ASUS’ Stellar Tablet, ZenPad 3s Coming Out In July

Waiting for a tablet that can be touted as a worthy successor to Samsung’s once premium Galaxy Tab S? Then, your wishes might be getting answered; not by Samsung however. The brand under review is ASUS. Even though not a highly praised and acknowledged tablet manufacturer, ASUS has, in the past released some stellar tablets and it seems that the company wants to continue their legacy. July 12, 2016, will mark the release of another ASUS tablet, a 9.7-inch one to be precise, called the ASUS ZenPad 3s. If the leaked specs are to be considered, it seems that the device can bag the title of being the most high-end Android tablet of this year (overlooking Pixel C of 2015, of course).

The last ASUS tablet that turned heads was ZenPad S 8.0 of last year and even though ASUS has a slightly awry naming convention (cough, ZenPad 2 S?) but the spec sheets and price makes all that awkwardness go away. The ZenPad S 8.0 boasted a wider 8.0-inch 2048×1560 screen however with the ZenPad 3s ASUS has decided to take things up a notch in terms of size and resolution. The 9.7-inch panel might either come bearing a resolution of either 2560×1536 or an iPad retina like display with a resolution of 2160×1440.

The rest of the leaked specifications include 4 GB of RAM which has a massive 5,900 mAh battery for support. There is some confusion about the processor department as the initial leaks pointed towards a hexacore chip, the MediaTek 8176 which is inarguably one of the fastest hexacore chip in the market. However, recent leaks pointed that the device will boast Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology and the only SoC to fit the equation is the Snapdragon 650 which is a tad bit slower than the MediaTek offering.

As for the design, the initial teasers show a sleek ASUS tablet in the company’s typical design. However, one thing was amiss and that was the company’s hairline brush design. We hope ASUS is not shifting away from metal to plastic (and it sure can).

The Android Tablet market has been saturated with entry-level and midrange specifications dominating the sector. The release of this tablet would bring ASUS center stage once again in the Tablet business while also bringing a powerful tablet in the market.

LG’s New VPInput App; Control Phone From PC

LG Electronics, the Korean company responsible for crafting some of the most innovative phones came out with a new application recently. The application is titled as VPInput and allows users to have remote access to their smartphones. As of this moment, the application provides compatibility with a few selected phones that is LG V10, LG G4, and LG G5, however, support for other devices is also in the pipeline.

In order to utilize this application, the users need to first download the VPInput application on their smartphone. Subsequently, they need to download the VPInput PC Client on their computer. It must be made clear that the application requires the presence of a Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the computer in order for it to work. In a recent statement, LG further clarified that the application doesn’t offer support for Bluetooth Dongle, hence the functionality of this application is limited to computers that have Bluetooth integrated.

Once the entire connection is established, users will have the ability to seamlessly browse their smartphone devices via their computer without going through the hassle of picking up their phone. Furthermore, users will have the ability to control their phone directly by using both the computer keyboard and mouse.

The tech giant stated that the new application will give users the ease to control their LG smartphones directly from their computers through the VPInput App. Furthermore, the ability to use their PC’s mouse and keyboard will give them a convenient and hassle-free solution to use their device when they are working on their desk or when they need to compose work which cannot be appropriately done through regular touch input.

The application is not just limited to browsing, instead, it also allows functions like text input and using functions like copy and paste with the regular computer keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V, respectively). The program will be most convenient when one is working on their computer because this would provide the user with ease to access all smartphone notifications directly from the VPInput client. The application also grants users the ability to respond normally on IM apps, and other chat services. Further, the application also provides the ability to send computed clicked screenshots to the smartphone contacts through the VPInput app. The best part about the application is that it is completely free and available for download on the Google Play Store.

iPhone 7 Goes Black

It is that time of the year when the rumor mill churns out plenty of rumors about Apple’s latest iteration of the iPhone. The company is known to keep a tight lid on details; however, many details about one of the most anticipated smartphone become public knowledge. Like every other iPhone, the phone is expected to receive minimal and mostly subtle design changes. It was rumored that the reiteration of the iPhone will feature massive overhaul in the hardware side of the phone. The most prominent rumor about the hardware change was about a dual camera setup on the Plus variant of the phone. Another rumor was about the possible removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack and earphone connections being made through Bluetooth or lightning port.

