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4 Simple yet Impacting Changes to Make Your Blog More Optimized

As we all know, content remains king in terms of the most important SEO factors in both blogging and article writing. Your insightful remarks and crafty ways to present ideas are of utmost importance when blogging.

With reward comes toiling, of course. There’s no doubt that relevant content creation is the most difficult SEO tactic at 46%, while also being the most effective at 72%, as per a June 2015 survey of marketing professionals worldwide conducted by Ascend2.

Below are simple SEO-related tips to better optimize your blog, together with quality content.

Know your competition through keyword research

Next, to content, keyword/phrase research comes as the second most effective (48%) SEO tactic, and second most difficult (20%).

If you don’t do keyword research, your content strategy is dispersed. It would seem that your site has dispersed goals in Google’s eyes. And if you chose the wrong one, you’ll likely get substantial page visits, but coming from the wrong set of audience.

You have two options after you’ve researched keyword statistics: compete for popular keywords, or devise a more specific one.

But with millions of contents available in various search engines, particularly Google, ranking number one in a highly popular keyword seems far-fetched.

Go for specified keywords that may have relatively less search volume, but has great growth opportunities. You’ll be able to tailor your content better.

Strive for 1-2 long-tail keywords

This advice is inspired by HubSpot. When you bombard your blog with too many keywords, it doesn’t sit well with search engines, nor the readers’ preference for readability.

Instead of plaguing your blog post with tons of generic “head” keywords, properly select and use long-tail keywords. Such have relatively less competition, and 1-2 long-tail keywords are enough to bring your blog the right type of traffic since it’s much targeted.

For instance, if you type “essay writing” in Google’s Keyword Tool, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of relevant pages associated to that keyword.

By tweaking and specifying it a bit, say “affordable essay papers,” your number of competition will be significantly diminished, and tailored to a particular set of audience that needs cheaper essay materials.

If you aren’t pleased with the number of monthly searches, you can always put variations to augment it.

Make it a habit to internal link

Here are two common internal link practices for blogging: linking to other trustworthy sites, and linking to another blog post of your own.

By linking to other credible sites, authority from that site is passed from theirs to yours.

It’s because it’s a form of affiliating your reputation with them. For instance, if you want to display concrete evidence about your point, you can link to industry experts like Forbes or Mayo Clinic, for clarity and breadth.

Meanwhile, linking to other of your blog posts helps redistribute authority. If you have a well-renowned post flourishing with inbound links and user interaction, you can donate some of that DA to another which has zero.

Also, by linking to other of your blog posts, you improve the structure and navigability of your site as a whole. This’ll make a good account on Google’s search crawlers when they spot your effort.

Mutual benefits for both practices, meanwhile, include longer page visits (i.e., they’ll stay longer on your site, when they spot something of interest), and increased chances of conversion (i.e., you can ultimately lead them to a course of action).

Make sense in your silhouette (meta description)

Rookie bloggers often take meta descriptions for granted, allowing the first sentence of their post to be the default.

However, not all the time introductory statements are spot-on in terms of hinting what your post is all about. This may persuade readers that your entry isn’t the perfect fit to what they’re finding.

As a heads-up, put one of your long-tail keywords inside the description and rejig it. For instance, if your post is about best sunny summer beaches you personally champion, then you can put “Rejuvenate your spirits with these 10 sunny summer beaches across the globe.”

An enticing sentence that will take a minute max to craft can be enough to bolster your post’s relevance.

As a wrap-up, having an optimized blog post is a huge, huge plus. It helps readers find you with ease and convinces search engine algorithms that your post is a worthwhile one. Mundane as it may seem, the above mentioned tips, when practiced with consistency, can make a lot of difference for your blog post.

8 SEO Tips for WordPress Websites to Get Organic Traffic

Organic traffic indicates to visitors that come to your website/blog from unpaid search engine results page. It surfaces when visitors search information on the web and search engines redirect them to your website/blog. If your website/blog has a decent ranking on Google and other search engines, you get organic visitors easily.

There is a huge importance of organic traffic. Organic traffic brings more income. Visitors are more likely to click on Google Adsense and buy your products/services that you promote on the web. On the other hand, Writers trust organic results more than the traffic which comes from social media sites. If you run a WordPress site and wants to increase its organic traffic, you need to use the following tips carefully:

Use Long-tail Keywords In Website Optimization

Most of the SEO professional use shorter keywords in website optimization to find the targeted audience on the WWW. One must always keep in mind that competition for rankings may be fierce with smaller keywords. It also downsizes the volume of visitors and ROI up to a great extent.

