Everything You Need to Know About Intel’s and AMD’s Latest HEDT Platforms

HEDT – High-End Desktop was a type of desktop computers originally devised by Intel to segment their top-of-the-line offering of processors and motherboards back in 2008. Up until this year, the only manufacturer capable of delivering the HEDT performance was Intel. Now though, things have changed and along with Intel, AMD is [for the first time] making a breakthrough in the HEDT market.

After 12 years of being an outsider, AMD once again has a competitive gamma of products and is playing $/core war against Intel.


It’s not a name of a transformer, it’s the name of the processor that AMD offers to HEDT consumers. The processor comes in 3 different variants, from 8 cores 16 threads up to 16 cores and 32 threads.

Ryzen anandtechSource: Anandtech.com

The base of TR processors are the same Zen cores that are the beating heart of the regular Ryzen desktop CPUs, so there are no novelties regarding the configuration of the cores. The main differences are portrayed in the core count, frequencies and the biggest one – number of PCIe lines. 60 PCIe lines across the complete gamut of the CPUs means that now you can have more devices attached than ever before on a consumer PC (graphics cards, storage, and other components). Also, TR platform supports ECC (server) memory modules. A high number of PCIe lines and ECC support is very important for IT services companies such as Picnet. These companies usually exploit their hardware to the maximum, and employing several graphic cards in high-bandwidth modes for parallel computing or rendering while using local storage is now possible with a single machine.


While AMD is new to this market segment, for Intel this is 6th HEDT generation and it is expected that the performance is smashing. But, what is also expected is that the price sticker on Intel’s HEDT offering is as high as it gets; it is quite simple – you want premium, you pay premium price.

skylake-x anandtechSource: Anandtech.com

As you can see in the table, Intel is offering two times more SKUs than AMD and covers a wider price range. There is support for up to 44 PCIe lanes, high-speed DDR4 and OC on every CPU.

Which is better?

The first reviews of the flagship Skylake-X CPUs 7980XE and 7960X surfaced this Monday and the general consensus of the professional community is that they are the fastest retail CPUs that can be purchased to date. Whether these SKUs were part of the original Skylake-X plans or not remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – AMD pressed Intel into rushing its new HEDT platform to the market.

Performance vise these two processors are faster than AMD’s 1950X in both IPC bound single-threaded performance as well as in the multi-threaded applications. There are, however, certain scenarios where TR tops the 7960X and even 7980XE in some. But, overall Skylake-X top of the line CPUs are better.

Having said that, there are a few more things to consider before underlining the final verdict.

TDP (Power Consumption)

Looking back at the previous products from both manufacturers, one could expect that Intel has a better TDP rating, while its processors stay within the respective TDP margins.
However, it seems that Intel went a bit over the top in their crusade to the top spot and smashed the TDP boundaries. On stock frequency values are at full load, the 7980XE exceeds the rated 165W TDP by 20+W, while 1950X and 7960X are well within their rated values. It seems that the roles are reversed this time around.

Performance per dollar

While this type of comparison for most types of consumer items is the most important KPI, for hardware that is intended for prosumers and workstations, that’s not always the case. With that in mind, the 7980XE and 7960X that cost $1999 and $1699 respectively, can’t quite be called the kings of performance per dollar. If we take into account that single-threaded performance is around 30% better than on AMD 1950X and that multi-threaded performance difference is in the single-digit percentage in favor of Intel’s CPU, the price difference of 100% can’t be justified.

The $999 AMD CPU will do everything that the 7980XE does for half the price. And the 20% extra performance you get with 7960X is also not worth the extra $700 USD you’d pay for it.

It is always an ungrateful task to compare products from manufacturers who have a big fan base and among which many take the fan aspect to the extremes, which cannot happen without stepping on some toes. We see that with companies such as Apple and Samsung, Nvidia and AMD, Sony and Xbox, and of course Intel and AMD. However, by keeping an objective stance it is easy to draw a conclusion – if you are looking for raw performance for professional work and have an excess of $2000 in your wallet ($2000 for the CPU, $300+ for the motherboard and $200 for RAM), you won’t be disappointed with the 1980XE. On the other hand, if you don’t mind waiting for your tasks to finish a few seconds/minutes longer and spend that extra $1000 on something else, then AMD Threadripper is the right CPU for you!

4 Simple yet Impacting Changes to Make Your Blog More Optimized

As we all know, content remains king in terms of the most important SEO factors in both blogging and article writing. Your insightful remarks and crafty ways to present ideas are of utmost importance when blogging.

With reward comes toiling, of course. There’s no doubt that relevant content creation is the most difficult SEO tactic at 46%, while also being the most effective at 72%, as per a June 2015 survey of marketing professionals worldwide conducted by Ascend2.

