HTC Unveils Desire 10 – Budget Phone With A Handsome Look

Tech-giant, HTC who has been struggling to keep up with competitors in the smartphone arena has relied mostly on its Desire line as the breadwinner for the past couple of years. Even though the company pushed out great high-end phones, however, somewhere along the line they faded without generating a lot of revenue. In this area, the Desire line performed markedly well for the company’s revenue but the revenue generator of the company always had a non-serious, playful look to it when stacked against the company’s flagship devices.

It seems that HTC is all set to change that as the Desire 10, the latest installment in the Desire lineup is shedding off its youthful appearance to take on a more mature outlook. Desire 10 comes in two variants – a ‘Pro’ Version and a ‘Lifestyle’ version. The specs on the two variants differ to quite a degree, however, both the phones have opted a similar design language.

If there was one word to describe the design that HTC has opted for the series, the nit would be ‘adult’. The phone comes in four different colors, each having a unique and fresh look to it. The colors include Navy, Black, White and a Pale Blue variant that HTC has dubbed ‘Valentine Lux’. Both variants of the phone are designed with plastic, however, the metal trim on the sides is what renders the device a much more premium look than their price-tags suggest. We particularly liked the black and navy colors on the phone.

The phones share a common ground in terms of design, software and display size but beyond that they differ from one another.

The Pro version of the phone has a crisp 1080p display and is bestowed with a MediaTek Helio P10 Processor coming in two variants of RAM that is 3 and 4GB. In terms of storage there are two options 32 and 64GB. In the camera department, the rear side has a 20MP snapper whereas the front features an outstanding 13MP camera. All of this is coupled with a fingerprint scanner.

The Lifestyle version of the phone ditches the fingerprint scanner and has a 720p display. Powering up the device is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with two options of RAM available that is 2 and 3GB. Storage options include 16 and 32GB and the camera department features a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. Both phones have Hi-Res audio certification.

The Lifestyle version of the phone will be available in the UK at price of £249 whereas the Pro version hasn’t received a price or availability update as of yet.


Google Allo; An AI Infused Messaging Application

Tech-company, Google is working hard in fusing its applications and technology with artificial intelligence and one of the products that Google has spun out with its creativity is Allo, a messaging application. The application was first discussed and announced in May during Google’s I/O conference and Wednesday marks the official premiere of the application on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

In order to get a full-fledged Allo experience both the recipient and sender are expected to be using the application. However, in any case the application comes equipped with support for standard text messaging. It must be noted that the application only works on Android and iOS with no desktop or web version available as of yet.

Allo comes equipped with an incognito mode that will automatically delete the messages after a set time and furthermore is completely end-to-end encrypted. Users must keep in mind that the regular chat messages are stored on Google’s servers till you actively delete it.

With Allo, you can also get a glimpse of Google Assistant; a bot that can deliver you content based on the subscriptions you keep. The notifications will be pushed at a designated time of the day.

With Assistant, the company is aiming to take advantage of their strength, the search engine. By using Google Assistant, you can get your search results along with images without switching the app. Assistant can also be invited in a group chat by typing @google in text box.

Even in its earliest stages Google’s Assistant is endowed with many possibilities. However, Google is not taking any chances by stating that Google Assistant is in a preview stage which means that users should be forgiving about the limited capabilities.

The assistant might also chime in during conversations, for example if you are setting up lunch, the bot will suggest nearby restaurants along with directions and contact information.

Along with all these capabilities Allo also has a couple of other features including

Smart Reply

Since Google can easily identify pictures, Allo will automatically suggest a smart reply to the picture.

Ease of Expression

With Allo you can easily enlarge (to make it a shout) or decrease (whisper) the size of your text. The feature also works with Emojis. Furthermore, the app allows scribbling over the images that you send. The feature is currently limited to Android.

Sticker Feature

Sticker packs are also being made for the application

Google Allo looks like a promising application that sets its footing in the perfect direction. Overtime, it may actually evolve into one of the best messaging application.

Samsung Stated That China Phone Fire Is Caused Due To External Heat

In a recent press statement, mobile giant Samsung has made claims that the Note 7 which was alleged to have caught fire in China was damaged due to an external heating event. The statement comes in order to reassure the Chinese population that the smartphones being sold in the world’s biggest smartphone market are completely safe to use.

It should be noted that this incidence comes after the Note 7 recall has taken place across the globe including countries like South Korea and the United States. The recall was made due to the equipment having faulty batteries that caught fire spontaneously during charging or even normal use. In a statement, Samsung mentioned that they have sold a staggering 2.5 million phones that are bearing the suspected faulty batteries.

