits if needed. As well as this, it’ll pick up any spelling or grammatical errors you make in text. Just paste your text in and get started.

FrameMaker: All Adobe tools are well known to technical writers, but this is possibly the most useful tool from their catalogue. FrameMaker allows writers to create professional level technical writing with ease. One of the best new features is the ability to port Microsoft Word documents into FrameMaker for editing.

Google Analytics: If you’re looking to see what your readers want, then this is the tool to use. You can pay for an upgraded version, but the free version can give you a lot of detail you may not have thought you needed until now. It can give you detail on the demographics who are visiting your site, and who’s staying away. It’s a good way to see where you need to alter your writing.

These tools are some of the best ones out there for technical writers. Put them to use yourself, and you’ll see just how much of a difference they can make to you.

Top 9 Online Proofreading Tools and Websites

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional writer that has to deliver high-quality copies each week or a student who needs to submit good essays to maintain their grades – either way, you’ll need to proofread your writing carefully before you turn it in.

Proofreading is crucial for all kinds of writing. Yet high-quality proofreading can take a lot of time – and not all of us always have this much time to check their writing for typos and errors manually. Sometimes it happens because a deadline is too close and we are too tired to do this well. Sometimes it happens because of inattentiveness, and sometimes other unexpected reasons play their part.

high quality proofreading

However, it doesn’t matter what the reason is: you still have to ensure that your writing is error-free as well as typo-free. Even the smallest errors made because you were too caught up in the writing process can ruin the whole impression about your writing.

Lucky for you, there’s always a chance to save the day and to polish your writing even if you are time-limited. There are so many online proofreading tools and websites that can help you with that. Probably even too many and so it isn’t surprising that sometimes you might struggle with choosing the right tool quickly.

That’s why today we want to offer you a list of top 9 proofreading tools and websites that can make the choice much easier for you.


Ginger (or GingerSoftware) checks all kinds of errors, including spelling ones, misusing words, articles, and so on. It also has a special Personal English Trainer mode: you can turn it on and use it to strengthen your knowledge of English. It is available online and there’s a software version for mobile devices too.


As you might have guessed from its name, this tool not only checks your errors and offers valuable suggestions but also rates your writing in general. It analyzes your text and gives a certain final score that is based on your overall writing skill, allowing you to improve your writing in the future.

Online Proofreading Tools


If you want your article checked by professional proofreaders, you can always turn to this service for help. It offers high-quality proofreading at moderate prices and guarantees that your writing will be checked effectively and very quickly.


One of the most powerful proofreading available online and in a form of various extensions (for Chrome, Windows, and Microsoft Office). This tool checks the writing for both grammar and spelling mistakes, also suggesting words for replacement. You can use the basic version for free or upgrade to premium one, unlocking more edits and plagiarism checking feature too.

Polish My Writing (After The Deadline)

One of the simplest yet effective proofreading tools working on a base of natural language processing technology combined with artificial intelligence. It also comes in a form of a WordPress plugin, allowing you to check your writing right on the spot.

Slick Write

Don’t be deceived by this tool’s plain interface – actually, Slick Write is one of the best proofreading tools out there. It has a lot of features and is able to offer you in-depth writing analysis, spotting passive words, adverbs, phrases, prepositions, and much more.


This is an Open Source proofreading tool offering you high-quality spell check not only in English but also in German, French, and many other languages. It is able to spot much more errors than classic MS Word and be used as an OpenOffice add-on too.


One of the best things about SpellChecker is that it not only allows you to proofread articles in many various languages but can also be used for a proofreading of the whole blog. However, it won’t work with all the blogs: only with the ones that have only a couple of articles published.

Proofreading Tools and Websites


This tool might seem a bit slow compared to the others. However, it does high-quality proofreading as well as offers you detailed report of all the errors, typos, and stylistic flaws found in the proofreading process.

These are the best 9 tools that you can use in the proofreading process. All of them work quickly and effectively, spotting the mistakes and letting you improve your writing in an instant. However, if you do have enough time to proofread your writing manually, we recommend you not to settle with these tools.

Why so? Well, because though technologies develop quickly, the tools itself aren’t able to spot literally all the flaws. You still have to double-check to ensure that you didn’t miss anything and that all stylistic suggestions do need to replace the words and sentences you used in your writing. These tools also aren’t able to spot things like logical flaws.