This time around, the rumors/leaks revolve around the color schemes of the new iPhone 7. A few days earlier, a rumor surfaced claiming of a deep blue variant, however, that has since been refuted. The latest color scheme to grace the rumor list is Space Black. It is suspected that the color scheme would be available alongside the present iPhone 6S options. It was also stated that the color option would be available in the new Apple Watch to allow customers to match their gadgets. The ‘Space Black’ color is supposed to be a slightly darker variant of the Space Gray color scheme.

The news comes from a Japanese blog titled Macotakara which first claimed about the ‘Deep Blue’ color; however the blog negated their own statement and further added that the Space Gray color would be phased out by evolving it into a much darker shade, which is similar to formal black.

The same information was featured on 9to5Mac providing credibility to the rumor. The website also featured the possible renders of the new iPhone color. The renders allow one to have an idea about the possible new look of the iPhone.

Furthermore, the publication received tips about the upcoming Apple Watch 2. The new watch is expected to have GPS support and a workout app which will offer to track swimming; giving credibility to the rumor about the new Apple Watch being Waterproof.

Other rumors about the new iPhone suggest that there will be a shift in antenna bands, higher storage capacity and the inclusion of a smart connector. It is also heard that the new iPhone will come in three variants namely iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Pro.

Google Debuting Own Handset Later This Year

As per a recent report issued in The Telegraph, it is implied that Google is all set to surprise its audiences this year by releasing their very own smartphone. This will be Google’s first entry into the smartphone industry with Google taking charge of both the software and the hardware. If the step is to be evaluated, then there is a high chance that Google will sweep away its competition and affect sales of the smartphone industry dominators namely Apple and Samsung.

The report which has quoted a senior member of Google suggests that Google is currently under the process of making a smartphone which will be entirely their own. If you are wondering about the Nexus lineup then it must be clarified that this would be significantly different. Instead of partnering up with smartphone manufacturers such as HTC, Motorola, LG or Huawei, Google would be working on the entire device ranging from the design and hardware to final operating system.

One would question why Google is considering such a move since they enjoy resounding success with their Nexus lineup of devices and it must be clarified that we aren’t just talking about financial success. Instead, the Nexus phones bring Google closer to some of the biggest hardware vendors in the smartphone market allowing Google to maintain cordial ties.

At this moment, it seems that Google has not drafted any serious plans for the Nexus series. However, if the news is legit, then this would open up a multitude of questions about the Nexus lineup. It would indeed be strange to witness Google pit up two of its smartphones against each other. The logical option it seems is to discontinue the Nexus lineup altogether. However, that is easier said than done and would definitely not fare well, with the tech giant’s industry partners.

In the long run, the move would also raise questions about the Android operating system. Since Google would now be a competing party in the market, the support of Android on third party smartphones would be scrutinized as well. The ambitious project of Google might also affect Android’s status as an open platform.

From a neutral perspective, the report does seem genuine considering the fact that Google set up its own hardware division back in April. This is further backed by Google’s CEO hinting that the company is directing more efforts in smartphones. Needless to say, it would be exciting to witness the tech-mammoth place a direct step in the smartphone market.

how to make fried cheese cubes

Fried Cheese Cubes


Cheese (Cubed)                                     700 grams
Gram flour (sieved)                              1 Cup
Refined flour (sieved)                          as required
Fresh coriander                                     ¼ bunch
Mint Leaves                                            ¼ bunch
Cumin powder                                       1 tsp
Cumin seeds (crushed)                        ½ tsp
Carom seeds                                           ½ tsp
Turmeric powder                                   1 tsp
Red chillies (crushed)                           1 tbsp
Salt                                                            to taste
Oil                                                             for frying
Red chilli powder                                  for sprinking
Cucumber, tomatoes (cubed)             as accompaniment
Lettuce, cucumber                                for decoration

Method of Fried Cheese Cubes:

1 Mix all ingredients except refined flour and cheese in a bowl; and water and make into thick batter.
2 Coat cheese cubes with batter, then flour.
3 Heat oil in a wok; fry golden and remove.
4 Pierce a toothpick in each cheese cube; pierce one cucumber cube and one cube tomato on each pick.
5 Decorate serving dish with lettuce and cucumber; place cheese on top; sprinkle red chilli powber on them; serve.

Windows 10 Mobile Update for Nokia Lumia 1520

Windows 10 Mobile Update is live and rolling out to Nokia’s premium phablet, the Lumia 1520. The news comes from active users of the Phablet who have installed the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor application on their branded AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520. According to users, the upgrade advisor application pops a notification about the available update and the possible upgradability of the handset to Windows 10 Mobile. The update file is sized around 750MB bearing the build number 10586.107. There is news, however, that an even more up to date version of the Windows 10 mobile will be distributed via OTA which would bear the build number 10586.420.