The news about the Chinese variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire received coverage by an online Chinese magazine, Caixin, who cited an internet user’s report that stated that their phone had spontaneously caught fire. The phone was reported to have been bought from, a Chinese online retailer. This appears to be the first report of a Note 7 catching fire in the Chinese market.

Samsung stated on their Chinese website that the phone had caught fire due to damage conducted due to external heating. However, no further elaboration was mentioned in their statement.

Battery manufacturer, Amperex Technology stated separately that the battery present in the Note 7 in question was indeed manufactured by their company. Further, the company also stated that a joint investigation conducted by the Samsung team has revealed that the burn marks present on the phone were most probably due to external heating rather than being a problem in the battery.

A person, familiar with these matters, on the condition of anonymity stated that the damage was most probably due to an induction oven or a fan heater.

Last week, Samsung announced a recall of 1,858 Note 7 devices existing in the Chinese market. However, these products were distributed before the official September 1 launch. The company elaborated that the batteries used in the Note 7 after the official launch were different from the ones sold prior to the official launch.

Top 10 New Features Snuggled Inside iOS 10

Apple recently unveiled the newest version of iOS 10 and like every version of the operating software, this one is also bundled with some exciting albeit a bit secretive, new features. In the following article we will be rounding up some of the new features that Apple hasn’t advertised and you will need to do a bit of digging to get access.

Voicemail Transcription

With the new operating system, you can have your voicemail transcribed. As soon as someone leaves you a message, iOS will attempt to transcribe your voicemail and within minutes you can have access to a fairly accurate transcription.

Close All Tabs On Safari

Finally, Apple has made an official way to at once, close all tabs on your Safari browser. In order to do this open a new tab and hold the done button to get a pull-up menu which will allow you to get done with the ordeal.

A New Stopwatch Face

In case you got bored with the stopwatch face then you will be pleased to know that a new face has been added which can be accessed by swiping left on the stopwatch available in the Clock app.

Make Siri Announce Who’s Calling

It’s a nuisance when you have to access your phone to check who’s calling you. To avoid this, Apple has added a new option which will allow Siri to announce the name of the caller.

Camera aka Magnifying Glass

The camera can now be used as a magnifying glass. In order to achieve this head over to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Magnifier (toggle to on). Now triple-tapping the home button would open your camera app with a slight magnification.

Clear All Notifications

Clearing all notifications has become a breeze. You can clear them all by hard-pressing the X icon in the notification screen to select and then clear all Notifications.

Side-by-Side Tabs in Safari

Safari has been bestowed with the ability to have side-by-side tabs on iPad Air 2, iPad Prop and iPad Mini 4. To do this, long-press the tab button and on the pop-up, select Open Split View. You can also do this by holding on a link or dragging a tab to the left or right of the screen.

Prioritize Downloads

You can also prioritize downloads by hard-pressing the download and selecting Prioritize Download. This would push the download to the top of the queue.

Send Low-Res Images Through Messages

Saving on Mobile Data? You can now send low-resolution images via Messages. This is achievable by simply selecting the option in settings.

Let Your Phone Remember Where You Parked

Apple Maps is now gifted with the capability to remember where you parked your car. However, this requires a connection to your car via Bluetooth. Further, it also needs a GPS signal in order to work. Once parked, your phone will push a notification saying that it has marked the location. This can be toggled on or off by accessing Settings -> Maps.

Motorola Takes A Jab At Apple And Samsung With ‘SkipTheSevens’ Campaign

It seems that Motorola has decided to play things on the offensive, this time, around by posting an ad that openly mocks the top-sellers in the smartphone market namely, Apple and Samsung. The advertisement campaign launched by Motorola goes with the tagline #SkipTheSevens. After the new iPhone’s ceremonial launch, the tech community was waiting for competitors to take a jab at Apple for removing the headphone jack. Usually, Samsung is the one to poke fun at Apple, however, it seems that the tech giant is busy cleaning up its explosive sales this year and has decided to overlook the iPhone.

This is where Motorola comes in to pick up the torch. The Lenovo-owned company launched a completely sarcastic ad to mock the premium flagship devices, Apple’s iPhone 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 while pitching the company’s flagship device, Moto Z as the ideal phone. In order to run its campaign, the company acquired a full page of advertisement space in The New York Times.