They are still good to use for initial proofreading and for proofreading a text when you don’t have much time left. However, if you do have a couple of hours left before submitting your writing, we recommend proofreading it again manually or turning to a proofreading service for help.

We hope this article will help you choose the best proofreading tools to use in your work. Did you already try one of them? Do you intend to? Or maybe you have your own list of tools you consider the best ones for proofreading? In this case please share them with us in the comment section below. We will be glad to hear your tips and thoughts about it.

Top 7 Sins of Content Gods

Gods of content marketing can get very angry and what makes them particularly vengeful are the seven deadly sins. Even those who think of themselves as content gods commit them. There are those who consistently write great content, but their content strategy is completely off the target- they are blind to the needs of their target audience and in many cases, they do not even know what their target audience is. Then there are the one whose content marketing strategy is spot on, but they spend all their time devising it and they take no action. The rest of the road to hell is paved with sloppiness when it comes to content with too much focus on SEO and not knowing one’s audience.

So, here are our top 7 content marketing sins:

Divorcing Content Marketing Strategy and Action

Content marketing does not work without answering the questions “why“ and “how“. Why create a certain type of content and not something else? Why is that type of content helpful? How to answer the needs of one’s target audience? The answers to these questions are not hidden in marketing guides. They can be obtained only by actively participating in online communities, identifying the needs of the target audience and satisfying them. However, this alone will not bring any success if no action has been taken. The best way to prevent this “divorce“ from happening is to come up with the so-called S.M.A.R.T. goals strategy: specific, measurable, assignable, realistic and time-based. For example: “ Attracting 2.000 new followers within 3 months“ and then working backwards from the goal to devise a strategy that works best for one’s circumstances.

No Diversity

Many marketers make a mistake thinking that content is just about writing blog posts. It’s not. Content, nowadays, is much more: videos, memes, images, podcasts, gifs, infographics etc. In fact, taking into account how short attention spans modern-day people have, blog posts alone are not likely to be successful. What is important, again, is to identify the needs of the target audience and supply their preferred type of content.

Not Knowing One’s Audience

Creating some vague profile of a customer does not cut it. Every marketer needs to make an effort and delve deeper into the motivations of the target audience by discovering what moves them. It can be done through customer and web surveys or interviews (on phone or in person).

Creating Unhelpful Content

This sin is connected with the previous one. Customers do not feel understood by their brands and those who do not understand their target audience, end up providing content that is not helpful to THEM. This means that even if that content is top quality, it does not suffice if it does not answer the needs of the audience.

Publishing and Then Just Waiting for Godot

This is one of the most common mistakes. People do their homework, they know their audience, they create amazing content, publish it and then- just sit and wait. Wait for what? Probably for the content to promote itself. It does not happen in the real world. The golden rule of 80/ 20 applies here: 20% of the time should be spent writing content and 80% of the time should be spent promoting it. This means engaging with people on social media, reaching out to them, sharing, participating in online communities and commenting. It’s “content marketing“ for a reason. Not just about content but marketing too.

Too Much Focus on SEO

Everyone is obsessed with SEO these days, to the point that one begins to wonder: Is it really “content is king“ or more like “SEO is king“. This approach might have worked before, when it was possible to study the search engines and get to #1 in the search rankings just by posting regularly. Nowadays, with millions of blog posts published every day, this approach simply does not work. Instead, one needs to come up with something different in order to stand out.

Creating Subpar Content

Those whose approach is solely SEO-driven make a mistake of churning out content with no value to it. They regularly publish to fulfill a Key Performance Indicator, but their content has no quality- it’s utter rubbish. People can easily see through it. All of the SEO hocus-pocus is of no use if the followers do not keep coming. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Well, today’s audience is usually not fooled twice. They will keep coming only if the content is top quality.

No matter how experienced marketer one believes himself to be, there are some mistakes that keep being repeated over and over again. Some of them are not only the mistakes, they are deadly sins of the content marketing. The most fundamental one is connected with the infrastructure of the content marketing: strategy and action ( either of the pair is missing). The remaining ones all have to do with not knowing one’s target audience and creating crappy content. All of them can be easily eliminated: listen, learn and adapt.

10 Working Secrets of a Successful Content Writer!

Just as everyone with a camera isn’t a photographer, same is the case with writers as well. Not everyone who hits the keyboard isn’t a writer. A good write up can be very difficult to produce. As people only read what catches their eye. According to research, writing is the least favorite activity notified by Americas. They prefer talking, then reading and finally a proportion of the masses like to write more than speaking or reading. Therefore making writing almost a foreign skill to a lot of people.