Long-tail keywords include more specific keyword phrases and are longer. They have potential to attract more visitors when they are closer to a point-of-purchase. It is a powerful tool of conversion and lead generation when visitors use voice search to look for products and services online.

Managing long-tail keywords is a matter of effectively establishing active communication between your business and customers. By using the long-tail keywords smartly, you can get quality visitors to your site that are serious to be a part of your lead generation process time and again. The use of long-tail keywords is must for all those entrepreneurs whose income heavily depend on traffic generated through organic Google searches. It also holds true for advertisers who run paid search marketing campaigns and expect for a bigger return in a short duration of time.

Creation And Optimization Of Quality Content

Creation And Optimization Of Quality Content

The availability of useful, correct, unique content in sufficient numbers with effective SEO optimization is mandatory to perform different SEO assignments, aimed at improving the ranking of websites on Google and other search results. Search engines always want to offer the latest and up-to-date results to the visitors. So, they look for websites that are frequently updated with meaningful content. Websites with inaccurate and outdated information are considered insignificant by Google and as a result, they are not added in search results with important keywords and terms.

Therefore, you must create quality content keeping the Google’s content guidelines in mind and optimize it very well. Keep the content simple, straightforward, and precise. Add relevant titles, subtitles, images, videos, links, tables, testimonials, data, etc, to make your content interesting for the targeted audience.

For this purpose, you can use WordPress plugins too. Some best options are pointed below:

All in One SEO Pack– To optimise WordPress websites with right SEO tricks,

CoShedule – A great helping hand in planning, publishing, and promoting blog posts,

Related Posts– To display the related content to visitors based on their current entry

Just Writing– It helps you to write error-free content.

Based on your specific needs, you can use some other plugins as well.

Create Inbound Links for your Webpages

Create Inbound Links for your website/Webpages

The ranking of a company’s website depends on different factors, among which inbound links matter a lot. Google, world’s dominant search engine, considers a website as a source to obtain reliable and authentic information if it has the highest number of links pointing to it. Therefore, you should use various tricks to get quality inbound links to your website. It will improve the popularity of your content on the WWW and chances of getting organic traffic will get increased up to a great extent.

Run A Corporate Blog

Although a website is a decent place to find the required information and get engaged with a particular brand. There are conscious visitors who want to hear more from you on a regular basis and get a detailed information about your brand, corporate information, products, and services, etc.

We all know that an informed customer can make smart decisions. So, you must attach a corporate blog to your website and start interacting with the targeted audience by posting the useful content on a regular basis. This will help you to get organic traffic abundantly.

Promote Internal Linking System

While optimizing your website for the targeted audience and different search engines, you must emphasize on the internal linking system. You can link your new posts to old, but relevant articles to build quality links easily and quickly. It also helps search engine bots to find your website content in an easy way and display it in search results with all relevant terms and keywords.

Add HTML And XML Sitemaps To Your Website

Sitemaps are of two types- HTML and XML. HTML sitemaps are for visitors and XML sitemaps are intended for search engine bots. When you add an XML sitemap to your website, search engine bots easily crawl all pages of your website and add them to their indexes.

Once your webpages are indexed by search engines and displayed in search results prominently, visitors flock to your site and navigate it easily using the HTML sitemap. It increases the usability of your site up to a great extent and reduces the bounce significantly.

Communicate With Loyal Visitors

Visitor satisfaction is essential if you want them to come back to your site again and again and get engaged with your brands. Therefore, you must use different communication channels (such as Emails, social media Live Chats/chats/ telephonic calls, SMS, etc,) frequently and solve their concerns related to your brand as soon as possible. It makes them pleased, and they encourage other people to use your website by giving positive reviews.

Scrutinize your website performance closely

To stay afloat in Google’s top 10 with all important keywords/terms under your niche, you should constantly review the effectiveness of SEO campaigns and keep finding the areas where you need to work more to gain more organic traffic. For this, you should install the Google Analytics on your site and go through its report at least once in a week and implement your digital marketing accordingly. This will you to boost organic traffic to your site greatly.

Final Words:

Organic traffic is mandatory for websites. By using the above-mentioned tips, you may drive abundant organic traffic to your site and meet your business goals easily.