Below are simple SEO-related tips to better optimize your blog, together with quality content.

Know your competition through keyword research

Next, to content, keyword/phrase research comes as the second most effective (48%) SEO tactic, and second most difficult (20%).

If you don’t do keyword research, your content strategy is dispersed. It would seem that your site has dispersed goals in Google’s eyes. And if you chose the wrong one, you’ll likely get substantial page visits, but coming from the wrong set of audience.

You have two options after you’ve researched keyword statistics: compete for popular keywords, or devise a more specific one.

But with millions of contents available in various search engines, particularly Google, ranking number one in a highly popular keyword seems far-fetched.

Go for specified keywords that may have relatively less search volume, but has great growth opportunities. You’ll be able to tailor your content better.

Strive for 1-2 long-tail keywords

This advice is inspired by HubSpot. When you bombard your blog with too many keywords, it doesn’t sit well with search engines, nor the readers’ preference for readability.

Instead of plaguing your blog post with tons of generic “head” keywords, properly select and use long-tail keywords. Such have relatively less competition, and 1-2 long-tail keywords are enough to bring your blog the right type of traffic since it’s much targeted.

For instance, if you type “essay writing” in Google’s Keyword Tool, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of relevant pages associated to that keyword.

By tweaking and specifying it a bit, say “affordable essay papers,” your number of competition will be significantly diminished, and tailored to a particular set of audience that needs cheaper essay materials.

If you aren’t pleased with the number of monthly searches, you can always put variations to augment it.

Make it a habit to internal link

Here are two common internal link practices for blogging: linking to other trustworthy sites, and linking to another blog post of your own.

By linking to other credible sites, authority from that site is passed from theirs to yours.

It’s because it’s a form of affiliating your reputation with them. For instance, if you want to display concrete evidence about your point, you can link to industry experts like Forbes or Mayo Clinic, for clarity and breadth.

Meanwhile, linking to other of your blog posts helps redistribute authority. If you have a well-renowned post flourishing with inbound links and user interaction, you can donate some of that DA to another which has zero.

Also, by linking to other of your blog posts, you improve the structure and navigability of your site as a whole. This’ll make a good account on Google’s search crawlers when they spot your effort.

Mutual benefits for both practices, meanwhile, include longer page visits (i.e., they’ll stay longer on your site, when they spot something of interest), and increased chances of conversion (i.e., you can ultimately lead them to a course of action).

Make sense in your silhouette (meta description)

Rookie bloggers often take meta descriptions for granted, allowing the first sentence of their post to be the default.

However, not all the time introductory statements are spot-on in terms of hinting what your post is all about. This may persuade readers that your entry isn’t the perfect fit to what they’re finding.

As a heads-up, put one of your long-tail keywords inside the description and rejig it. For instance, if your post is about best sunny summer beaches you personally champion, then you can put “Rejuvenate your spirits with these 10 sunny summer beaches across the globe.”

An enticing sentence that will take a minute max to craft can be enough to bolster your post’s relevance.

As a wrap-up, having an optimized blog post is a huge, huge plus. It helps readers find you with ease and convinces search engine algorithms that your post is a worthwhile one. Mundane as it may seem, the above mentioned tips, when practiced with consistency, can make a lot of difference for your blog post.

Comparing iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Comparing Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X

Apple surprised the world by releasing the iPhone X, which seems to many people like a new twist in the iPhone series. The phone has come with new features and improvements including the addition of wireless charging, all-screen display, Face ID, and other features that place it on a higher platform than leading smartphones in the market. But some buyers want to know how it fares when compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Here is the comprehensive comparison.


There are similarities when it comes to the design of the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Both come with glass on both front and back, leaving just a thin layer of metal surrounding the edge of the phone. Of the two, Note 8 is larger measuring 162.5 by 74.8 by 8.6 mm, while iPhone X measures 143.6 by 70.9 by 7.7 mm. The Note 8 is also heavier with a weight of 195g while the iPhone X weighs mere 174g. Again, both phones don’t have a home button and are dust proof and water resistant. They support wireless charging, but unlike iPhone X, the Note 8 comes in four colors including Maple Gold, Midnight Black, Deepsea Blue, and Orchid Grey. The iPhone X, on the other hand, comes in silver and space grey.


The screen to body ration on both phones stands at 83 percent, and this means the display area occupies 73 percent of the front. The Note 8, however, comes with a rectangular display that is rounded at the corners with the screen curving at its edges. But the iPhone X makes use of all available space to reach into the corners, leaving a small section at the top for camera and speaker. Each also comes with an OLED display, meaning higher quality display since they don’t use the LCD system that requires a backlight.


