Top 7 Sins of Content Gods

Gods of content marketing can get very angry and what makes them particularly vengeful are the seven deadly sins. Even those who think of themselves as content gods commit them. There are those who consistently write great content, but their content strategy is completely off the target- they are blind to the needs of their target audience and in many cases, they do not even know what their target audience is. Then there are the one whose content marketing strategy is spot on, but they spend all their time devising it and they take no action. The rest of the road to hell is paved with sloppiness when it comes to content with too much focus on SEO and not knowing one’s audience.

So, here are our top 7 content marketing sins:

Divorcing Content Marketing Strategy and Action

Content marketing does not work without answering the questions “why“ and “how“. Why create a certain type of content and not something else? Why is that type of content helpful? How to answer the needs of one’s target audience? The answers to these questions are not hidden in marketing guides. They can be obtained only by actively participating in online communities, identifying the needs of the target audience and satisfying them. However, this alone will not bring any success if no action has been taken. The best way to prevent this “divorce“ from happening is to come up with the so-called S.M.A.R.T. goals strategy: specific, measurable, assignable, realistic and time-based. For example: “ Attracting 2.000 new followers within 3 months“ and then working backwards from the goal to devise a strategy that works best for one’s circumstances.

No Diversity

Many marketers make a mistake thinking that content is just about writing blog posts. It’s not. Content, nowadays, is much more: videos, memes, images, podcasts, gifs, infographics etc. In fact, taking into account how short attention spans modern-day people have, blog posts alone are not likely to be successful. What is important, again, is to identify the needs of the target audience and supply their preferred type of content.

Not Knowing One’s Audience

Creating some vague profile of a customer does not cut it. Every marketer needs to make an effort and delve deeper into the motivations of the target audience by discovering what moves them. It can be done through customer and web surveys or interviews (on phone or in person).

Creating Unhelpful Content

This sin is connected with the previous one. Customers do not feel understood by their brands and those who do not understand their target audience, end up providing content that is not helpful to THEM. This means that even if that content is top quality, it does not suffice if it does not answer the needs of the audience.

Publishing and Then Just Waiting for Godot

This is one of the most common mistakes. People do their homework, they know their audience, they create amazing content, publish it and then- just sit and wait. Wait for what? Probably for the content to promote itself. It does not happen in the real world. The golden rule of 80/ 20 applies here: 20% of the time should be spent writing content and 80% of the time should be spent promoting it. This means engaging with people on social media, reaching out to them, sharing, participating in online communities and commenting. It’s “content marketing“ for a reason. Not just about content but marketing too.

Too Much Focus on SEO

Everyone is obsessed with SEO these days, to the point that one begins to wonder: Is it really “content is king“ or more like “SEO is king“. This approach might have worked before, when it was possible to study the search engines and get to #1 in the search rankings just by posting regularly. Nowadays, with millions of blog posts published every day, this approach simply does not work. Instead, one needs to come up with something different in order to stand out.

Creating Subpar Content

Those whose approach is solely SEO-driven make a mistake of churning out content with no value to it. They regularly publish to fulfill a Key Performance Indicator, but their content has no quality- it’s utter rubbish. People can easily see through it. All of the SEO hocus-pocus is of no use if the followers do not keep coming. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Well, today’s audience is usually not fooled twice. They will keep coming only if the content is top quality.

No matter how experienced marketer one believes himself to be, there are some mistakes that keep being repeated over and over again. Some of them are not only the mistakes, they are deadly sins of the content marketing. The most fundamental one is connected with the infrastructure of the content marketing: strategy and action ( either of the pair is missing). The remaining ones all have to do with not knowing one’s target audience and creating crappy content. All of them can be easily eliminated: listen, learn and adapt.

10 Working Secrets of a Successful Content Writer!

Just as everyone with a camera isn’t a photographer, same is the case with writers as well. Not everyone who hits the keyboard isn’t a writer. A good write up can be very difficult to produce. As people only read what catches their eye. According to research, writing is the least favorite activity notified by Americas. They prefer talking, then reading and finally a proportion of the masses like to write more than speaking or reading. Therefore making writing almost a foreign skill to a lot of people.

Then it comes to content writing which is very different from every day write ups. And the most important thing is to maintain the interest of the reader. Readers tend to lose interest in your article in seconds. Therefore it is very difficult to produce a reader-friendly article. Your readers accept from you only but the best. Your article should be informative and entertaining at the same time. A mixture of these two is usually difficult to construct.