Search Engine Optimization is the Most Powerful Marketing Technique

Today, the market is growing online and SEO plays a major role in the promotion and advertising of the businesses that are running online. SEO is the short form for Search Engine Optimization and it works very well for various kinds of online business. It is so useful that at times you would probably wonder that how come it is so apt for the today’s running condition. It is actually a very powerful marketing technique. The only thing that you need to take care is that it should be executed and implemented properly. The role that search engine optimization plays in the marketing and communicating could be put under the spotlight.

SEO Business

SEO is popular and the businesses are making extensive use of such services. The reason behind this is that people believe there that search engine optimization is not a cost rather it is an investment and that too with a high rate of returns. A large amount is spent in building a website for a company and it’s a waste if you are not getting the desired results out of that website. This is the moment when SEO plays its role and bring on the desired results. Search engine optimization strategies help in acquiring the maximum profits by placing your website on top on the search engine results and getting quality traffic and making the most conversions.


In SEO, it is important to have a broad knowledge of the market and the latest trends on search engine optimization as it will help in maximizing the results. In order to find the best option, the companies or individuals should do market research when hiring for search engine optimization experts. A new person or a fresher in this field should discuss the various aspects of SEO with an expert or a professional. The tips and strategies shared by them would benefit your business in one or the other way. By having knowledge and information about this service you may be saved from getting trapped by frauds.

To take your website to the top of the search engine listings, you have to check the types of search engine optimization services available around. There are several types of offers and facilities that SEO firms provide so in order to avail those services, you need to explore and discuss things. In the process, it is highly important to be active and take wise decisions.

Research SEO Strategies and Latest Trends

When you do research on things and discuss, you get familiar with the latest trends and strategies that are being followed. Similarly, if you want to get the best output for your business then you should hire an SEO professional. But before hiring you need to do an intense research on their past performance and their own ranking on various search engines and apart from this you also need to take the reviews from their other customers. A proper investigation about the providers would help you in choosing the best service provider for your company. The professionals of search engine optimization work proficiently to raise the ranking of your website in the search engine listings and enhance the look and feel of your website.

SEO makes it possible that people should visit your website and become your customer. They put extreme efforts in doing so do not let that go in vain. The SEO experts emphasize on improving the presentation of the website as it enables popularity and high ranking on all search engines. They keep in mind that the adopted strategy will allow the visitor to get what they click on your website. After achieving the targeted rank they even help in maintaining it. SEO assists you in every step to optimize your website in the best possible manner.

Why SEO Is Important for Your Business

No matter what type of business you are, you want to rank well online. If you don’t rank well, people won’t find your website, and you’ll have difficulty bringing in new customers. The days of thriving as a business simply based on word of mouth is long behind us, and if you don’t implement tested and successful SEO strategies you’ll be left in the dust.

Now, before you can utilize professional SEO services, it’s best you understand what SEO is. SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’, and it is a culmination of strategies and techniques used to boost the number of visitors to a website by achieving high-rankings in search results on search engines (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing). In theory, the higher up on the search results page you fall, the more likely you are to gain visitors to your site.

When you rank higher, it’s proven users are more likely to trust your brand. If users think big players like Google trust you, they’ll be much more inclined to follow suit. Because of this, high rankings not only increase your visibility, but increase your reputation and credibility.

How Can a Professional SEO Company Help My Business?

Utilizing the expertise of a professional SEO services company is one of the best investments you can make for your business. In fact, SEO has one of the best returns on investment when it comes to advertising simply because you’re marketing to people only when they’re searching for it. You won’t be placing ads on their social media pages or interrupting them while they’re streaming music – you’ll conveniently be visible when they’re searching for the products and services that you provide. At that point, they’re already actively considering making a purchase, and all you need to do is show them you’re the right choice.

A professional SEO company will have the skills and resources to make sure you appear for those customers.

How Do I Know It’s Working?

When you invest time and money into SEO for your business, you’ll want to be able to see it’s working. This is where Google Analytics comes in handy. Google Analytics is a great tool that will easily show you a number of things regarding your business’s SEO. It will not only show where you’re ranking well and could use some improvement, but gives you great insight into the people who are viewing your site. You’ll be able to see how they search, what they browse, where they live, and the times they are most active.