Just like Note 8, the iPhone X comes with dual cameras on the rear, and this gives the user 2X optical zoom as well as the ability to capture bokeh. This is an effect that is normally utilized by fashion photographers that helps them to manipulate the subject to appear like it is popping out of the picture, which is made by blurring the background to maintain focus on the subject. Both cameras have 12-megapixel sensors, dual-tone flash, and autofocus.

But there is a subtle different to the software used as Apple offers Portrait Lighting, which creates dramatic lighting effects. The iPhone X also has TrueDepth selfie camera, which is designed to include a dot projector, flood illuminating, features that allow easy face recognition. This technology comes into play while unlocking the screen as the phone now uses the Face ID in the place of the previously applied fingerprint scanning.

Power and battery life

Note 8 relies on a octa-core Exynos processor that provides sufficient power to play games, multitask, stream, and browse. The chip is paired with 64GB RAM and there are choices of internal storage of 128 and 256 GB. You can expand the storage to 512 GB through the microSD card. On the side of the iPhone X, the phone is powered by Apple’s A11 Bionic chip, which is six-core and arguably the most powerful ever to be used in a smartphone.

The phone offers you choices of 64 or 256 GB internal storage, but there is no option for expanding storage using a microSD card. The Note 8 comes with a 3300 mAh non-removable battery that gives you up to 22 hours talk time or 74 hours of music. On the other hand, the iPhone X gives you 21 hours talk time as well as 60 hours of music.


When it comes to software, the two gadgets differ massively. The iPhone X uses iOS11 designed by Apple, which Note 8 runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat, which is soon going to be updated to the most recent Android Oreo released by Google. On both platforms, the software is designed with strong multitasking capabilities, so you can simultaneously perform different tasks without risking losing performance. The updates expected with the Android Oreo are meant to offer smooth running of applications and the phone will benefit from features like background limits, which prevent individual apps from consuming the phone’s resources.


The iPhone X stands out with the TrueDepth camera feature, which allows users to unlock the phone using facial recognition. The same technology helps users to create animojis. On the other end, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 stands strong with the Samsung DeX, which is specially designed docking station feature that helps you to hook up to a monitor to allow you use it as your computer. On overall consideration, the iPhone X has come with many improvements, but not too big to triumph over the Galaxy Note 8, which got some of these features earlier.

Apple Making Progress With VR – What’s The Latest?

By the time when Apple launched it’s iPhone 7 last year, Apple had already made a few strides with Virtual Reality. Time Cook had said that VR really has a few interesting applications which suggested that Apple was looking forward to something in the VR realm. Besides, there were rumors that Apple has put together a secret team for working on some VR headset as well.

But, at that time, Apple didn’t really give any viable date for the launch of such a headset and kept on working secretly on it. But that didn’t mean that’s the only thing Apple was working on or was rumored to work on in VR arena. In recent times, Apple has really tried to delve into the VR technology and offer support for it in its Macs and iPhones with the release of latest software and hardware.

Acquisition of VR Companies and Startups

Some Startup Acquisitions Apple Made In Related Technologies

Among the first steps that Apple took towards VR was an acquisition of a few startups working in the related technologies. Even though these weren’t any major deals, still Apple was amongst some major buyers of VR startups. Here are a few startups that Apple acquired.

FlyBy Media: FlyBy Media previously used to partner with both Google and Apple in computer vision technology which itself is related to AR and VR. Computer vision technology helps in placing cool digital objects all around. It also helps in making it all feel real.
Metaio: The German startup introduced an application to visualize what digital furniture can look like when placed in the home.
PrimeSense: One of the initial acquisitions from Apple, PrimeSense made a camera and video-sensor tuned specifically to support computer vision applications.
FaceShift: The company, basically, worked on face transformation to create user’s 3D digital cartoons. Best thing is that, things work fine in the real-time situations.
Well, these are only a few startups that Apple purchased to step its foot into the world of VR and there may be many others that Apple has or plans to acquire.

Virtual Reality On Mac

Virtual Reality On Mac

At the WWDC 2017 held back in June, Apple opened up about Virtual Reality and revealed that it is bringing VR on Mac. The demo at the event really showed the power of new MacBook Pro models as Apple revealed that they will be the first Macs to come with support for an external graphics processor. The demo used 15” MacBook Pro, gigantic Thunderbolt 3 GPU and AMD Radeon RX 580 graphics card. Though the system lacks portability as of now, but it’s a real powerhouse that one might need to process those massive pixel amounts that are required for VR setup.

Apple has also given a spec-boost to its Macs in order to offer support for VR. And, this is particularly the case with Graphics cards. The 21.5” model is set to come with Intel Iris Plus 640 GPU where as 21.5” 4K models will come with Radeon Pro 555 and Radeon Pro 560 graphics cards. As for 27” 5K model, the mac users will be able to get access to Radeon Pro 580, 575 and 570 along with GB VRAM. So, these new GPUs as well as macOS High Sierra updates, all will get together to offer a perfect VR experience to the Mac users.

