Month: December 2016

7 Tips to protect your online accounts

Criminals on the Internet are becoming increasingly sophisticated and more professional. In this article, we will show you how to securely protect your online accounts through seven simple steps. The threat in the virtual space is growing dramatically. Through well-organized attacks in the past months and years numerous websites have been hacked, among them as prominent as Yahoo, LinkedIn and MySpace. Meanwhile over 2 billion user data are available on the black market or even publicly. With these seven tips, you can ensure that your online accounts are protected against misuse: 1. Check whether accounts have already been pinned With the Identity Leak Checker from the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI), you can check whether identity data can circulate freely in the Internet and can be misused by entering the e-mail address. The security researchers behind this offer make it possible to match up with now more than two billion stolen identity data available on the Internet. 2. Use secure passwords First, a separate password should be created for each account. Of course, it is more complex for each platform to use its own password, but there are two simple ways: The first is that you extend your secure password by one mechanism per platform. They can, for example, add the start and end letter of the respective platform. For example, your Google password might be G! 723nefvHu2634fn-e, and your...

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Windows insignificant, Android strong as never

According to Gartner’s recent market figures, Windows smartphones are barely sold. Android, however, cemented its crushing market power. The sales of Windows smartphones are literally collapsing. As the latest global sales figures from the market research firm Gartner show, in the second quarter of 2016 less than 2 million devices with Windows logo were sold. A year ago, 8.2 million units went over the ladder table. This results in a devastating minus of 76 percent. Even more gloomier it looks with the market share of the Redmond-er. From already nearly 2.5 percent market share last year, the Windows Phones have now shrunk to 0.6 percent now. Microsoft in July had due to these miserable numbers already screwed down its targets for the Windows 10 spread. The launch of the new Operating system could not boost the smartphone business as expected. On the other hand, the rise of Google’s mobile operating system Android is hard to stop. According to Gartner, nearly 300 million Android smartphones were sold in the second quarter, almost 10 percent more than in the same period of the previous year. This allows Android to cement its preeminence and comes to a market share of crushing 86.2 percent. But the rise of Androids is also at the expense of the iPhones. A little more than 44 million iOS smartphones were sold in the summer quarter, a drop...

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Honor shows its designer smartphone Magic

For the three-year brand anniversary, Honor has shown its new Android smartphone Magic, which offers a curved display and comprehensive comfort functions. With Honor, Huawei launched a brand three years ago, which is aimed primarily at young smartphone customers who buy online. In 2015, some 40 million units were already sold. At this year’s “Black Friday”, the Honor 8, which was offered for 299 euros, was one of the bestsellers in Germany. For the anniversary, the Chinese have now shown the new Android smartphone Magic, which could also come to Germany. There is still no official statement from the...

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TCL assumes manufacturing and distribution of Blackberry devices

Blackberry and TCL have entered into a long-term license agreement, which includes licensing the brand and manufacturing smartphones. Blackberry is a pure software vendor. Blackberry is transforming itself from the smartphone manufacturer to the provider of security software and services: the Canadians now a long-term license agreement with the Chinese TCL Communication, which here sold smartphones under the brand Alcatel, closed. Under the agreement, Blackberry will license its smartphone software, including its associated trademark rights, to the TCL Communication, which will take over the design, manufacture, sale and customer service for Blackberry mobile devices. Blackberry maintains software itself TCL...

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WeChat censors political chats

The Chinese Messenger service WeChat censors large-scale chats with delicate political content. This is what researchers at the University of Toronto have found out. Censorship of online services: The popular Chinese messenger app WeChat filters messages on accounts with Chinese phone numbers according to politically delicate key words and censors group chats. Even if a user leaves and moves to a foreign number, the censorship continues, the researchers at Citizen Lab found at the University of Toronto. Blocked chat messages now disappear secretly, without the sender being informed as before about the censorship, as is apparent from the Friday...

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