A professional SEO company will be able to discuss these analytics with you in depth, so you can understand exactly where it is you stand. From there, a reputable company will use the insights provided by Google Analytics to make more strategically based decisions to improve your rankings. Everyone has to start somewhere in regards to their SEO, and using reporting tools will help your rankings improve more quickly over time.

If SEO is something you don’t believe you want to tackle on your own – don’t worry. It can be intimidating to take on your own search engine optimization, and frankly it’s not something you want to mess up. This is why most companies (even the big ones) enlist the help of professional SEO companies to take their internet marketing to the next level.

A professional SEO company will be knowledgeable and up to speed on all the latest practices in regards to search engine optimization, and will be able to make your business visible and relevant online. Whether it be back linking, optimizing the existing content on your website, or creating new, keyword rich content – they’ll be able to bring you in front of the customers you need to succeed.

But, a word of caution: not all SEO companies are equal. Be sure to do thorough research, ask for customer testimonials, and request copies of actual client results. Some companies claim they can do wonders for your business, but when it comes down to it they don’t possess the knowledge or resources to deliver. Putting in a bit of extra effort when finding a professional SEO services company will guarantee not only their success – but yours.

How To Drive Free Traffic To Your Website By Writing Articles

One of the main problems of all website owners is traffic. Traffic is what affects sales and makes your business great, but it’s often so hard to drive.

Why does it happen? Why you read tenths of tips and use different methods only to find out that they don’t bring you the desired result? Well, probably because you’re doing something wrong.

There are so many things you can focus on to drive more high-quality traffic to your website. However, content is the most important of those things, so it’s better to start with it.

What’s a good content?

Despite all the marketers know that content indeed is the king, this still doesn’t help them to make mistakes in content creation and promotion. Some still prefer quantity over quality, some write headlines that do catch attention but aren’t related to the text’s content at all.

So let’s first define what a good content able to drive a lot of free traffic is.

Of course, it has to be interesting and unique. The topic itself might not be original – the approach, however, must be. It’s good when your content is interesting not only to your target audience but to leaders of the niche too – this way it will get more shares and responses.

However, besides that here’s what you have to pay attention to:

1. The beginning. It has to grab the readers’ attention immediately and hold it too. These days people don’t actually read all content they stumble upon online – they read only texts that managed to catch their interest. So it’s your goal to ensure that your texts are one of those.

2. Formatting. The sentences should be shorter, as well as the paragraphs – this will make your texts easier and quicker to read. However, don’t overdo here: if the sentences are too short, they won’t look good.

3. Stories. Your primary goal is to deliver a certain information, yes. However, your texts will become more interesting to read and original if you add stories to them. They don’t have to be personal, though: you can tell stories about other people or simply make up some examples to illustrate your point.

4. Editing. Some writers settle with online proofreading tools. However, the best way to find out whether your content is good or not is to read it out loud and then edit. Sometimes chunky phrases and typos are much easier to spot during reading.

So now we know for sure what makes the content good. Knowing that already helps with driving some more traffic: the better the content is, the more it gets shared, after all. However, there are a couple more things you can do to boost your traffic.

Improve your headlines

Just like I’ve said above, people don’t read everything these days. If your content is good but it isn’t presented well, there’s a huge chance people might not even notice it, not saying about getting as far as starting reading it.

That’s why the headlines matter a lot: they can make your content stand out among other. Good headlines have to include keywords, be neither too long nor too short, and be compelling enough for people to click on them. You can practice headline writing using this tips and see what happens – or you can look for some more headline writing tips online.

Monitor the statistics

Writing good content and headlines can help you drive more traffic to your website. However, if you don’t monitor this traffic, you won’t know what exactly drives visitors to your site. It’s important to know your current traffic statistics before you start improving your content and check it out often when you start implementing any changes.
Doing so will allow you to understand which headlines are more effective than the others, which topics get more attention, and so on.

Work on your content strategy

It’s important to have a strong content strategy to build up traffic. A content strategy allows you:
– to schedule your posts;
– to plan the content’s promotion;
– to offer more diverse content to your audience;
– to know exactly who’s your audience;
– to remember the primary goal of your content.

By keeping this strategy in mind you will be able to write more compelling content, scheduling and promoting it in the most efficient way. Of course, it might take the time to develop a proper strategy, and sometimes you still have to be ready to change and adjust it. However, it could help your website a lot.