Companies Contributing To Apple's Endeavors

All Major Companies Contributing To Apple’s Endeavors

With Apple now openly talking about its latest steps in the Virtual Reality world and introducing VR on the latest iMacs, most major companies are also joining hands with Apple for driving its VR innovation. Valve, a renowned name in VR, is set to optimize the SteamVR platform that it offers for the latest macOS besides enabling connection for HTC Vive headset. In fact, HTC Vive was used in the demo at WWDC as well to showcase what kind of experience Apple users can expect. Epic and Unity are also set to bring their development tools for Virtual Reality to macOS.

So, that’s all for now about Apple’s progress in the VR world and we must say Apple has really come a long way forward from acquiring startups to introducing its own VR capable Macs. And, believe it or not, there is still a lot more to come.

Top 4 Competitive Analysis Tools Every SEO Expert Should Know

Summary: Knowing about the four tools given below could help a SEO professional to win the race when it comes to improving the ranking of a website significantly over the major search engines.

Regardless of what industry you belong to your business requires to plan out a strategy to beat your competitors. You are best advised to have a look at all the essential digital marketing tools to beat any competition. The marketing strategy must be spied upon in today’s competitive market. The spying regarding company online comes with checking out the competitor website’s content material, emails, social mentions, search rankings and all the activities performed by them done for introducing their brand to their target market. That is due to the fact what may be assisting them might just trigger your business too. Here is a list of the 5 essential tools that could help you to analyze what strategies you should follow in order to stay ahead from your competitors.


A reputed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) business company generally prefers to use this instrument as it is liked by a huge mass of population worldwide and has been rated as the highly effective tools for studying the opposition’s strategy. This is a sort of tool used to analyze and determine the organic performance of the searches online. With the help of tool, it becomes much convenient for the users to identity the search volume of a particular keyword that is expected and rankings of the keyword across many other nations.

It makes use of the comparisons of domain as opposed to region for identification of gaps in keyword and content. The use of this tool is exclusively beneficial when it comes to finding out the pages and posts that could help drive the most organic traffic to your website. You also find it easy to observe the modifications of search traffic and keyword rankings that could help to figure out if the opponent’s strategies are hitting successfully or not.


Any of the best SEO Employer knows the importance of using Buzzsumo when it comes to concerning the analysis of competitor’s content material. The tool makes use of the record for content material analysis for figuring out the kinds of topics and contents that could assist to gain the attention of your target market through social media channels. It reveals subjects and topics that are hot in the market and your competitors love to talk about. You start getting notifications whenever any opponent publishes any new content material. The tool also makes it possible for you to identify a group of people who engages with opposition’s content material and provides you to the lists of promotional outreach.


Many reputed SEO companies across the world have considered this tool as one of the finest ways for finding out the backlinks of your competitors. This tool utilizes the domain of competitors and prepares the reports for figuring out the common yet unique sources of backlinks. It’s impossible to ignore the tool when it comes to keeping the light on the link intersect that could help to identify the websites that are linked to a number of competitor domains. It becomes easier for viewing the complete profile of backlink on a particular page and reveals the back-links of low high-quality, without wasting your precious time.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a pretty noticeable tool while one desires to have the best possible exploration about websites. You can find it very easy to collect the detailed information about online authority, links, as well as the target market. The highly effective way you can possibly use with this tool is to make a report of competitive analysis. The tool is much helpful when it comes to offering you the exact number of natural and unnatural back-links. The information you collect through this tool could help to put up the multiple URLs to evaluate the overall performance based primarily on the reports of competitor analysis.

Although lots of other tools available for SEO companies who want to promote their own and other businesses over major search engines like Google and Yahoo!, having sufficient knowledge about the ones mentioned above will help find their way with much ease.

Apple A11 Bionic Chip vs. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835

The Apple A11 Bionic Chip is a 64-bit Advanced RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) Machine (ARM)-based custom SoC (System on a Chip) designed by Apple. Apple used A11 Bionic Chip on its latest iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. It has two superior cores which are quicker than the Apple A10 and four high-efficiency cores which are up to 70% quicker than the energy-efficient cores in the Apple A10.

