Month: February 2017

Learn how to coden with SoloLearn on your smartphone

A little more practice in C ++, HTML and co. Can never hurt. With the Smartphone app SoloLearn, you can learn and practice various programming languages on the go. Programming is probably one of the most useful skills you can learn in 2017. The SoloLearn app offers a good introduction into different languages and concepts. The system of the app is already known by services such as Duolingo: There are courses on different languages that are divided into concepts. Each concept has a series of explanations and quiz questions. At the end of a section, there is a summary...

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The Xiaomi Mi5s in review

Shortly before Christmas 2016, I became aware of the advent calendar on a new smartphone from Xiaomi. Because of my positive experiences, I would like to share this with the readers. I liked the device very much, especially compared to two other smartphones from the same price range, which were somewhat more expensive but actually much more. The delivery by the importer took only a week, which was very pleasing. The Xiaomi Mi5 is very fast and has a good camera. For me very important were the two SIM card slots, since I’m traveling a lot abroad and the...

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5 Steps for Devising a Stellar Strategy for Getting Successful in any Business

Every single person or a firm wants to be successful in whatever they are doing. But not many achieve the feat and struggle in their respective fields. Apart from many challenges the businesses usually face, creating a stellar strategy that can make their work easy is one of the key aspects. As a business owner or manager, you need to devise a plan that gives you sustainable competitive advantage over your competitors preferably in the long term as you should avoid shortcuts to gain some advantage for a temporary time period. Another approach is to think of ways how...

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