In its advertisement, the company states that when the first iPhone came out it was a game-changer and it knocked Motorola off. However, that was nine years ago. Further, the ad goes on to call out smartphone manufacturers of today, saying that they push in new phones with moderate improvements in terms of display size, processing power or camera quality. However, none of the new devices is an actual game-changer. While stating this, the company admits to following the same philosophy; however this time around they intend to try something new and different.

Unsurprisingly, Motorola’s answer to the ‘sevens’ is its own flagship device, the Moto Z. The differentiating factor of the device according to Motorola is its seamless connectivity with Moto Mods, which are basically snap-on modules that confer various capabilities to the device. The mods available include an additional battery, Hasselblad camera that bestows 10x optical zoom, JBL’s stereo attachment and last but not the least, a 70-inch Projector add-on.

The company has also released a YouTube video which shows a group of tech enthusiasts watching the iPhone 7 with disinterest; after this, Motorola’s Moto Z comes into the picture and tinges their excitement.

Facebook Messenger Has A Hidden Public Chat Feature

Facebook, the social media giant is hard at work to make people communicate with one another. To take it one step further, the company has an unreleased feature hidden in their application. Some time back, the social media giant unveiled a highly appreciated standalone application titled as Rooms. Even though the application was killed, however, the idea still persists and according to a report by TechCrunch, there is an unreleased feature hiding in the recesses of Facebook’s Messenger application which is based on an idea similar to Rooms. The report states that the feature would allow users to create public and sharable group chats.

The analysts at TechCrunch found this code tucked in a corner of the Messenger application and apparently it includes both a logo for the feature and a basic description which states that Rooms are devised for public conversations and the room’s link is sharable so anyone existing on Messenger can join in on the conversation. Furthermore, the feature is quite ready to roll as TechCrunch analysts and readers were able to devise and launch a chatroom with both friends and strangers. An admin screen is also a part of this entire feature and the chat exhibits features which were unavailable with regular group messages. On its part, Facebook offered a statement which mentioned that these are just small tests which the company runs and no connections should be devised from these.

When the original Rooms application was unveiled, it was a bittersweet reminder of the days when open chat rooms were the “in” thing on the Internet. The old chatrooms allowed users to be anonymous or use a pseudonym instead of revealing their real names. Even though the rooms feature integrated in the application is neither full-fledged nor similar to the chatrooms of the past, however, it might actually be a correct nod in the direction of capitalizing from chatbots– an avenue that most social media giants are trying to explore.

A Brief Review of Android 7.0 Nougat

Android Nougat has been out for a few weeks and would be coming straight out-of-the-box in LG’s upcoming flagship V20. As of now, Google’s Pixel, Nexus, and Android One can download and run the latest operating system. Prior to the software release, developer previews were downloadable on devices that signed up for the beta testing. The features embedded in Google’s new operating system include:

Productivity Features

Android Nougat comes bundled in with plenty of productivity features. The most prominent of which is the split-screen multitasking ability. Certain supported applications would now allow easy usage of two apps. However, the mode would suit tablet and phablet devices more. Android TV users would be pleased to know that a Picture-in-Picture mode has been provided in Nougat. Double tapping on the multitasking button will allow you to easily switch between the two recent applications.

Better Notifications

With Nougat, Google has aimed to improve the way notifications are handled. Same application notifications would now be bundled, allowing easy expansion if needed. Direct replies to notifications have also been included which would allow you to easily reply or ignore the notification. A notification management option has also been included which would allow you to change the type of notification you get based on the application.

Battery and Data Saver

Nougat has brought in a lot of battery optimizations and the Doze software which was introduced with Android 6.0 has received an overhaul to become Doze 2.0. The new software would search for content update in intervals which would conserve battery. A data saver option has also been included which would allow you turn background data off for certain applications.

Performance Tweaks Under The Hood

A new JIT compiler has been included in the Android Nougat which would give a performance benefit to the overall system as applications would require less storage space and would update faster. Vulkan API has also been embedded in the system which would improve games on mobile devices.

Security Enhancements

With all the tech companies endorsing new security standards, Google does not intend to stay far behind. With Android Nougat, Google has tried to improvise on the encryption standards, as now the software would be decrypting entire files rather than blocks of information making your data more secure.

Android for Work

A new feature has been introduced for people who prefer keeping their phones as work phones. This would allow clumping of productivity and business applications in one place thereby saving time. The work account would be separate so you can easily keep your personal content on the side.

So far the latest version of Android looks promising with a whole lot of tweaks and security updates. A proper transitioning to Android devices is needed to make it a complete success.