Following is an overview of A11 Bionic Chip:

• 10 nanometer (nm) FinFET (Fin-Field Effect Transistor)Technology
• Microarchitecture: ARMv8-A (the latest generation Arm architecture in the A-profile)
• Cores: Hexa-core(2*Monsoon + 4*Mistral)
• L1 Cache: 32 KB (Kilo Bytes) instruction, 32 KB Data
• L2 Cache: 8 MB (Mega Bytes)
• GPU (Graphics Processing Unit): Apple designed 3 cores

A11 Bionic Chip Specification Details:

• A11 has an Apple-designed 64-bit ARMv8-A six-core CPU (Central Processing Unit)
• A 11 is manufactured by TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) using a 10 nm FinFET technology, and it contains 4.3 billion transistors
• 2 high-performance cores are called Monsoon, and 4 energy-efficient cores are called Mistral
• A 11 uses a new second-generation performance controller that allows using all six cores synchronously
• Integrated Apple-manufactured 3 core GPU with 30% faster graphics performance than A 10.
• Embedded M11 motion coprocessor
• A11 has a neural network hardware that is called “neural engine” by Apple, which can do up to 600 billion operations per second; it is used for Face Identity, Animoji, and AR (Augmented Reality) like more intricate tasks.

A recent Geekbench test (a cross-platform processor benchmark with a scoring system that separates single and multicore performances, and workloads that simulate real-world scenarios) corroborate that iPhone’s recent A11 bionic chip completely outclasses every other high-class processor chipsets including Samsung’s Exynos 8895, Huawei Kirin 960, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835. A report confirms that the novel A11 bionic chip is the quickest among new generation mobile processor chips with a single-core score of a 4204, and its multi-core score on the 6-core chip reaches 10165 points. Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 has a single-core score of 1800 while it has a multi-core score of 6301 that is far lower than Apple A11 bionic chip score.

Apple is truly claiming its A11 bionic chip as the king of mobile processors. Apple A11 bionic chip is built on the same architecture and 10 nm FinFET technology as that of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835. Qualcomm’s chip is an 8-core design while Apple A11 bionic chip is a 6-core design, and it still performs better than Snapdragon 835. A11 is obviously quicker than three other smartphone chips namely, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835, Samsung’s Exynos 8895, and Huawei’s Kirin 960. A11 is no doubt a remarkable invention as it outperforms every other mobile processor chip in the market.

Apple is way ahead of the competition in the smartphone CPU performance today, and one of the market’s top players, Snapdragon still lag behind in the Android space. Apple’s 11 bionic chip proves itself superior in both single and multicore performance according to Geekbench 4 tests. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon needs lots of improvements to catch up with Apple A11 bionic chip. Apple is definitely a threat to major market players like Samsung’s Exynos, Huawei’s Kirin, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 consists of 3 billion transistors while Apple A11 bionic chip consists of 4.3 billion transistors that are 1.3 billion more than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835. Apple A11 processor is manufactured on 10nm FinFET technology, and it comes with 30% performance boost, and 50% power efficiency that outdo hardcore performance of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835.

Apple’s A11 has the highest multi-core score in the Geekbench test, and it is clearly large than Snapdragon 835 multi-core score of 6301. Apple A11 bionic chip features the same sort of architecture like Samsung’s Exynos 8895 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 have. However, doubling of the number of lower-power processors in A11 is what that Apple has uniquely done. Apple claims that A11 is the fastest mobile processor and better than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 that can be bought today. It’s a legitimate claim considering all 6 cores of Apple A11 bionic chip can work simultaneously on same tasks. It will be interesting to see what Apple will bring in future.

Apple A11 bionic chip is 50 to 70 percent faster than Android, and even those powered by Qualcomm’ Snapdragon 835. Apple has made its competitors to feel shame with its A11 bionic chip single and multi-core score. Apple is consistently working to come up with cutting-edge technology products. Apple’s competitors are also working on to come with state-of-the-art technologies, but still, they are behind Apple. In other words, Apple is giving tough competition to its competitors, and A11 bionic chip is one of the proofs of that. Geekbench 4 test clearly suggests that Apple is leading the market. In the future, it will be decided who move ahead and who remain behind in the competition of mobile processor chips.

Most Effective Tips and Tricks for Computer Printers

Printers have become an integral part of not only our workplaces but also our homes. The advancement in technology has even impacted the printers. This has completely revolutionized the whole process of printing. There are quite a few ways in which you can utilize your printer to its complete potential and keep in functioning in the best possible condition.

Let me shed some light on a few of the handy tips and tricks that will enable you to perform a few of the tasks in a jiffy. There is a high possibility that you may not be aware of a few of the points that I am going to showcase below.

Print in the Correct Order

Most of the printers will print pages with their face down. This will automatically order the stack of pages when you turn it over. However, there are a few of the printers that will print with the face of the pages up. This puts the first page at the bottom of the stack which makes its necessary to reorder the pages. Some of the inkjet printers will reverse the printing order by default, but for all those so not have this reverse printing feature, there is a tip.

MS Office Word has a feature that will enable you to print the pages in the reverse order. In the 2003 version of Word, you will have to go to Tools>Options and then click on the Print tab. Over there you will have to check the ‘Reverse Print Order’. In case of Word 2007 version, select the Microsoft Office Button and then click on the ‘Word Options’. On the left-hand side of the dialog box, you will find the Advanced options. Move over to the print options below and put a check on the ‘Print Pages in Reverse Order’ option.