Sure, working with your content is not all you can do to boost traffic. However, it’s the basic thing you have to focus on before moving to the others. So I wish you good luck and hope that you’ll be able to impress your audience and drive more traffic with the help of interesting content.

SEO Trends You Need to Pay Attention to in 2017

With every new year, SEO is changing like never before. We have seen many big changes occur in the last year and these 6 months of 2017 which seem to shake the SEO world. There have been many powerful developments in SEO over the past 5 years. Google constantly updates its search algorithm to keep SEOs on their toes and we are expecting many other trends to come up in the next 6 months of 2017.

One thing that can’t remain same in SEO industry is the search results – they will continue to change. Today, I am going to list some SEO trends that you should watch out for as they will lead to your listing in the top search results.
Staying ahead in the SEO trends will help you to make new plans, save budget, strategize and implement successful online business.


HTTPS is a Ranking Signal:

Google has declared that HTTPS is a ranking signal and while ranking, their algorithm gives preference to those websites which have a https protocol because it assures safe browsing. HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) adds an extra layer of security to the data exchanged between visitor’s computer and your website. People are now using internet much more than they were a few years ago, and Google is working to provide its visitors a secure browsing experience when they visit any website. Besides, the cost to switch to HTTPS is minimal.


Voice Search is Changing the Way We Do SEO:

Another interesting SEO trend is Voice search. Google says 20 percent of mobile queries are voice searches – Search Engine Land.

The rapid growth of virtual assistants and chat bots such as Siri, Cortana, Google Voice Search/Now, Viv, Amazon Alexa, and the recently trending Google Home are collectively increasing voice search popularity among people to search using their voices.

These virtual assistants allow users to search for anything they want without typing – literally! You can search anything and get the accurate answers for almost everything. And these trends will continue to evolve and add new features.

Optimize your website around voice search and mobile indexing to get higher ranking on Google search results.


Long Form Content Quality Will Matter in The Search Results:

SEOs and webmasters are writing long-form lengthy article, covering in depth lots of things at once for their blogs and websites. This trend was adopted by writers a couple of years ago and it’s still among the hot trends for those who are looking to rank high on search engine and provide the value needed to convert their visitors into leads. However, remember that content quality will be the appealing factor for the readers.


Visual Content Has Greater Effect On Visitors:

Visual content is going to become more important in coming months of 2017 because videos and live streaming are on the rise. They provide your viewers/readers a mental break and help you rank well in search result. In fact, Facebook’s CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg predicted that Facebook will be all about videos and images in the coming 5 years, and now Google YouTube is also acknowledging the same trend. You must pay attention to this trend to stand out against the competition.


Google Promoting Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

It’s no secret that Google loves AMP to provide mobile users a better experience. An AMP a.k.a. Accelerated Mobile Page is basically a Google and Twitter project designed to build really fast mobile pages. At its essence, it’s basically designed as an open standard for any webmaster to have webpages load quickly on mobile devices. To know more about AMP, visit here >>


Link Building Will Remain an Important Ranking Factor:

Link building is not dead and there is nothing as good as earning the link rather than building. If you succeed in writing good content that people share and link to without you having to ask, then you can attract more people to visit your website or blog. There are many techniques for link building but I like guest posting, infographic posting and competitor link mining through Ahref Tool the most.


Hopefully, these SEO trends of 2017 will set the tone for you for this year and give your website a foundation it needs to succeed in the upcoming months. You should focus on these SEO trend to help you formulate your next strategy in order to maximize your chances to rank higher on the first page of the search results.

5 Best Ways to Create High-Quality Backlinks..!!

The Google Optimization works on the basis that the popularity of your website depends primarily on the number of people that like your website. The ranking of your website in search results will also vary accordingly. One of the most important parameters that indicate your website’s value is your “Website Ranking” in search results and this totally depends upon the Google Search Optimization.

The best way to make your website popular from search engine’s perspective is the backlinks from another website that point to your website. You must know the fact that the only way to enhance your website in terms of search engine optimization is to build high-quality backlinks.

If you are a beginner, then the high-quality backlinks are the only way for the success of your website. But the task is not that simple, building backlinks is somewhat a critical process and you need to be a master in your work.
In this article, we will share with you the top 5 best ways which will help you in creating High-Quality Backlinks for your blog or website.

Broken Link Building

No matter how good or well maintained a web site it, it will surely suffer from “linkrot.” Linkrot means when people click on the link they will lead to empty locations which do not have any useful resource.
The link connects a web page to a location on the Internet on the same or another webpage which may contain a useful resource for the user. So, these links which are left out or are broken can help you solve the purpose and gets you a link.