If you want your articles to be jaw dropping and phenomenal, then you need to follow a certain guild line that I have made after much researching. I have thoroughly gone through many of the best articles over the internet and have compiled a list of 10 secrets that content writers use secretly to make their articles fascinating.

The list below has those 10 secrets which will guarantee to make your content way better than it is right now. If you want to quickly make a name for yourself in the arena of content writing, then follow the list carefully and be sure to follow up on every point. So without further delay, I present you the list of 10 working secrets of a successful content writer.

10 secrets to make your work spellbinding.

Thorough research

Everyone knows how a cell phone works, or how to install Windows so don’t drag the same old topics again and again. Give your readers something new. Like how to make money from just a smartphone. Topics like these are certain to catch the reader’s eye. But to give out something like that you need to do a thorough research first. Not just built up the hype with a fancy title and leave the rest of the article hanging. Keep updating yourself with the latest happening around your niche. Suppose if you’re a tech blogger than it is your job to know the latest tech and gadgets in the market. So don’t waste time on telling that world what an iPhone 7 can do. Instead, tell them what the iPhone would do. Tell the world they don’t know.

To search, you can always you the internet and Google is the best source to research for almost any topic. Also, try adding links to of multiple URLs as references, it makes your claim much more legit, and the readers believe in what you’ve said.

Have your own signature voice.

You can’t be a content writing legend if you don’t have your unique voice. Anyone can copy and simply reproduce what one has read. To make your work stand apart, you need to bring innovation into already accepted ideas. After a thorough research, jot down all the points that you will be writing on. Once you’ve done that, move to phase 2. That is trying to express your thoughts about what you’ve learned. This is where you show your skills as a writer. Every individual has its own way of talking same as everyone writer has its own way of writing. In which he decides the wordplay that he will be using. This is an inborn talent which every writer possesses. All you need to do is find your own voice, and for that, there are 3 simple steps which professional writers follow. That is COPY, MASTERY, and INNOVATION.

Copy the idea or the concept, become its master. Know everything about it there is to and then finally bring in innovation. That tells the people something they don’t know or point out to a certain fact that everyone has missed so far. Do not try to copy the writing style of a famous writer or your favorite writer. Instead try to tweak it into something new because the readers can identify that you’ve copied the entire concept as well the style from somewhere else, the minute a reader realizes this, they lose interest in your work. Therefore it is mandatory to have your own signature voice.

Stay on point.

The easiest way to ruin a perfectly good written blog is to deviate from your original topic. This is a mistake what happens naturally. When you write, you bring in extra information, which could lead to a whole different topic. Suppose you’re writing an article on the pros and cons of the internet and you discuss Facebook as a con. Keep it till there and move to your next point. Not start discussing Facebook in general, like when it was founded, what happens there, etc. Your reader came to your article for the pros and cons of the internet, not to read about Facebook.

To avoid straying away from the topic think of the first and last paragraph first. This will keep your article in a confined boundary. Your conclusion or generally known as the “BOTTOM LINE” is the essence of your article. Keep the bottom line unique to create a bewitching effect on the readers. Once you’ve done writing, go through the editing sessions and chop off any unnecessary detail that you’ve added.

Long or short, it doesn’t matter!

Matching depth with length is a difficult thing to pull off, but I will make it simple for you. The psychology of every reader is different; some prefer long articles while some prefer short articles. What you need to do is find a middle ground. Introduce points and subheadings in your article to avoiding the boredom of the reader. If you have a topic on which there is very less to write on then dig deep, research well and discuss the most important aspect of the article with in-depth detail. But if there’s much material to write on then pick the most important aspects that you want to discuss, cut off the rest and try to simply hard to understand topics.

Show off something Unique.

This is basically a simple construction step which can help you in constructing a unique article. First of all, divide your article into three parts.

Topic; It is obvious that this comes first. This is your subject line or the whole point of conversion.

Idea; This is the idea which you want to express in your article.

POV; This is where you get to pick sides, whether you’re against or in favor of the topic.
You can build your article on these points. Start off with your introduction, give out your points and ideas make unlikely comparisons, and remember to bring in opposing views so that your article remains neutral and unbiased. You can further highlight categories and divisions, pick out a specific tone that you’ll carry through the article. And finally, always be innovative.

