9 Proven Ways to Help Overcome Jealousy

Overcome Jealousy
  1. Anger Management

In a recent study, Thomas researched over 10 years of literature to find ways to teach healthy anger management within the community. [1] It was shown that by learning to face the reason for jealousy, individuals could realize it was just a state of mind. It was also found that it was affecting those in the trials on other personal and emotional levels, as well. Many participants came to realize the jealousy was hurting themselves, and others also.

What to Do:

Practicing mindfulness can be something that you learn to do in the privacy of your own home, or there are classes that are conducted throughout various communities. These involve a group of people with similar problems talking through their anger issues, and finding ways to overcome them.

  1. Be Grateful

It is hard to be jealous when you are being grateful, this takes away any negative thoughts that you may have regarding the situation of why you were jealous in the first place. An analysis was conducted by Lambert on the effects of various types of gratitude and how they helped in daily life. [2]

What to Do:

Being grateful is not just about saying thank you to someone who opens doors for you, it could be something you do when by yourself. On waking, as you lay in bed you can say to yourself, that you are thankful for seeing the sunrise, thankful for having another day etc. Being grateful also helps to direct thought away from being jealous as you tend to think more of others than you do of yourself.

  1. Self-Improvement

Self-improvement can overcome jealousy as you will learn how to come to terms with who you are, so you will be more content with yourself rather than the thoughts of others. You will realize life isn’t very fair, and sometimes it is not possible to have everything you want. You will come to enjoy yourself more, and although you have flaws like everyone else, you will just learn how to appreciate yourself and not what you think others may have. A study was conducted about why jealousy actually manifests itself in the brain, and this was completed by Ortique. [3] Focusing on yourself can help alleviate changes.

What to Do:

You can create a daily log – if you record all your actions and personal thoughts you will have a clear picture of where and why you become jealous, and then you will see how close you are following your core values and where you are deviating. The log will light the way on what needs to be done to change the situation, for better insight and constructive self reflection.

  1. Meditation

The benefits of meditation help with the releasing of negative thoughts, and it is this process that can help relieve any buildup of anxiety that may come from jealousy. Essentially, meditation teaches individuals to focus thoughts toward one particular point, and not to judge anything, either negatively or positively. The Johns Hopkins University conducted experiments into The Effects of Meditation and the effects on psychological stress and well-being. [4]

What to Do:

One form of meditation that can be especially useful is mindful meditation. While practicing this form of meditation you have an increased sense of “You,” which lies beyond stress and other negative thoughts. It has been said the restfulness you achieve with this meditation is much more than you actually achieve, while you are sleeping. A place where your subconscious stress will vanish. through repeated visits to this state of restful alertness you can become happier, have improved relationships, notice reduced stress levels and are able to cope with normal life easier. The need for jealousy decreases, as the focus is placed on you.

  1. Exercise

If you do high exertive exercise or activity, you will find this will reduce and anxiety or jealousy that has built up during the day. This is done by the subconscious as you have been focusing on the movements of your body. Partaking in regular exercise increases your self-confidence, as it can relax you, and relieve some of the symptoms associated with mild depression. Recently, a study was conducted by Dinas on The Effects of Exercise and the release of endorphins into the body; [5] these are the feel-good hormones which help relieve symptoms of anxiety.

What to Do:

After doing high exertive physical exercise, it has been shown the effects of stress that can lead to jealousy can be reduced for up to 12 hours. If at least 30 minutes of physical exercise or activity is done daily, this can greatly improve the state of mind in other key areas of cognition.

  1. Diet

Taking on a new diet to get in shape and give a healthier lifestyle can help overcome jealousy. For example, if you are jealous of a friend’s physique, what better way to overcome being jealous than getting in shape yourself. Not only will you shed those extra pounds, but you will gain more self-confidence.

What to Do:

Whatever diet you choose, there are foods that help to make you feel good, and some of these are beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, seafood’s and low-fat dairy foods. Foods you should concentrate on are the ones that contain high amounts of Vitamin B12 and folic acid, as these are known to be mood enhancers. The effects of this were shown by the study that was conducted by Karakula in 2009. [6] It is important for you to have a healthy lifestyle, if you are hungry or tired, because it is much easier for jealousy to ignite, as your mental state will not have the focus of a healthy mindset.

  1. Improve Relationships

Jealousy can build up in relationships more than anywhere else. Trying to be more open and honest with friends or loved ones can help you overcome jealousy. Try being in more contact with friends and because  this will give a greater bond. A study was conducted by Scheinkman, where he showed how jealousy can arise in a couple’s relationship from past events. It also showed that if couples worked together on the relationship more, they could overcome any power struggles or past events that are causing jealousy. [7]

What to Do:

Jealousy in relationships can be based on beliefs their partner is being unfaithful and is often known as Othello syndrome, or morbid jealousy or delusional jealousy. Make time and effort to spend in quality relationships, and confront any issues before they can get out of hand.

  1. Self-Awareness

By understanding who you really are, and setting yourself personal goals, you can become who you truly are. You may find you are living an unauthentic life rather than living authentically with yourself. The most basic meaning of living an authentic life is to have self-awareness and self-knowledge where we accept our strengths and weaknesses.

What to Do:

Having intentions of being genuine will set you on the path to a life of authenticity, and you must have an awareness of what this can look and feel like. When you do then you are able to act on it; even if these choices make you feel vulnerable. A research study was conducted by Alemi who studied the effects of continuous self-improvement in a personal context. [8] He showed how to find the problem and how to search for a solution. Once you realize how to face up to your jealousy, you will be aware of it in the future and know how best to deal with the situation.

  1. Learning

Tilburg University have prepared a study on The Effects of Jealousy and Admiration, and how this can lead to you improving your skills. [9] It was found that if your jealousy is down to something that the other person is better at than you, you can learn the same skill or an equivalent one. This would eliminate the need for jealousy to arise.

What to Do:

Pushing yourself to reach your full potential eliminates any need for jealousy as you are no longer in a position of wanting what the other has. In fact, you are now in a position of obtaining what the other has, instead.

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