Before the users of Nokia’s Lumia 1520 get excited and check for possible updates, they must ensure appropriate Wi-Fi connectivity with a good signal strength and proper bandwidth capability. Furthermore, the users need to ensure that the phone has at least 40 percent of battery to spare. Finally, the users must have Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor App for the update. The application has no additional cost and is a mandatory prerequisite if you desire your phone to be updated to both of the new Windows 10 for Mobile Builds.

Now coming to the handset, the Lumia 1520 was a game changer for Nokia in the sense that it was the company’s very first phablet. The device touted a gorgeous 6-inch LCD display bearing a stellar resolution of 1080 x 1920. Under the hood is Qualcomm’s powerful offering, the Snapdragon 800 running the show. The SoC is a mighty quad-core processor which clocks at 2.2 GHz while the Adreno 330 GPU is running the visual department. The phone comes bundled with 2 GB of RAM alongside an ample capacity of 32 GB as internal storage. For additional storage, the phone has a microSD slot which can support a card capacity up to 128 GB. In the camera department, the rear snapper is a spectacular 20MP module which comes equipped with Optical Image Stabilization, whereas a 1.2 MP front camera is available for all your selfies and video calling needs. The battery capacity is ample (3400 mAh) and provides enough juice to last you throughout a day.

According to a press statement issued by AT&T on their website, Lumia 1520 users would be able to apply the Window 10 update through the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor App which is available on the Windows App Store. They further elaborated that the update would be downloadable as a Firmware Over The Air and would require the presence of a Wi-Fi connection for downloading.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Olympic Edition; Leaked Press Images

Just a few months ago, the tech giant, Samsung came out with the latest iteration of their Galaxy S Smartphone Series, the Samsung Galaxy S7. The phone was critically acclaimed due to the plethora of features that it offered and was one of the first all-metal phone to get a water resistant (read: splash resistant) certification. The phone came out in two variants; one was the edge variant which featured a curved display that extended to the borders of the screen whereas the other was a plain version. The Galaxy S7 ran on Qualcomm’s mighty Snapdragon 820 chipset and crushed all benchmark tests. Owing to the massive success earned from the Galaxy S7, Samsung had decided to work on a limited edition of the phone dubbed as Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Edition. The limited edition would only come in the edge variant and for all those heavily anticipating the look of the limited edition version, wait no more, for the pictures of the device have leaked prior to the official debut of the phone. In the picture, the device can be seen sporting an Olympic logo on its back coupled with colorful accents around the shooter, LED flash, fingerprint scanner and the earpiece.

Rumors for the limited edition Samsung device began about three weeks ago; however no hints were dropped as to what the actual device might look like. But thanks to the recent press renders released by one of the most reliable rumor-mill in the tech industry, Evan Blass, we now have a fair idea as to what the phone would look like.

Most of the device it seems is made up of black glass which enables the colored accents to stand out more. The earpiece grill received a shade of yellow while the fingerprint scanner got a yellow ring around it. The back of the phone, however, got blue rings around the camera module and the LED flash. The power button got a coat of red while the volume rocker (up and down keys) was bestowed with a vibrant shade of green.

The internal specifications of the device are expected to be the same. However, according to SamMobile, the phone might receive exclusive applications and content for the Rio 2016 event.

No date has been reported to be scheduled pertaining to the official release of the device, however, if rumors are to be believed then the device might get a spot alongside the Galaxy Note 7 unveil.

Huawei Busy Working On A Mobile OS of Its Own

Samsung currently pushing more of its device towards the operating system of its own, namely Tizen OS and (according to recent rumors moving in that direction with far more intensity) shifting away from Android. It seems that another company is following the footsteps of the tech giant and that company is no other than Huawei, the company behind the generation of Google’s Nexus Phones. According to a report released by The Information, the Chinese firm doesn’t want to be dependent on the Android platform. Even though people close to the project say that the development is still in its early days, however, a shift from the Android OS is definitely a big step for the company.

The report mentions that the team behind Huawei’s new operating is based somewhere in Scandinavia and includes former Nokia employees. Huawei’s latest hired, ex-Apple employee Abigail Brody, who was the mobile UI design lead declined to comment on the project. However, she did affirm that the project exists and she intends to meet up with the team, around August this year.