A good title takes a great deal of time.

The title is everything! No matter how exceptional the body of your article is, a bad title can ruin your article even before the reader starts reading it. Therefore a nice title is mandatory, so give yourself time to come up with an extraordinary title. Do remember that a title must be catchy, must predict the content, must have the keyword in it and it should reflect your tone which you’ll carry in the entire rest of the article.

Keep the reader enticing for more.

This is a battle that you have to win! The first line of your article should be so tempting that it simply does not let the reader leave without reading the entire article. Try this out by asking your friend to read the first line, only the first line of an article that you’ve completed, if he insists you to let me him read the rest then give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve done a good job and if this does not happen then remake the first line until it has that spellbinding effect.

Introduction Matters.

The first paragraph matters as much as the first line does. The first paragraph should be like those cold telemarketers who don’t take no for an answer. If you’ve successfully pulled off the first paragraph, then it is guaranteed that your article will be a hit. For a short article the first paragraph is the introduction (50-80 words), and for longer articles, the first couple of paragraphs can be an introduction (150-200 words).

Don’t create unnecessary hype.

This is again a common mistake that most writers. They create such unnecessary hype in the starting which is difficult to maintain through the entire article. This results in reader getting bored and leaving your article unread. Therefore you must not drag and exaggerate. Only built the hype which is maintainable throughout the article. Keep the information believable, provide facts with resource links and stats to make the reader believe your claim. Otherwise, he may leave may not come back anytime soon.

Killer Ending.

The ending is much important as the introduction is. And a just like in the movies, a bad ending could ruin a perfect movie. Same is the case with articles. After constructing a phenomenal article don’t ruin all your hard work with a bad ending. In fact, put your best in the ending as it is the end which will give the reader your final word. A good ending could leave your readers with deep thoughts for days and he will me waiting eagerly to hear from you next. This is how readership is built. Therefore it is mandatory to create an exceptional ending.


This is a bonus point to take your articles to the next level. Try adding a good conclusion in which give out your personal view about the article that you’ve. Readers enjoy reading the writer’s opinion, therefore, add it in conclusion.


So there you have the 10 working secrets of a successful content writer. All in all, research thoroughly before starting, keep the text plain, simple and readable. Avoid fancy language but be innovative about the ideas that you’re discussing. Write in your signature voice, be unique, try out different angles and start off and end with a lasting impression that will leave your readers spellbound.

Why SEO Is Important for Your Business

No matter what type of business you are, you want to rank well online. If you don’t rank well, people won’t find your website, and you’ll have difficulty bringing in new customers. The days of thriving as a business simply based on word of mouth is long behind us, and if you don’t implement tested and successful SEO strategies you’ll be left in the dust.

Now, before you can utilize professional SEO services, it’s best you understand what SEO is. SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’, and it is a culmination of strategies and techniques used to boost the number of visitors to a website by achieving high-rankings in search results on search engines (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing). In theory, the higher up on the search results page you fall, the more likely you are to gain visitors to your site.

When you rank higher, it’s proven users are more likely to trust your brand. If users think big players like Google trust you, they’ll be much more inclined to follow suit. Because of this, high rankings not only increase your visibility, but increase your reputation and credibility.

How Can a Professional SEO Company Help My Business?

Utilizing the expertise of a professional SEO services company is one of the best investments you can make for your business. In fact, SEO has one of the best returns on investment when it comes to advertising simply because you’re marketing to people only when they’re searching for it. You won’t be placing ads on their social media pages or interrupting them while they’re streaming music – you’ll conveniently be visible when they’re searching for the products and services that you provide. At that point, they’re already actively considering making a purchase, and all you need to do is show them you’re the right choice.

A professional SEO company will have the skills and resources to make sure you appear for those customers.

How Do I Know It’s Working?

When you invest time and money into SEO for your business, you’ll want to be able to see it’s working. This is where Google Analytics comes in handy. Google Analytics is a great tool that will easily show you a number of things regarding your business’s SEO. It will not only show where you’re ranking well and could use some improvement, but gives you great insight into the people who are viewing your site. You’ll be able to see how they search, what they browse, where they live, and the times they are most active.

A professional SEO company will be able to discuss these analytics with you in depth, so you can understand exactly where it is you stand. From there, a reputable company will use the insights provided by Google Analytics to make more strategically based decisions to improve your rankings. Everyone has to start somewhere in regards to their SEO, and using reporting tools will help your rankings improve more quickly over time.