It involves 3 basic steps:

•    Finding the broken links over the web
•    Identification of the content which they are referring to. It must be relevant to your web page.
•    Ask the referring site to refer some new unbroken content to your website.

Building backlinks fulfill a purpose in 3 ways:

•    The visitor of the website can see a proper well maintained up to date content and will experience fewer 404 errors which show “Broken Link” or “page not found.”
•    The website will not have to experience a whole bunch of broken links.
•    And for you, you can have high-quality backlinks to your website from the existing website.

How do you do it?

The first step is you need to identify a website which has broken links and you would like to have a backlink from.
You can also make use of “Broken Function” which is present in Site Explorer which will enable you to identify broken links for that particular website easily.
Here, build hundreds of quality backlinks by working hard on this domain.
Make sure to choose authoritative sites to willing link back to you.
And don’t forget to only follow hundred percent legitimate means in creating backlinks.

Profile on Social Networking Site

Having a high ranking profile on the social networking site such as Twitter proves to be a boon for websites that have just started. This one of the under-utilized and a unique method which you can make use of to create high-quality backlinks for your website.

These websites allow people to add links which follow up to some website. All you need to do is master your skill in adding links to social bookmarking websites. Work to have a high ranking profile on social networking site by adding good quality content.

Article Marketing

Article Marketing is posting quality articles on the internet with optimized keywords so as to create backlinks. It is considered as one of the best ways to get high-quality backlinks for your website.

For a long time now, Article marketing has been one of the best and most effective ways to get quality backlinks to your blog.

This kind of articles is submitted to large directories which post them based on their specific rules. You must submit quality articles and avoid duplicate content.

Some companies make use of “spinning” the articles in which they just make some changes in the articles by hiring some individuals and submit the same. The effectiveness of article marketing has been decreased over the past few years because of the submission of duplicate content, bot submissions, and spam. Moreover, these articles are rarely read and are basically used only as a means of creating backlinks.

This method is great and is a helpful tool to increase the search ability if it is used correctly. But there is this other method known as “Guest Posting” which is more helpful and in trend nowadays for the creation of quality backlinks.

Guest Posting

According to us, Guest Posting is more useful than Article Marketing. Guest posting is a method of writing quality articles for someone else’s blog. It must not be confused with commenting on a blog which is a bad idea.

Most often bloggers ask for quality articles from outsiders in exchange of a backlink. It solves two purposes: It is good for the blog owner as he gets quality information for his website which will provide good information to visitors. Secondly, you will get a backlink for your website and you can also establish your authority in case the article is good and unique.

But on the other side, many a lot times, Google has warned against guest posting. But high-quality guest posts are good as compared to mass-produced low-quality posts. If you follow right strategies for guest posting then it can prove to be a great tool for creating high-quality backlinks for your website.

Link Exchange

Link exchange has a potential to impact your website positively by getting you backlinks and in turn improve business relations also.

It is an old style but can work the best for you if you belong to a community of webmasters, SEOs.
One thing which you must keep in mind before implementing this strategy is that when you try to get quality backlinks through link exchanges you must have a separate website where you will be putting other people’s link.  But we personally recommend that you must invest your time in creating quality content for your website so as to have one-way links rather than moving around asking for an exchange of links.


So we conclude that provisioning high-quality backlinks can add more traffic to your website through Google search engine optimization. Just start working hard-headedly and implement the above-mentioned 5 tips so as to incur potentially instant improvement in your website’s ranking.

Beginners Guide: Basics of Social Media Marketing

In this age and time, the way of marketing and advertisements stepped up to the next level. The business of digital marketing agency boomed as the demand for the services being offered also came to rise.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media networks or sites to promote, advertise and market products and services. It also refers to the process of creating or gaining more traffic through social media. Social networking sites or SNS have their own platforms and algorithms which enable companies, organizations and individuals to observe and track the progress and engagement of their ads. In social media marketing, the user-generated contents such as comments, posts, reviews about your products and services matter very much. This “earned media” should be     well utilized to create more traffic or surfacing on the Internet aside from the marketer-prepared ads or contents. Besides, it makes your viewers know that the products and services you offer are real, reachable and legit people can access those.