Test a Formatting or Printing Feature

Creating a text document in Word is quite helpful in testing a formatting or printing feature. This can be done in a fairly simple manner. All you need to do is type ‘=rand(p,s)’ in a paragraph. Over here, ‘p’ indicates the number of paragraphs and ‘s’ are the sentences that are present in the paragraph. Once you are done, just press Enter. Different versions of Word will use the different text. Talking about Word 2007, it uses a different version of the dummy text when compared with Word 2003.

Print Black-Only Monochrome Documents

Most of the printer users face an issue while printing any of the monochrome documents. An error message gets displayed saying that the print will not print as it is out of any of the ink color. In such a situation, you should have a look at the printer driver. Most of the printer drivers have an option that will allow you to print in black only. By selecting this option, the printer will no longer decline the printing request.

Set the Right Paper Type For Best Outputs

The reason behind the poor inkjet output quality is due to the wrong type of paper setting for the driver. Different papers will need different amounts and proportions of ink in order to generate a high-quality output. By setting the paper type the driver will know about the color tables that are to be used. If your printer is not able to recognize the type of paper automatically you can set the driver manually. However, there are some inkjet printers that will identify the paper type automatically.

Invest in Cleaning Cartridges

Drying up of ink and blockages in the nozzles of the print head is a common problem faced by most of the printer users. This results in faded and streaky print outputs. The best way to get rid of this problem is to invest in cleaning cartridges which will thoroughly clean the print heads of an inkjet printer. Any sort of ink that has dried over the nozzles will be broken up and removed.

Check the Price of Cartridges Before Buying a Printer

This might seem silly but a lot of printer users end up buying a cheap printer that has expensive ink replacement costs. Due to which, the cost of the replacing the cartridges would easily cross the price at which the printer was bought. Therefore, before buying a printer check the cost of the cartridges that are compatible with the printer’s model. There is no point in buying a printer that has a hefty price tag associated with replacing the ink. Pricing the printer fairly low and asking a high price for the cartridges is a clever business model that is adopted by a lot of the printer manufacturers.

In The End

I hope that all the tips and tricks which are mentioned in this article will prove to be quite beneficial for you. Do share your views about them and let me know about any other useful tips in the comments section below.


Top 10 Alternative Keyboard Apps for IOS in 2017

Although default IOS keyboard is pretty fast and intuitive, there are many third party keyboard apps out there that come with some additional features and customization options. If you need some more colors, fonts, custom adjustments, GIF and sticker integration, there are tons of options you can choose from. The thing is not all the third party keyboard come with the same value and quality, and you’ll have to make a good research and some testing to find a really good one for you. The good news is that I’ve done the testing for you and put together a list of the best and most widely used IOS keyboard apps. These keyboards bring advanced functionality and contribute to a faster and better typing experience. Let’s check them out.


Blink Keyboard

Blink is a simple yet powerful keyboard that comes with a number of exciting features. It features a resizable keyboard to make the typing easier on larger sized iPhones. There are all types of keyboard layout options you can choose from, and a number of themes with fonts to try out. The keyboard has a smart auto correct and a quick text feature that lets you quickly insert frequently used texts or words while typing. You can easily add punctuation, cut and delete words, and just long press the row key to access emojis.

Gboar banner


If you’re looking for a keyboard with a built in Google search, Gboard is the answer. You don’t need to switch any apps, the search function is right in your keyboard, letting you search for literally anything, addresses, locations, news, articles, you name it. Gbaord also supports emoji search to let you easily insert the right emoji to your texts and and messages. Apart from the built in search functionality, the keyboard comes with a glide typing feature that lets you type even faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter. Gboard also supports voice typing, that is you can dictate texts on the go. It’s available on Apple store.


Sticker Market

Sticker Market is an all-in-one keyboard app that brings all your favorite stickers, GIFs and face emojis to your keyboard. Actually it’s a huge searchable directory for funny stickers, GIFs and image templates, where you can easily browse various sticker collections and bring them to your phone. Later, you can use the stickers and GIFs in your conversations by just copying and pasting them in the right chat. The best thing about it, is that you can use all the stickers and stuff on all top messaging apps and platforms, including iMessage, Facebook messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, and more. Also, the keyboard comes with smart autocorrect and word prediction to let you type faster and don’t worry about spelling mistakes. There are light and dark keyboard themes available.

Swiftkey Keyboard Android App


Swiftkey is an advanced keyboard app that contributes to faster and hassle free typing. The keyboard uses artificial intelligence to learn your writing style and adapt to you. It predicts and suggests words and emojis you use the most while you type. Also, the app provides many keyboard customization options, such as colors, keyboard themes and designs. Swiftkey supports over 150 languages and provides bilingual autocorrect on all the supported languages.