If SEO is something you don’t believe you want to tackle on your own – don’t worry. It can be intimidating to take on your own search engine optimization, and frankly it’s not something you want to mess up. This is why most companies (even the big ones) enlist the help of professional SEO companies to take their internet marketing to the next level.

A professional SEO company will be knowledgeable and up to speed on all the latest practices in regards to search engine optimization, and will be able to make your business visible and relevant online. Whether it be back linking, optimizing the existing content on your website, or creating new, keyword rich content – they’ll be able to bring you in front of the customers you need to succeed.

But, a word of caution: not all SEO companies are equal. Be sure to do thorough research, ask for customer testimonials, and request copies of actual client results. Some companies claim they can do wonders for your business, but when it comes down to it they don’t possess the knowledge or resources to deliver. Putting in a bit of extra effort when finding a professional SEO services company will guarantee not only their success – but yours.

Best Secured Messenger Apps For Android: 7 Must-Required Android/iOS Messaging Apps

Messaging is the most simple communication app for today’s generation. Teenagers as well as the older generations are busy digging their heads into their smartphones chatting online or offline. With the emergence of messaging apps like whatsapp,hike and its intuitive features like video or audio calling, sending documents, videos or photos have taken the Android devices to a different level. Thesedays, along with calling, texting or messaging has been a new trend. We bring to your 5 best messenger apps that is a must required for all Android/iOS users.

7 Messaging Apps for Android and iOS Users

Preserve your personal chats or texts with the following 5 messaging apps exclusively designed to maintain privacy. These messaging chats provide with security services to save your messages from prying eyes. Go through these messaging apps to know which one would you prefer to have in your Android or iOS.


This is the most commonly used messaging app is overloaded with great features other than just typing messages. Along with providing great features, it also protects all your important chats. It is enabled with end-to-end encryption, this signifies that the message is only read by the send and receiver. A security code is provided that helps to verify that your messages are not being intercepted with anyone else. It is applicable for Android, iOS and PC.

Download Whatsapp!


The easy to use messaging app comes is a privacy-conscious messaging app developed by Open Whisper Systems. All the conversations are encrypted end-to-end just like whatsapp. This messaging app doesn’t record metadata of messages which means it doesn’t keep a track of your contacts,date and time of messages. If in case, you uninstall Signal the backup is not available, this makes it less preferable.

Download Signal!


Unlike, other messenger apps, Frozenchat offers end-to-end encryption using OTR (Off the Record) messaging. All your messages are protected and can verify the person who are talking to. It is an open source that supports the open XMPP protocol and doesn’t have a central server.

Download FrozenChat!


The iOS messaging app supports off the record messaging and the open XMPP protocol. Before you start a conversation, a digital fingerprint can be noticed, this allows the user to cross check with your friends to be sure no-one is intercepting messages. The experiemental features allows the use for Tor, that tracks your location while messaging contacts. The user should use an XMPP server to keep your messages in the secure place known as ‘dark web’.

Download ChatSecure!

Wickr Me

Along with end-to-end encryption it can even remove metadata like timestamp from your conversations. After a certain period of time, messages get self-destructed. The wipe features allows to safely erase unnecessary messages. The messaging app is not clear on how effectively the app can delete data, thus Android user should encrypt their devices.

Download Wickr Me!


Want a replacement for regular Android’s SMS apps? This one is just what is needed from a messaging app. The smart app stores all messages received in the encrypted database. It doesn’t have a password to protect but if you wish you can! If the other person owns this app, it is recognized and use end-to-end encryption to deliver text and media. Try to know!

Download Silence!

Facebook Messenger

Facebook uses the signal protocol for end-to-end encryption and offers an option named as ‘secret conversations’. After a conversation has started, the user can send text, photo or videos. Bad luck for group chatters as it doesn’t support group chats. If someone tries to report your messages, it will automatically get decrypted and sent to Facebook. This messenger is used by all of us for chatting on Facebook.

Download Facebook Messenger!

Over to you!

Try these apps on your Android or iOS for a better experience about the features. All your messages are perfectly maintained and protected from prying eyes. Find these apps at Google Play Store or iTunes to download it ASAP! These are just a handful, there are many such messaging apps for Android and iOS. Protect all your messages, media history .