The two basic strategies in social media marketing are passive and active approach. Passive approach is more on utilizing different platforms to know and hear your leads and customers’ thoughts on your products and services. Blogs, content communities and forums are few of the productive avenues on passive approach. In this way, we can see that social media is a useful tool of market intelligence. You may release articles and videos about your products and services, and see how people respond to it.

On the other hand, active approach in social media marketing dwells more on consumer engagement. Companies, organizations, and individuals are very active and responsive in social media as people are communicating with them online. That is why it is important for these entities to keep their social media accounts active as people are expecting them to be engaged and reactive. Some groups employ social media influencers or bloggers to market their products and services.

Why should you consider Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is an efficient and cost-effective way of making your products and services known to the people. Given that there are more than two (2) billion active accounts in SNS, it is not impossible for you to reach your target market online. Moreover, social media marketing is easy to do though there are some points you should be aware of. Nevertheless, you can hire digital marketing agencies or technology solutions to help you with your plan in social media marketing.

If you have the technology and abilities to utilize such marketing strategy, why not maximize your potentials? It can be simply you who’d be doing some blogs and articles about your products, you can also ask your friends and colleagues to share your posts, and let them give feedback about those. In a more technical aspect, you can search further on how you can more gain traffic in advertising.

Few things to remember about Social Media Marketing

You might still have some thoughts on social media marketing. To put in a simpler context, here are some points for you to remember about it:

•    Note that your goal here is to generate some buzz about your company, organization, or yourself. They say bad image marketing is still marketing and still makes people interested in your products and services. Nevertheless, don’t forget that you would want to be remembered in your own brand (which is supposed to be great and legendary).

•    There are a lot of social media networking sites than Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. Think of ways on how to maximize the services of SNS. Aside from plainly posting and sharing, you can actually avail (with fees, of course) of their marketing and advertising services. You may want to check other SNS such as Google+, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Yelp, Foursquare, Tumblr and other blogging websites.

•    Aside from company to consumer, consumer-to-consumer is another way to engage and attract future and previous customers. Always remember how powerful word of mouth is (even in online).

•    Know when the best time to post is and which SNS to use. Keenly observe when your target audience or population is online. You may say that most students and youngsters are active during 12 NN because of school breaks and at night time where they are usually at home resting.

•    Stick to the code of ethics even in marketing and advertising online. We understand that you are hoping to gain more traffic and attract people but please don’t resort to spamming and other annoying practices. Play by the rules and know the ins and outs of social media marketing, and you’d surely get what you hoped and worked for.

6 SEO Techniques to Sustain your Business

Whether you realize it or not, SEO in business is a crucial factor to consider. Without SEO, that would only mean there are no potential clients that would visit your website. As we all know, SEO plays a big role in boosting your business’ online presence. And mind you, you need a guaranteed SEO to achieve a desirable outcome. But here’s the catch, you must be consistent in building a good SEO to sustain your business in this digital age.

The consistency of doing the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one factor that contributes to the success of your business. An increase in sales is awesome, but what makes it break or make a good deal is the consistency of doing the right and effective SEO techniques. And as an entrepreneur, you should know of all people, on how important incorporating SEO into your business.

But to give you an overview, below are some tips for you on how to effectively and successfully sustain your business with the use of SEO.

1.    Get listed on Google

Never underestimate the power of Google. Google is not just for big businesses or companies. It is advisable for every business, especially for starters to list their business locally as soon as possible. Moreover, other entrepreneurs would also know that your business exists. Just make sure that you list your business under the right category to be identified properly.

2.    Choose appropriate title tags

Title tags are important. This is one of the easiest ways you can do to make a big impact on the search results. Make the tags precise and focus on what your business is all about. Moreover, make sure to include localized SEO information when filling out titles on web pages.  This piece of information is important to localize each page and have organic search results.

3.    Get listed in the right directory

It is also advisable for you to list your business in the right directory such as Moz local. You can get a lot of great resources and opportunities for your business since you can also meet potential clients and entrepreneurs. Moreover, this is also one of the many ways to have high-quality traffic on your website.

4.    Take advantage of Google+

Aside from listing your business in Google, listing your business in Google+ will also give lots of opportunities for your business. You will also meet and interact with potential and business minded people who can also help something for your business. Moreover, this is also a good platform to get new ideas and learn from their own experiences in the business industry.

