Month: November 2016

Report: Samsung is considering possible splitting

Samsung is simplifying its corporate structure. Investors had previously criticized the fact that the Samsung Group’s stake in the Samsung Group was too complicated. The smartphone market leader Samsung thinks according to own data about a further simplification of its corporate structure by splitting up. This could include the formation of a roofing company, the South Korean company, who is also the number one in memory chips and televisions. Samsung responded, among other things, to claims by the US investor Elliot Management, which is a shareholder in Samsung Electronics, after a group conversion. In an open letter, the US...

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Huawei Mate 9 is really big

With its new Phablet flagship, Huawei also wants to win disappointed Samsung fans, in the test, the 5.9-inch device of the Chinese has to prove whether it meets the requirements of everyday life. Actually, the smartphone market also offers at the upper end of the price and size scale enough choice. But with high-end Phablets missing after the not quite voluntary end of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 a current model. In this gap, Huawei now comes with his Mate 9, which offers a rich 5.9 inch or 14.9 centimeters of screen diagonal. However, Huawei requires 699 euros, but not stingy also with the hardware equipment. The buyer is not surprised by the design, which is largely based on the predecessor Mate 8. As with this device, the shell, milled from an aluminum piece, which is available here in gray or silver, is first-class processed – Huawei has long since arrived in the top class. At the front, it is noticeable that the large display has no lateral edge and covers almost the entire surface. Thus, a relatively compact design is possible for this device class, because the Mate 9 is practically the same size as an iPhone 7, but has a 0.4 inch smaller display. For this, the Huawei is not waterproof and the high weight of 190 grams is not for everyone. On the back is a...

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Helio X30 vs. Exynos 8895 vs. Snapdragon 830

MediaTek working on Helio P35 processor MediaTek is introducing the next generation of its flagship 10 core chipset with its Helio X30. The new top chips from Samsung and Qualcomm are also already in the starting holes. The next generation of smartphone chipsets comes with at least eight processors, with clock rates of up to 4 GHz and support for a maximum of eight GB of memory: Mediatek has now introduced the X30 as the first manufacturer to present its new flagship. But some information has already been released to the public on the upcoming Samsung and Qualcomm models....

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Android Upgrade Boosts a Top-Tier of Samsung Phones

2016 was a bad year for Samsung primarily due to the release of their explosive-prone smartphone that is Note 7. However, prior to that, the company released an impeccable piece of smartphone crafted with the utmost care; one that went on to become the most revered Android phone of 2016, dominating the smartphone charts on various websites and has been continuously compared to the likes of iPhone 7. Indeed, it’s Samsung’s Galaxy S7, a phone which was released in March and currently sells for a price of $500-$600. The phone was bestowed with a blazing fast Qualcomm chip, the...

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From Apple Of China To Apple: Dawn Of The Bezel-Less Smartphones

As technology has progressed, smartphone manufacturers have strived to push the limits of their devices by manufacturing slim and sleek devices. In the same race, many vendors have decided to minimize the on-screen bezel to enhance the visual appeal of the devices. A similar case in point comes from Xiaomi’s (claimed as Apple of China) latest concept phone, Xiaomi Mi Mix which boasts an outstanding 91.3 per cent ratio in screen-to-body. This concept of edge-to-edge display is not limited to Chinese manufacturers anymore. Instead, big hotshots like Apple and Samsung are also rumored to be working on upgrading their technology to include this feature in their next generation of flagship devices which is set to come out in 2017. In the following article, we would be reviewing the concepts and rumors associated with various manufacturers pertaining to edge-to-edge displays. Xiaomi Mi Mix Xiaomi was one of the first manufacturers to craft an edge-to-edge display and in its effort has crafted one elegant machine that looks straight out of the future. The gorgeous phone sports a 6.4-inch display and is manufactured using a high-grade ceramic body which lacks external adhesives and works by adopting seamless connectors. However, where the phone gets points on style, it definitely scores less on the sturdy build section. This was brought to light when a testing unit got severely damaged by facing a diagonal drop....

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