5 Must-Have Apps for Sharepoint Online

Microsoft’s Office Store is now stuffed with a mass of useful Apps to serve in every area of activity. In this brief article, we gathered only the most essential of them and chose one must-have third-party App per category.

Office Store Editor’s Pick

DocuSign for SharePoint Online was designed specifically for sending, signing and tracking documents securely right from any document library in SharePoint Online. It produces a significant increase of workflow productivity due to its digital signature feature, providing a secure and quick way of documents processing.

Customer Relationships

SideKick 365 xRM Ultimate is an all-in-one CRM system for perfect management of your leads, prospects, tasks, and projects with a close Office 365 integration and a bundle of settings for an improved customization. The useful features of the add-in are so numerous that there is not enough space to describe them all.

Staff Management

Human resources is an important area of a company’s activity, so it needs an efficient and dedicated solution. Kasper Pro HR with Self Service is exactly this sort of a tool. It automates employee on boarding, company cars and property management, supports competency-based appraisals, training, and skills management.

Layouts Customization

A functionally rich and beautiful Virto Event Calendar Viewer by VirtoSoftware enables displaying your events within a SharePoint web page. This smart calendar will auto detect the type of your events and sort them once you defined categories, and thus shorten the process of events creation. It also provides popups, filtering features and hourly-schedule preview.

Additional Functionality

There is also some isolated solutions offered by Office Store, such as Location Finder. It allows SharePoint users to see your defined locations and their details on an auto-zooming map. Designed for a convenience of the users, it can be useful in some occasions. It also implements an auto calculation of latitude and longitude values to add new locations with ease.


Top 5 Free Useful Applications for iOS and Android (MACs and PCs included)

Just as we go to Google to have every question answered, we run our lives with the help of our trusty apps. From basic social keeping in touch, editing our pictures, crunching our numbers, web designing, and even for searching our better halves, all of these we do with just a click on our pad and screens. In this competitive world, there are many similar apps options out there working for similar tasks. But we have done our research and distilled the top 5 free apps which are accessible by iOS and Android devices. Moreover, since our world has increasingly gotten interconnected (and thus our lives), we also include the app’s accessibility on the larger screens of PCs and Macs. Interconnection and flexible accessibility sound very well-rounded and nothing is against well-roundedness.


One issue that constantly looms as the backdrop of our smartphone storage is us needing to keep just so many things. Microsoft offers this very useful app which is not only accessible on our Android and iOS devices, but also on PCs and Macs (Microsoft actually says any other devices you use, so Blackberry users, maybe you are in) This app gives you an extra 5 GBs worth of memory to keep (and work on) your work and personal documents, and filing them with a user-friendly algorithm. Its web designing platform also comes with a very sleek web design that could be your favorite go-to at work. Borrowing Tolkien’s words, this is the OneDrive to store them all, and as Microsoft says it, #DoMore wherever you are.


We are aware that supermodel Kendall Jenner said she was ‘banned’ by Uber with no clear reasons as to why, resulting to the nascent chicness of its rival, Lyft, but Uber remains the hands-down most recommended ride sharing app. Why? First, it actually has more areas covered worldwide (616 cities and counting). Second, its affordable price; ride sharing apps fluctuate their offered prices with the dynamics of traffic demands, but Uber is consistently the most reliable at offering more reasonable prices. Its web design is also quite practical for those who love to check the overview of everything. Uber also recently improved its rider experience by letting riders connect their Uber app to music streaming apps Spotify and Pandora so that you can feel at home while ride sharing and do your own episode of Carpool Karaoke.


Blogger-approved! If you are intimidated by the sophistication of Adobe Photoshop/Light room, check this app out. The app is top-notch in photo editing and has been awarded a couple of times, recently as Top 100 Best Android App by PC Magazine in 2015. Snapseed has a clear user interface that answers to the calls of your inner photographer heart, and it has many of the features that the advanced Light room offers. The app’s web designing features offer ease and relatively more control to users through its large variety of tools and the precision of adjustments. Since it is also downloadable to Microsoft devices, should you need to spruce up some lovely visuals on larger screen, you can resort to this as well.
Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker

Better than Monopoly, everyone knows Poker is an aptly correct metaphor to living our lives. With the deluge of poker apps out there, Zynga Poker is undoubtedly the one with an attractive design and user-friendly interface. We can also access its fun web-designed platform via Facebook. Many other poker apps were reported for glitches that cost players their money, and this is one with less of it. Practice that poker face and get ahead in the game and life no matter what hands you are dealt with.
OK Cupid

OK Cupid

Shoutout to the single people out there, OKCupid has been in the business for about 12 years so that they know their stuff! If you cooperate with the extensive profiling via answering the questions on preferences, you can know the percentage of similarities between you and your prospects, which will help you a lot in the making of decisions. It came in a web designing sleek interface first, but we can also now download it to our smartphones! Seek and you shall find.