Then it comes to content writing which is very different from every day write ups. And the most important thing is to maintain the interest of the reader. Readers tend to lose interest in your article in seconds. Therefore it is very difficult to produce a reader-friendly article. Your readers accept from you only but the best. Your article should be informative and entertaining at the same time. A mixture of these two is usually difficult to construct.

If you want your articles to be jaw dropping and phenomenal, then you need to follow a certain guild line that I have made after much researching. I have thoroughly gone through many of the best articles over the internet and have compiled a list of 10 secrets that content writers use secretly to make their articles fascinating.

The list below has those 10 secrets which will guarantee to make your content way better than it is right now. If you want to quickly make a name for yourself in the arena of content writing, then follow the list carefully and be sure to follow up on every point. So without further delay, I present you the list of 10 working secrets of a successful content writer.

10 secrets to make your work spellbinding.

Thorough research

Everyone knows how a cell phone works, or how to install Windows so don’t drag the same old topics again and again. Give your readers something new. Like how to make money from just a smartphone. Topics like these are certain to catch the reader’s eye. But to give out something like that you need to do a thorough research first. Not just built up the hype with a fancy title and leave the rest of the article hanging. Keep updating yourself with the latest happening around your niche. Suppose if you’re a tech blogger than it is your job to know the latest tech and gadgets in the market. So don’t waste time on telling that world what an iPhone 7 can do. Instead, tell them what the iPhone would do. Tell the world they don’t know.

To search, you can always you the internet and Google is the best source to research for almost any topic. Also, try adding links to of multiple URLs as references, it makes your claim much more legit, and the readers believe in what you’ve said.

Have your own signature voice.

You can’t be a content writing legend if you don’t have your unique voice. Anyone can copy and simply reproduce what one has read. To make your work stand apart, you need to bring innovation into already accepted ideas. After a thorough research, jot down all the points that you will be writing on. Once you’ve done that, move to phase 2. That is trying to express your thoughts about what you’ve learned. This is where you show your skills as a writer. Every individual has its own way of talking same as everyone writer has its own way of writing. In which he decides the wordplay that he will be using. This is an inborn talent which every writer possesses. All you need to do is find your own voice, and for that, there are 3 simple steps which professional writers follow. That is COPY, MASTERY, and INNOVATION.

Copy the idea or the concept, become its master. Know everything about it there is to and then finally bring in innovation. That tells the people something they don’t know or point out to a certain fact that everyone has missed so far. Do not try to copy the writing style of a famous writer or your favorite writer. Instead try to tweak it into something new because the readers can identify that you’ve copied the entire concept as well the style from somewhere else, the minute a reader realizes this, they lose interest in your work. Therefore it is mandatory to have your own signature voice.

Stay on point.

The easiest way to ruin a perfectly good written blog is to deviate from your original topic. This is a mistake what happens naturally. When you write, you bring in extra information, which could lead to a whole different topic. Suppose you’re writing an article on the pros and cons of the internet and you discuss Facebook as a con. Keep it till there and move to your next point. Not start discussing Facebook in general, like when it was founded, what happens there, etc. Your reader came to your article for the pros and cons of the internet, not to read about Facebook.

To avoid straying away from the topic think of the first and last paragraph first. This will keep your article in a confined boundary. Your conclusion or generally known as the “BOTTOM LINE” is the essence of your article. Keep the bottom line unique to create a bewitching effect on the readers. Once you’ve done writing, go through the editing sessions and chop off any unnecessary detail that you’ve added.

Long or short, it doesn’t matter!

Matching depth with length is a difficult thing to pull off, but I will make it simple for you. The psychology of every reader is different; some prefer long articles while some prefer short articles. What you need to do is find a middle ground. Introduce points and subheadings in your article to avoiding the boredom of the reader. If you have a topic on which there is very less to write on then dig deep, research well and discuss the most important aspect of the article with in-depth detail. But if there’s much material to write on then pick the most important aspects that you want to discuss, cut off the rest and try to simply hard to understand topics.

Show off something Unique.

This is basically a simple construction step which can help you in constructing a unique article. First of all, divide your article into three parts.

Topic; It is obvious that this comes first. This is your subject line or the whole point of conversion.