Go Keybaord

Go keyboard

Go keyboard is the right options if you’d like to fully personalize your phone keyboard. It offers a myriad of customization options and some great features along the way. It comes with a number of keyboard wallpapers, layouts, themes, fancy fonts, and makes your keyboard look fabulous. Also, there is support for over 60 languages, and sticker and emojis to let you have fun while you chat with family and friends. The keyboard is available on Apple Store.



Swype is a smart keyboard that gets even smarter the more you use it. It offers a better, faster keyboard experience and is available on Apple store. The keyboard features a powerful next word prediction that learns your unique vocabulary and suggests words based on previous usage. Also, it gives you access to a frequently updated language dictionary, where you’ll find the most up to date and crowd-sourced hot words and phrases. Swype has three tablet keyboard designs to make your typing faster on any device, and features a next level voice recognition to let you dictate texts.

Fleksy banner


Fleksy is an advanced, fast and highly customizable keyboard app that comes with a number of extensions you can choose from. It uses next generation auto correct and word prediction, so you don’t have to worry about the accuracy of your texts. With just a swipe of your fingers you can easily insert punctuation and space, access the number row, cut and delete words. You can fully personalize your keyboard by using any of the theme designs available, and freely express yourself with GIFs and emojis. Fleksy supports over 40 languages and lets you quickly switch from one language to another. Available on Apple Store and Google Play store.



If you like to save interesting stuff on your phone, Clips is good option for you. It is a clipboard manager for IOS users that lets you copy and paste literally anything from your keyboard. You can clip quotes and other content, links, animated GIFs and easily access and input them later with just a few clicks. No app switching is required.



Kwilt offers a 4 ways to share multiple photos and images with your friends and family members right from your keyboard. Once you install the app, you’ll add multiple photo sources to your account and stitch all of them together no matter where you are. You can find and access your photos from your social media accounts, cloud storage, your mobile phone using fast filters. The app features a photo editing tool, where you can resize, colorize, add text and effects to photos. The app has a number of settings you can adjust to your needs and personalize your phone’s keyboard.

Color Keyboard Maker

Color Keyboard Maker

Color Keyboard Maker is yet another great app to offer a high level of keyboard customization. You can change and adjust literally everything on your keyboard, including colors, shapes, button styles, sounds, fonts and more. The app has a nice theme gallery where you can add your own themes as well. The keyboard gives you access to a huge collection of emojis that you can use right from your keyboard. Apart from customization options, Color Keyboard features auto correct, word prediction and supports a number of languages. The keyboard is available for both IOS users.

Here they are. Best ten keyboard options for any taste and requirement. No matter what you’re looking for any of these keyboard apps has the right feature to offer. Check them out and let me know what you think.

How To Stay On Your Toes When It Comes to Digital Marketing?

The digital marketing environment is ever changing and the game rules are different today than they were just a year before. Search engine algorithms are getting better on daily basis and the use of A.I. is much more frequent these days. In order to stay fresh and prepared for future changes, you’ll need to learn a lot and listen to experienced marketing professionals. Below are the tips from the most talented ones, and hopefully, their expertise will help you to improve.

Never stop learning

Brian Honigman, who is a successful marketing consultant, freelance writer and speaker claims that one should never stop educating in order to be on the top of marketing trends. He says it is very important to exchange knowledge and experience with other marketers and read a lot as well. You should attend courses, conferences, speaking events and learn from the industry leaders. Those events will help you to widen your network of contacts which will facilitate the search for new projects and will ensure learning possibilities even more.

Never Stop Learning

Get informed from various sources

Buddy Scalera (SVP, Content strategy) reminds us of the need to follow a bunch of different podcasts, conferences and news feed. Every each one of those information sources can be very helpful if you want to be a respectful player in the digital marketing game. Buddy recommends listening to at least one podcast every day. Those shows can give you an edge over your competitors and you can learn what is trending in the industry. In addition, he claims that news feed must be visited through the whole working day. Go ahead and read as much as you can at Feedly, Google News, and Flipboard.

Subscribe to relevant blogs

Ginny Soskey is Section Editor at HubSpot and she says it is very important to surround yourself with proactive and smart people, who are aware of upcoming and current trends. The best way of achieving this is to subscribe to their blogs and follow their latest posts. On the other hand, some learning can be done at your work. Ginny likes to take a cup of coffee with her co-workers once a day and talk about their projects and marketing strategies. Keep up with sharing since that is the best way of winning in this game.