Tips And Tricks for Solitaire on iPhone

How do you like to spend your free time? What do you do when you’re waiting in line for something, or you’re sitting down waiting to be called? Most of us instantly head to our phones, which means that you are probably looking for something to do that will both strengthen your skills and be entertaining at the same time. Solitaire is one app that you can put onto your iPhone that is perfect for such occasions, because it is fun to play and it can even improve your mental fitness. However, if you haven’t played in a while, then you might want to check out these tips and tricks to get started.

Start With the Basics

One of the great things about free Solitaire app is that you can find so many different varieties of the same game. However, if you’re still new to the experience, then you will want to start with the classic version first. Then, once you’ve mastered your moves there, you can go on to play other varieties.
Solitaire App for iPhone

Deal One Card at a Time

With traditional Solitaire, you can either get three cards at once or a single card. We suggest starting with one card as it is much easier to finish a game that way. Then, if you are looking for a challenge, you have somewhere to go to make the game more fun and engaging.

Don’t Rush Your Foundations

When you put your cards up on the top, those cards are called foundations. While aces and deuces can be placed immediately, don’t rush to put other numbers until you have at least gone through the whole deck first. This way you don’t run the risk of needing something later on when you can’t use the card.

Don’t Move Kings Immediately

Another rookie mistake is to move a king once you have a free space. However, don’t do that unless you can benefit from it right away, meaning that you should have lower cards ready to place once that happens. If you don’t, hold off until you do.

In the end, Solitaire is not a hard game to master, but it can still be a lot of fun. Use these tips to your advantage, and you’ll increase your win rate in no time. Download here.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

If you own a small business and you are looking for some unique ways for the promotion of your firm, then media marketing is definitely one of the best ways to go! No matter if its Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, all your audience is on social media and you should be there with them too. By setting up your accounts and maintaining it can seem like intimidating the task first, but only these six tips you will become a master on time.

Create social media accounts

You should start by creating social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn by show casing your company culture and brand by allowing fans to connect with you. Along with the provision of credibility, it is a great way for small business owners for gaining trust of their potential and current customers. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Interest, Google and Facebook are some of the most popular social networks. It is a part of online marketing services that social media accounts are created and your business is promoted through that.

Focus on your own content

After social media profile creation, the next step is focusing and creating the content. Social media marketing is of different types, but it is significant to remember by focusing on posts quality as opposed to how many posts you have. There are some options, you can easily hire a social media expert for writing or designing the content for you or you can easily use a site that has huge pre library for social media post for any special event or occasion.

Promote and share your content

The main advantage of social media is that it reaches across the globe and there is no physical proximity in the determination of factor whether someone will or won’t take notice of your business. But spreading your message on social media involves the investment in social media or ads for the promotion of your business.

Evaluate your results

After creating, promoting and sharing your content, you should always take the time out for evaluating your results. Google Analytic highlights bring the most traffic, your top posts and it allows you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses so you can continue to make different improvements in your strategy. Online marketing services

Build your own community

Last but not the least you should start building up your community. You have social media profiles, strategy and content, by focusing on growing on your audience. Social media makes this comparatively easy by allowing you to follow other pages, profiles and respond to comments. You can even use your social media accounts as method of customer support which will help in the generation of more traffic.

Amazon Echo vs. Apple Homekit vs. Google Home: Which Home Automation is Best?

Smartphones have forever modified how we communicate with the outside world. From doing a Google Search to finding somewhere to eat in a foreign country, we live during an exciting time. Having the web at our fingertips is something we probably didn’t think was possible just a few decades ago.

However, if there’s one concept that’s only become popular until recent memory is the widespread automation of devices. Take into account a time when ideas of the future included advanced robots as standard household equipment, and everything else was automated. The Internet wouldn’t come around until the early 90’s and the future the Internet of Things (IoT) still had a ways to go. Even then, home automation was not attainable until mobile technology developed a little more.