Idea; This is the idea which you want to express in your article.

POV; This is where you get to pick sides, whether you’re against or in favor of the topic.
You can build your article on these points. Start off with your introduction, give out your points and ideas make unlikely comparisons, and remember to bring in opposing views so that your article remains neutral and unbiased. You can further highlight categories and divisions, pick out a specific tone that you’ll carry through the article. And finally, always be innovative.

A good title takes a great deal of time.

The title is everything! No matter how exceptional the body of your article is, a bad title can ruin your article even before the reader starts reading it. Therefore a nice title is mandatory, so give yourself time to come up with an extraordinary title. Do remember that a title must be catchy, must predict the content, must have the keyword in it and it should reflect your tone which you’ll carry in the entire rest of the article.

Keep the reader enticing for more.

This is a battle that you have to win! The first line of your article should be so tempting that it simply does not let the reader leave without reading the entire article. Try this out by asking your friend to read the first line, only the first line of an article that you’ve completed, if he insists you to let me him read the rest then give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve done a good job and if this does not happen then remake the first line until it has that spellbinding effect.

Introduction Matters.

The first paragraph matters as much as the first line does. The first paragraph should be like those cold telemarketers who don’t take no for an answer. If you’ve successfully pulled off the first paragraph, then it is guaranteed that your article will be a hit. For a short article the first paragraph is the introduction (50-80 words), and for longer articles, the first couple of paragraphs can be an introduction (150-200 words).

Don’t create unnecessary hype.

This is again a common mistake that most writers. They create such unnecessary hype in the starting which is difficult to maintain through the entire article. This results in reader getting bored and leaving your article unread. Therefore you must not drag and exaggerate. Only built the hype which is maintainable throughout the article. Keep the information believable, provide facts with resource links and stats to make the reader believe your claim. Otherwise, he may leave may not come back anytime soon.

Killer Ending.

The ending is much important as the introduction is. And a just like in the movies, a bad ending could ruin a perfect movie. Same is the case with articles. After constructing a phenomenal article don’t ruin all your hard work with a bad ending. In fact, put your best in the ending as it is the end which will give the reader your final word. A good ending could leave your readers with deep thoughts for days and he will me waiting eagerly to hear from you next. This is how readership is built. Therefore it is mandatory to create an exceptional ending.


This is a bonus point to take your articles to the next level. Try adding a good conclusion in which give out your personal view about the article that you’ve. Readers enjoy reading the writer’s opinion, therefore, add it in conclusion.


So there you have the 10 working secrets of a successful content writer. All in all, research thoroughly before starting, keep the text plain, simple and readable. Avoid fancy language but be innovative about the ideas that you’re discussing. Write in your signature voice, be unique, try out different angles and start off and end with a lasting impression that will leave your readers spellbound.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

If you own a small business and you are looking for some unique ways for the promotion of your firm, then media marketing is definitely one of the best ways to go! No matter if its Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, all your audience is on social media and you should be there with them too. By setting up your accounts and maintaining it can seem like intimidating the task first, but only these six tips you will become a master on time.

Create social media accounts

You should start by creating social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn by show casing your company culture and brand by allowing fans to connect with you. Along with the provision of credibility, it is a great way for small business owners for gaining trust of their potential and current customers. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Interest, Google and Facebook are some of the most popular social networks. It is a part of online marketing services that social media accounts are created and your business is promoted through that.

Focus on your own content

After social media profile creation, the next step is focusing and creating the content. Social media marketing is of different types, but it is significant to remember by focusing on posts quality as opposed to how many posts you have. There are some options, you can easily hire a social media expert for writing or designing the content for you or you can easily use a site that has huge pre library for social media post for any special event or occasion.

Promote and share your content

The main advantage of social media is that it reaches across the globe and there is no physical proximity in the determination of factor whether someone will or won’t take notice of your business. But spreading your message on social media involves the investment in social media or ads for the promotion of your business.

Evaluate your results

After creating, promoting and sharing your content, you should always take the time out for evaluating your results. Google Analytic highlights bring the most traffic, your top posts and it allows you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses so you can continue to make different improvements in your strategy. Online marketing services

Build your own community

Last but not the least you should start building up your community. You have social media profiles, strategy and content, by focusing on growing on your audience. Social media makes this comparatively easy by allowing you to follow other pages, profiles and respond to comments. You can even use your social media accounts as method of customer support which will help in the generation of more traffic.