Learn from your clients

Steve Armenti is a Director of Strategic Services at Skyword and his main source of hot information are his clients. He says it’s really important to get connected with innovative companies since those are trend setters. The best way to know something has a potential to get trendy is when someone asks you to do something you never heard of. This way, you’ll be able to find an original solution which will be replicated many times in the near future, and that’s the definition of a trend.

You need to love your job

If you want to be a leader in the game of digital marketing, you’ll need to dedicate yourself truly. Freelance Web Design by Ryan Burchey proves the claim mentioned above. His completed projects tell the story of success. He is an experienced web designer who claims that love for the job is the first thing you’ll need if you want to be on the top. He is completely dedicated to his clients and aware that they are the ones producing trends. Another thing he recommends when it comes to staying on top is a great customer service and honest communication. That way, you will learn a lot about your customers’ wishes and needs.

Choose customer over marketing trend

Another professional who claims that is better to learn from your customer rather than marketing trends is Jay Acunzo. He is Director of Platform and Community at Next View Ventures. He is sure that the way of client’s content research and usage is way more important to a marketing strategy than to copy some tactic everybody talks about. He is also reading plenty of digital marketing blogs where he gathers information and builds his strategy. Another routine he recommends is making a list of people you want to learn from and frequently visit their pages.

Final thoughts

As you can see, it is crucial to stay open and curious in order to improve. Don’t feel ashamed to ask questions and listen to colleagues with more experience. You should stay awake and prepared to adapt to the smallest change in trends. Listen to your customer base, go online to read and love what you do.

How to make AirPrint work more Effectively with Any Printers

It was not until the fall of 2010, that Apple released the much-awaited feature of wireless printing by the name of AirPrint. However, the feature was a useful update but it came with its own disappointments. This was because only a handful of HP printers were able to support the service. Over the years, the number of printers that work seamlessly with the service has grown significantly. But still, there are thousands of printers out there which do not support AirPrint.

So, if you have a printer that doesn’t support this feature then before you think about buying a new printer just go through this article.

Most of the printer manufacturers offer an app that will enable the iOS device to communicate with a printer that does have an AirPrint support. Apart from this, there are few third party apps that will allow any of your iOS device to get connected to a printer. So broadly there are two ways in which you can make AirPrint work seamlessly with any of your printers. Let’s talk about both these ways in details below.

Official Apps By The Printer Manufacturers

One thing needs to noted over here that these apps are intended to work with only those printers which have a Wi-Fi support. These apps are available totally free of cost and in most cases will work great with the iOS device. However, there are a few apps that will come with only limited functionality which means that they might not be a complete solution for all your printing needs.

Let’s have a look at a few of the applications that are available by a few of the popular printer manufacturers.

Epson iPrint

Brother iPrint&Scan

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint


Kodak Pic Flick

HP ePrint Home & Biz

However, on testing a few of these apps with the different printers without the AirPrint support it was found out that there are a few features on which the apps are lacking. One of the biggest drawbacks of the apps was a zero support for the old wired printers. This leads to a conclusion that the printer manufacturer apps are not a complete solution.

So let’s now discuss about a commercial solution to fix this issue completely.

Third Party Apps

Before we begin our discussion, you will have to equip yourself with the below-mentioned things.

A Mac or a Windows PC

An iOS Device

FingerPrint app that is suitable for the desktop OS.

A printer that is easy to use with the desktop OS.

A Wi-Fi network that will connect the iOS device to the host computer.

The center of our discussion will revolve around the FingerPrint app which is one of the best third party apps available out there. The app is able to work seamlessly on all the iOS devices. Over the years the app has seen a lot of updates and houses almost all the necessary features. The best part about the app is that you can use it for a trial of 7 days before purchasing its paid version.

Installation and Configuring the FingerPrint app

The installation procedure of the FingerPrint app is a fairly easy one. The only concern that you will face is the OS platform on which you are going to install the app. The app will act as a print server for iOS. By doing this, the app will be able to fake the AirPrint client that comes included with the iOS version. You need to install the app on a PC or a machine that will remain in a functioning state. If the OS X or the Windows based home server is having an access to the networked printers, this situation would be perfect for the FingerPrint scanner. All in all the machine which you are using should have an access to the printer that you want to use it with.

During the installation process, you will encounter the straight forward dialog boxes and you will be supposed to click on the ‘Next’ button. Once the process has been completed you will have to reboot the machine. After the machine has rebooted, click on the FingerPrint app option in the start menu. The app features a fairly clean interface that will display all the different printers which are available. Just check only those printers that you will be actually using for taking the prints.

On your iOS device, you don’t have to do any kind of configuration for accessing the required printers. All you need to do is launch a program that has the printing capabilities. Any program that has an access of AirPrint will be able to use the print on the desired host computer.

In The End

Above is a useful guide to making the AirPrint work seamlessly on any printer. Do let me know about your views about the article and whether the procedure mentioned above proved to be useful for you or not.