Apple Releases iOS 10 and watchOS 3

The days of beta testing of iOS 10 are finally over, as Apple has finally released the official version of its iOS 10 and watchOS 3. The biggest update to the iOS can now easily be downloaded by accessing the general tab present in the settings of compatible Apple devices. The update brings in a lot of features, most prominent of which is the Siri digital assistant overhaul and a new messaging interface that is bundled in the iMessage application.

In case you are a proud user of the Mac, Apple is also bundling in a universal clipboard in the iOS 10 which would allow you to copy content like text and images in your iPhone while pasting it on your Mac device and vice versa. It should be noted that this feature would not require the installation of any third party application. Apple is also introducing a lift to wake feature in the operating system which would allow you to pick up your device from the table or from the pocket and get a glimpse of your lock screen and notifications.

In terms of UI, the most prominent changes are visible on the lock screen of the device with Apple expanding the usage of widgets and providing the ability to interact with these by deploying the 3D Touch. Notification content would also be much richer with 3D Touch as Apple is allowing direct response to alerts without opening the application entirely.

In other departments, Apple has tried hard to enhance their built-in applications while also providing users with the ability to hide these applications. Messages have been upgraded to allow application support and bigger emojis. The application support would allow developers to integrate their applications into the messaging app. Apple has also upgraded the Maps application to provide nearby suggestions, traffic information and a feature to find the place where you parked your car. Apple Music has also been redesigned from the scratch getting a feature for integration of lyrics. This and much more awaits in the new iOS 10.

WatchOS 3 on the other hand has received major upgrades too, with applications loading much faster and the side button allowing access to favorite applications. Further, hand-drawn replies have also been bundled in the new OS and a Breathe application has also been integrated with the aim to remind you to relax.

Microsoft And HP Enter In A Six-Year Agreement For Microsoft Dynamics Deployment

The tech giant Microsoft has entered into an agreement with Hewlett Packard (HP). According to the agreement, the company will deploy Microsoft Dynamics for thousands of employees that are a part of the company. This will enable HP to enhance the collaboration aspect of their marketing, sales, and service structure. By investing in Microsoft’s products like Dynamics, Azure and Office 365, HP has aimed to increase the collaborative aspects of its business to deliver a seamless experience to its consumers and partners while significantly improving the company’s performance and economy. The duration of the agreement has been set for six years.

According to the chief operating officer at HP, Jon Flaxman, the company has chosen Microsoft Dynamics as their CRM solution. They believe that implementation of Microsoft’s products will allow them to have a more efficient collaborative engine in their company’s service architecture.

At this stage, HP is all set to transform their sales and partner environment by keeping prime focus on aspects like productivity and collaboration. In order to complete the transformation, HP is working on shifting the sales process to cloud infrastructure. This will ensure a seamless communication between both HP sales reps and the channel partner community and eventually the benefits would be carried forward to the end-consumer.

To complement Microsoft Dynamics, Office 365 would also be integrated which would provide HP’s service and marketing professionals with a platform to collaborate easily on various projects. Furthermore, Power BI will be empowering the marketers at HP by providing critical insights and predictions about the business growth. And to top all these off, Azure would be integrated into the architecture which would provide the company with a global, hybrid cloud solution.

Microsoft unveiled their new approach to business process applications in July and it was in the form of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The new plan revolved around the merger of both CRM and ERP solutions into one massive cloud solution. Furthermore, purpose-built applications devised to manage specific business sections were also introduced. The main purpose of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is to boost the productivity of business while delivering pleasant customer experiences.

Quick and Easy Tomato Soup Recipe

Tomato Soup Recipe

Ingredients :

Tomatoes                                                                               1 Kg
Sweet corn                                                                             1 cup
Fresh cream (Whipped)                                                      1 cup
Bread                                                                                       4 slices
Tomato Ketchup                                                                    ½ cup
White pepper powder                                                           1 tsp
Jaggery (powdered)                                                              1 tbsp
Cornflour (made into paste with water)                           2 tsp
Water                                                                                        3 cups
Salt                                                                                            to taste
Oil                                                                                              for frying
Parsley                                                                                      to sprinkle


1   Boil tomatoes in water; allow to cool; blend in a blender; remove.
2   Cook in a pot with jaggery, ketchup and pepper for few minutes.
3   While stirring continuously, add cornflour to thicken stock; add salt and remove from flame.
4   Cut bread slices into square pieces.
5   Heat oil in a work; fry squares golden and remove on absorbent paper.
6   Dish out sweet corn and then soup in a bowl.
7    Add bread squares and cream; sprinkle parsley and serve.