To create a fully automated home, tech giants like Apple, Amazon, and Google have stepped in to try and offer their own solutions. While they each try to achieve the same things, the Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit are different in their own ways. Here’s a look at what each does well and not so well.

Google Home with Google Assistant

Google’s own properties like search and Android mobile OS impacts so many on a daily basis, it’s only natural Google wanted another angle to get into everyone’s home. Until Google launched the Google Assistant, Amazon was your only option for home automation.

The major benefits of the Google Home and Assistant is that they are backed by Google’s network of software and tools. The biggest of which include Android’s level of customization, and Google Search. Amazon has had a head start in home automation, but Google has far more experience with voice commands and user behavioral data.

Google Assistant with Google Home – Pro’s

–    Google Search gives high-quality answers to user questions
–    Syncs with Google properties plus Google Chromecast
–    Decent speaker with heavier bass qualities

Google Assistant with Google Home – Con’s

–    Fewer “skills” than Amazon Alexa
–    Can’t connect via Bluetooth
–    Far less devices and services are compatible compared to Amazon

Google Assistant with Google Home Price

If Google Home seems like a viable option for automating your home, there’s only one option if you want voice control. Looking at just the device, the Google Assistant does less than the Amazon Echo and can be bought for roughly the same price at $129. But the Assistant is Google’s only device option, and Amazon has more budget-friendly alternatives.

Amazon Echo with Alexa

The most common home automation device, and automation system, is the Amazon Echo. To date, the Echo is one of Amazon’s most popular pieces of tech to date, and that’s including the Kindle and Fire Stick. Amazon says that the Echo functions primarily as a music player, but the real reason behind the Echo’s popularity is Alexa; Amazon’s very own digital assistant.

A digital personal assistant similar to Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana, Alexa can provide sports scores, traffic reports, and queue up your music as just a few common tasks. Alexa works from voice commands, but there is so much more that this digital assistant can do. Alexa is the core of the  Echo and makes it act as centralized “hub” for connecting users’ IoT devices.

Looking at the Amazon Echo’s list of compatible devices that are compatible with the, the list is huge and continues to grow all the time. Connectivity includes many popular standalone automation devices like home security and smart thermostats. But it also can connect with purely automation smarthubs like the ones offered by Samsung and Wink.

Let’s break down the pro’s, con’s and other stuff you should know about the Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo – Pro’s

–    Has the largest list of compatible devices, and streaming service connectivity
–    Alexa has the largest “skill” library; can perform more tasks than Google & Apple
–    Great speaker with Bluetooth connectivity

Amazon Echo – Con’s

–    Temptation for impulse purchases increases since it connects to Amazon buyer account
–    The original Echo is large in size

Amazon Echo Price

For the original Amazon Echo speaker and digital assistant, pricing can vary since Amazon runs sales on the Echo regularly. Consumers are looking at a price of $129.99 direct from Amazon, although other retailers are selling the device for much higher. If the Echo has a high price point, you can always opt for the more compact Echo Dot at $50. The speaker isn’t as good, but Alexa is still there with all that she can do. Since the Echo only functions via voice command, the Echo Dot can also be added to an existing Echo device.

Apple Homekit with Siri

Apple is one of the undisputed kings when it comes to creating one of the most poplar and in-demand technology on the planet. But they were the last to jump in when it came to home automation; what took so long?

Siri is synonymous with voice command technology, and Apple has years of research and data to craft a good experience for consumers. Apple fans rejoiced after the news of the Apple Homekit, their solution for creating an IoT connected ecosystem.

The only thing to be said about the Homekit is that it is far behind Amazon and Google. The biggest difference is that Apple has yet to launch the HomePod, which is its only way to stay competitive with Amazon and Google.

Additionally, because there is no dedicated hub device available yet, things become more complicated. If you want control when away from home, you either need an iPad or Apple TV left at home to act as a gateway.

While the Apple Homekit is compatible with a very limited number of devices like garage door openers, what’s baffling is why it doesn’t connect with the market’s most popular thermostat device, the Nest. Apple’s Homekit has a very restrictive number of services and devices with which it can connect to.