The move is maintained as a contingency measure, meaning that Huawei will still continue building its EMUI on top of the Android OS for the near future. This makes sense, as Google has recently become more opinionated about their Nexus phones and shares deep concerns over OEM’s not pushing updates in a timely manner. Google has made it clear that they will be tightening their grip on their Android platform.

Speaking about Huawei’s current EMUI which runs atop the Android OS, Emilia Brody made a point to report the changes that she will bring in the future versions. Some of the changes include addressing the cosmetic issues and pain points in their next version. The update will also include a revisit on the visual side as Huawei intends to transition to Google’s Material Design while abandoning the iOS traces visible in their interface. This means a new icon pack, better color schemes and the inclusion of an app drawer amongst others

Some individual reports about the upcoming updated EMUI mention that the experience would be much closer to the stock Nexus experience with Huawei’s traditional elements built on top of it. It is definitely a bold move from the tech giant, and we hope that it doesn’t end up as a disaster for Huawei.

HP Makes A Major Callback On Laptop Batteries Worldwide

HP, the computer manufacturing goliath has recently announced a major recall of their batteries due to the safety hazards that they might pose. The computers having the affected batteries include HP and Compaq computers namely HP ProBook, HP ENVY, Compaq Presario, and HP Pavilion sold worldwide. Adding further to the announcement, HP also stated that the batteries might have also been shipped as part of replacements for compatible customers. The time slot of the hazardous batteries ranges from March 2013 through August 2015. HP reported that these batteries have the potential to overheat, which poses a high risk of fire and burn hazards to the end customer. Due to this reason, the batteries are being recalled and replaced, no matter what their age and the consumer will have to bear no cost whatsoever for this replacement.

As stated above, there is a rather long list of laptop computers sold under the brand of HP/Compaq which might have the risky batteries shipped with them. To scroll through the full list of potentially affected laptops you can visit the Recall and Replacement Program main page which features a full list of the laptop product names along with the affected battery’s barcode numbers.

In case you suspect your laptop to be running on affected battery, HP recommends the downloading of HP Battery Program Validation Utility. The Windows-based program allows a quick evaluation and validation of your hardware (in less than 30 seconds) and notifies you whether you need to submit your battery for the recalling process. The utility requires Microsoft’s .net Framework (4.5) and HP’s Software Framework in order to work properly.

It is speculated that a very small percentage (less than 1%) of HP Computers sold during this flagged timeframe holds affected batteries which need to be exchanged.

HP has stated that the validated batteries which are suspected to be hazardous will be replaced with no cost to the end user. Further, it is advised that the hazardous batteries should not be used and if using the computer is required it should be plugged in directly via the external power source. In order to provide ease to those people who have multiple HP laptop products, a bulk validation can be acquired which will basically provide you with a speedy service. E-mail links to request for bulk replacement are present in the FAQ section. No matter what the case, replacement cannot be done through the local HP service partners.

Marshmallow Update For LG’s Entry-level Devices Confirmed; Being Pushed On LG Magna & LG Spirit

Today marks the day when the tech giant LG’s carrier phones namely LG Spirit (H440N) and LG Magna received Android’s latest offering (that is if you exclude the Beta Android N) Android Marshmallow (6.0). The phones were unveiled with Android Lollipop and are now receiving the major update to Marshmallow. The update has already started rolling out across several European countries as we speak.

The update to LG’s entry-level Magna handset started last night when the update was first spotted in Greece to smartphones bearing the model number LG-H500f. However, this suggests that the rest of the European countries offering LG’s handsets would also receive the updates pretty soon. The update is not a European exclusive; it will be pushed across to LG’s devices operating globally.

LG Magna was the tech giant’s budget offering for people who demand an entry-level smartphone. The phone was launched back in 2015 and ran Android 5.0.1 Lollipop. It is heart-warming to see that LG has not decided to discontinue support to its lower cost handsets and is covering them with the same zeal as their premium handsets. The Marshmallow update would allow Magna users to experience plenty of new Android features which include Google Now on Tap (a virtual assistant which allows you to grasp information present on your screen) Doze Battery Management (which snoozes battery hogging applications, thereby increasing battery performance) and the improved app permissions (which allow you to restrict applications from accessing your device if you so wish). LG has till yet not published any patch notes, so there might be a few features and fixes under the hood.

Presently the update is rolling across Greece so it might be a while till the update rolls out to your region. However, it is advisable to keep an eye out for the OTA notification but if you are getting impatient then you can always force a manual update check through the settings menu. Do let us know if you have received the update in your region by commenting below.