Another Landmark Samsung Smartphone with Beautiful Shades of Pink-Gold Color

Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 with a unique pink-gold color

Samsung is a highly pro-active smartphone manufacturer. As soon as its rival, Apple, launched rose gold MacBook, Samsung played its trump card by launching Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 with a unique pink-gold color. These latest versions of Samsung smartphones have made their debut in Korea and the new colors will soon be introduced in other markets. As per the latest developments, there is no surety that it will be introduced any time soon in the US market. Samsung has not made any comments with this development upon PCMag’s request. The new versions of Samsung’s flagship smartphones are only sold in overseas markets.

The Reason behind Launching Samsung Flagship Phone’s in Pink-Gold Color

According to Samsung this color is chosen to provide customers with sense of comfort. Both versions of Samsung’s flagship phones appear quite unique in pink-gold color. It is a rear combination of style and high-quality design to mesmerize die-hard fans of Samsung smartphones. Although, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are available in other colors also but the shade of pink and gold make these phones highly appealing. Samsung has maintained that the reason behind launching the latest versions of flagship phones in pink-gold color is to provide a soothing effect to the customers and instill sense of pride among them. If certain customers are not satisfied buying these latest versions of flagship smartphones in unique combination of pink-gold colors, they have other options. They can also buy these smartphones in gold platinum, white pearl, silver titanium and black onyx colors.

Apple’s Upgraded MacBook

The competition between Samsung and Apple has always been very stiff. Apple, yet again proved that it is at par with Samsung with its newly upgraded MacBook. The latest MacBook comprises enhanced Intel processors, enhanced battery power, highly improved graphics and faster flash storage.

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