Apple Homekit – Pro’s

–    Integrates easily with Siri and iOs software
–    Doesn’t require a hub or central device for control
–    Low fuss and decent entry point for connected devices

Apple Homekit – Con’s

–    Far less compatibility than Amazon and Google
–    Requires an iPhone/iPad to use
–    iPad or Apple TV required as a gateway if you want control away from home

Apple Homekit Price

Because there is no dedicated device available for the Homekit, the platform is essentially free to use. Provided of course that you have a device loaded up with the latest version of iOs (meaning you have to own an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV in order for it to work).

Who’s the winner?

When comparing Google, Amazon, and Apple for home automation, it can feel like there is a lot to consider. However, it’s clear that being the first to jump into the IoT market has given Amazon an incredible advantage.

For the largest list of device and overall compatibility, the Echo is the best choice for home automation. With multiple price points to get you started, and a better overall device hub, Amazon has the most to offer. Perhaps Google and Apple will catch up eventually, but the Amazon Echo will give you the best bang for your buck.

Five Reasons Why Every Business Should Get SEO Experts for their Digital Marketing Efforts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has blossomed over the years because of how the Internet is bringing the entire nation together. Eight out of ten people are doing their transactions online on a daily basis. Online shopping, rentals, bookings, subscriptions, and the likes are now daily transactions that people have been accustomed to. With that, SEO has thrived so hard in making all these businesses visible online.

If you are a company, the size of your business would not matter as long as you are searchable online. A common netizen would check out Google for the location to buy flowers during February. Some people would search Google for common commodities like clothes or food. Now if you have a business, would you deny your business to have that opportunity to grow more income by letting netizens know that you exist? Probably no, right?

Every year, the number of businesses who do SEO for their businesses are growing. May their business be big or small, business owners have seen the importance of being visible online. That actually is a very significant change in the field of business. That is a change that should be embraced by many because of the benefits this practice brings to businesses.

The case now is, there are two ways a business does its SEO efforts. Many have chosen to let SEO experts handle all their digital marketing efforts. Some small businesses, on the other hand, have chosen to be hands-on on their digital marketing efforts and did their SEO by themselves. Business owners who chose to do their own SEO are pilot business owners, which are usually those who take matters closely under their control. This is also a responsible and bold decision, but is it good for the company as a whole? Many have encouraged business owners to pass the SEO legwork to the experts.

Here are the reasons why:



As business owners, can your time afford to check your website’s traffic every now and then while juggling it with company-related tasks? Do you want to analyze data for search rankings while preparing that cookie you are selling? Do you want to create Social Media campaigns and posts while you are busy with the Accounting of your company’s finances? You wouldn’t want to do that, right? It would be very convenient to let some other guy do that legwork for you and get avoid stress!



Search Engine Optimization is going to take so much time and effort if you are going to do that on your own. The same with point number 1, it is going to be so much of a hassle on your side if you would juggle those SEO tasks together with your business-related tasks. Moreover, it would also make your daily task progress slow because you would have too many things to do. It will affect the efficiency of your work and the productivity of your operations at work.


Assurance of an effective campaign

You can always expect something from experts. They have the skills. They have the tools. Creating a digital marketing effort would be as easy for them as counting from one to three! Well, of course, not, but it would be easier for them than for you because they can focus on it. That’s their job, and they specialize in it. Thus, the probability of your SEO campaign to work is high if they will be the one who would handle it than you.


Low cost

There is an old saying that “Time is more expensive than money.” Well, that is quite true. Outsourcing other people to do your SEO efforts for you would cost less than you spending your time on this type of legwork over handling your own business matters. Moreover, SEO tools are very expensive. If you are going to do your SEO efforts by yourself, you would need to buy or subscribe on SEO tools and that means spending on them plus spending your time learning how to use them. Letting other people with the right skills and tools would probably cost less if you think of it critically.


High-quality campaign

Have ever tried making a Social Media campaign on your own and it failed because your campaign was not that catchy to people? If yes, then you should learn from that experience. Let the creative people do all the creative stuff for you, because their output would probably be better than those who don’t have the talent and skills. Of course, your own campaign can be of high-quality or effective, but those campaign produced by SEO experts would always be better than yours. That’s a fact you should learn to believe.

There are always pros and cons on getting and not getting SEO experts to do your digital marketing for you. Somehow, it is always clear that the pros of it outnumber the cons. Perhaps, it is high time for you to hire your SEO experts now!