5.    Location pages

When it comes to business, building geo-location pages is one of the most must-dos to consider. This will help you target the top possible locations where your business can serve hence the SEO Philippines pages you see all over the Internet. Moreover, having this will also give you an opportunity to increase your page rank for specific locations over time. However, don’t forget to add the basic and important information such as the actual location in the URL, title tag, and the city/town name a few times on the page per se. You can refer to this example (e.g. , Boston, MA Plumbing Services | Bob’s Plumbing).

6.    Be mindful of NAP

The Name, Address, and Phone number or simply known as NAP are the crucial information you need to put somewhere on your homepage. Including of this information on your site will help increase the viewership on your site. Moreover, this will also help a potential audience to learn more about what your company or business really is.
Yes, these SEO strategies mentioned above can also be a challenge when you are not doing it the right way. However, if you know what and what not to do when listing your business online, then it is not that hard as you think it is. Well, just make sure that you are doing it the right way to achieve results that you desire for your business.

Author Bio: Jennevie is a Sr. Content Writer and Researcher at Optimind Technology Solutions, a web design and SEO company in the Philippines.

How to Become a Smart Blogger

It appears that for all intents and purposes everyone today is running a blog, regardless of whether they have something to state or not. The share of the individuals who make any level of progress in this venture, be that as it may, is substantially littler. So what separates acclaimed bloggers from the individuals who are perpetually bound to trail along in the back? How can one join the pioneers? Give us a chance to investigate some ways.

Amazing Content

At the point when all is said and done, there is no other path around it. To end up plainly a renowned blogger, you essentially bring to the table your readers something they won’t discover anyplace else – and make them adore it, share it, convey you knew guests just to investigate that amazing article you’ve composed. In the event that you don’t have anything to offer yet adjusted substance from different sources, you will never accomplish much in this industry.

Visitor Posting

Visitor posting has been a well-known component of blogger effort exercises for quite a while; nonetheless, it experienced genuine modifications in the course of the most recent couple of years because of changes in Google approaches. By the by, it stays as imperative a strategy for developing leadership, expanding deceivability and building up contacts in the business as ever. You, be that as it may, ought to consider the way that it is extremely exertion escalated action arranged towards long haul comes about. Try not to anticipate that it will begin working overnight, give it an opportunity to hit walk.

Unequivocal Purpose

Much the same as in some other business, an ideal approach to make progress in blogging is to pick a speciality, stick to it and get better than average at it. Fluffy, unclear websites about everything and nothing specifically once in a while get extensive readership – and in the event that they do, it is generally on the grounds that they have something else remarkable to offer, as the uncommon persona of the writer.

Utilising Your Personal Strengths

When you pick a speciality to cover, don’t give your choice a chance to be impacted by the ubiquity of the subject or potential readership. You ought to be truly intrigued by your picked field, you ought to have involvement in it; you can impart to others, you ought to have the capacity to create content about it without compelling yourself to do as such.

Utilising Social Media

Regardless of how extraordinary your substance is, you won’t go far without utilising online networking. Incorporate catches of the greatest number of pertinent online networking on your blog as you can consider: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Google+, whatever you may consider – all of them can make an extremely valuable commitment to expanding your blog’s permeability and bringing you knew endorsers.

Learning SEO

Web optimisation is excessively convoluted a subject, making it impossible to take in every one of its complexities, and excessively unsteady, making it impossible to continually keep on top of things without devoting all your opportunity to it. Notwithstanding, taking in the rudiments is an absolute necessity – and for the rest, you can employ an expert to watch out for the specialized side of things or counsel you about them.

Put Thought and Effort into Your Title

Ordinarily bloggers who run extremely famous and effective online journals utilize fascinating, eye-getting titles. The title is the main thing your readers will see, and will decide whether they will read the article or not. There are bunches of techniques to making an extraordinary title; you could utilize a heading that causes contention, make it interesting or provocative, or you could ask a question.

Make Your Posts Timeless

Prominent online journals regularly highlight immortal posts, which are similarly as applicable to reader after they were really composed. Immortal posts are extraordinary for bloggers, as your post will keep on receiving preferences, remarks and shares with no inciting from you. It is likely that you could make some immortal posts, so consider written work a short rundown of ageless subjects inside your specialty.

Never Diverge from Topic

To ensure your blog entry remains engaged and helpful, re-read your title after you complete each passage. This can help you to make your written work considerably more expert, and making your posts much handier for your readers.