HTC U series comes with intelligent assistant

HTC wants to regain market shares with a new smartphone series: The U Play and the U Ultra are mainly based on an innovative operation with smart AI and high-quality materials.

HTC is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, but the downside of the past few quarters will not be too much for the party mood. A new smartphone series is now to bring the turnaround. The first two representatives were presented with the U Play and the U Ultra.

And there are some changes: Instead of the well-known One models with their characteristic metal sheaths, the U-series will be the focus of marketing. The rear side of the case is made of glass, which is seamlessly bent over the corners, which should increase the resistance. Thanks to a special coating, the colors glimmer, which was very high-quality in the first specimens, which we could try out for a short time.

Apple also abandoned Apple on the latch

On both models the classic jack plug for the headset has been omitted, instead the music comes via the USB type C connector. Other common features include a MicroSD slot and a 16-megapixel front camera.

The new Sense Companion is a service that is constantly being developed, which should make suggestions based on the user’s activities. For example, it advises that you should get warmer and go on the way to work, if for example snowfall is predicted. In addition, an integrated voice application recognizes the user’s voice and unlocks the smartphone.

The HTC U Play has a 5.2-inch display with full HD resolution, a MediaTek Helio P10 octal processor, Android 6.0, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of data storage. The rear 16 megapixel camera has a large aperture with f / 2.0. For the 2.500 mAh battery, the manufacturer gives up to 427.5 hours of standby and 15.2 hours of talk time.

Universal Excel export via PDF

Microsoft Excel is considered a master of the numerical evaluation. However, not every company uses the office management of the Redmonder, which can become problematic when sharing tables and diagrams.

When it comes to evaluating long numbers of rows, Microsoft Excel is almost unbeatable: in a diagram created with the aid of Excel, many connections are much easier to recognize. When sharing tables and charts from Excel, however, it is important to note that not every company is based on the Microsoft Office suite.

Alternative applications such as LibreOffice or Softmaker Office also support the standard format xlsx, but errors can occur in the display of formatting and diagrams. This is extremely annoying for documents that go to customers.

If you want to ensure that all contents are displayed without errors, the export to the universal PDF format. The editing of the document is, however, no longer possible, but this is irrelevant for a pure presentation of the edited data sets.

In addition to the entire Excel documents, you can also export diagrams within a table separately. To do this, select the desired diagram and select “Save As” from the “File” menu. After selecting the desired folder, you should select “PDF” as the file type – done.

What is SEO? The Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an online marketing discipline harboring prime focus on growing the organic (unpaid) searches. The field requires elements that range from both technical aspects to the creative ones. SEO focuses on all the content that exists on your presentable webpage ranging from the links to the words that you use. In a nutshell, SEO can be defined as adequately structuring your website in a manner that is comprehensible to the search engines.

Organic results are when the visitor ends up on your accelerated mobile page by making a query on the search engine. Paid searches are the opposite of organic results. They occur when you pay a search engine to sponsor your result and highlight them in relevant queries.

However, many people use SEO as a method to trick the system into believing that the content isn’t generic. They are okay for short-term but such websites end up getting blacklisted soon. This is malpractice and should never be done. Proper SEO implementation is all about balancing the scales by providing stellar content that is structured amiably.

Why is SEO needed by my website?

It is a known fact that most of the web traffic is driven by some of the prominent search engines which includes names such as Bing, Yahoo! and Google. Even though social media has managed to break away a major chunk of web traffic (which has made people shift towards social media marketing), but still, search engines are dominating the field when it comes to diverting web traffic to your websites. And the best part is search engines do not discriminate based on the location or the products that you offer but rather on the content presented on the webpage.

In a way, search engines are unique as they guide targeted traffic directly onto your webpage. In case your website is not search-engine friendly, then you miss out on a lot of revenue generating opportunities.

In the world of search engines, the search queries (text that you put into the search box whenever you are carrying out a search) hold primary importance. Keywords are based on these search queries; some people prefer using keyword tools to determine the manner in which they want to implement SEO.

Extensive studies carried out by top marketing schools across the world have come to conclusive results which suggest that search engine traffic proportionally affects organization’s success. Making an investment in SEO has an extraordinary rate of return when compared to other forms of promotion.

Why do search engines need SEO?

Many companies wonder why search engines can’t crawl in their websites and determine the right data. The answer to this is the fact that even though search engines are outstandingly smart and improving with every passing day, however there is still a limitation to how they operate. Making the right moves

by implementing SEO can highlight your website resulting in a gain of visitors whereas any wrong moves might end up burying your website in results making your web presence minimal. SEO works in tandem with search engines and allows the search indexes to properly document the written content present on your website.

Can you do SEO yourself?

SEO is a complex method of marketing, but, it would be wrong to say that you cannot do it on your own. Many guides and tutorials available on the internet (including ours) can easily teach you the basics associated with the field. However, it all depends on the time and commitment you are willing to put forward for the task.

Which Traffic Source Is Better? Organic vs Paid Traffic

Many companies while considering marketing online and appealing to the web users consider between two options. Hiring an SEO expert to do the work or paying search engines to market their website. Google paid searches are most commonly used for pay per click (PPC) searches. But making the right choice is not that easy as you have to factor in various things before leaping to the decision. They primarily depend on your organization’s requirements and the type of content that you are pushing.

Like all other things in life, the right strategy for most organizations is a balance between PPC and SEO. In order to aid you in the decision making process we have put together a list of the factors that you should consider during the planning phase.

Traffic generated with the help of SEO is mostly organic and undoubtedly SEO is the primary generator of organic traffic. It must be pointed out that organic search results do not cost you a penny for the organic traffic generated. Paid searches and paid traffic on the other hand require you to pay per every visitor (or the number of clicks made to your website). On the bright side, PPC content is shown on top of the organic search results.

It must also be pointed that landing your website on the first three spots of the Search engine results page is a tough job and depends on how well your website is optimized. However, coming in the top spot is definite with PPC campaigns.

Factors to Consider


If you are a new startup short on budget, then it is better to bypass paid search results in favor of organic searches.


Proper SEO implementation requires constant testing and nerves of steel as getting in the top spots requires a lot of patience.

Search Engine Algorithms

Search Engines are constantly updating their ranking mechanisms. With SEO implementation you need to adapt your website with the current trends as staying out-of-the-loop would invariably affect your web presence. PPC campaigns, however, are immune to such changes.


If your pocket permits, then it is ideal to include PPC as a part of your marketing campaign till you establish considerable brand recognition on the internet.