Facebook Cover Photo for Your Business

Facebook is one of the biggest online social media platforms which are overwhelmingly used across the world. According to this latest statistics about the worldwide users of Facebook, there are now more than 2000 million worldwide users of Facebook.

During some past years, the social media industry has successfully gained the attention of businesses. Initially, companies didn’t prefer to promote their products or services on social media platforms, but today, there is no business over this globe that can survive in its industry without having its strong online presence. To make their strong social presence, businesses across the world make the most of a number of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many others.

When it comes to Facebook, there are a millions of businesses across the world that are making the most of this ideal platform for doing and promoting a business. Being a business owner, you can effectively gain the attention of a large audience and can transform many of them into your permanent customers. There happens to be a number of options available on Facebook that you can use to promote your products or services. Among those options, the cover image option is also a valued place where you can highlight your main products or services and can get the attraction of your audience.

Here are the top 10 effective ways to use Facebook Cover Photo for your business. Read these tips and get measurable benefits in your business through the cover photo of your business Facebook account.

Highlight Your Main Product or Service

Most of the businesses offer multiple products or services to their customers. But, there happen to be an important product or service in every business that becomes the identity of the respective business. In your business as well, there must be an item that people like more, or you get more sales through it. You can highlight that item in your cover photo using some creative and artistic designs. Whether an individual or a business, there happen to be a number of opportunities exist with photos. By making an effective use of the images, you can successfully attract people to get a certain product or service.

Sell Your Experience

Along with your products, you also need to sell your experience to your customers to promote your business in a unique manner. In today’s business world, a business is considered successful when it is found providing better and satisfying experience to its customers. You can highlight about classes, entertainment programs, workshops, and different social experiences on your Facebook cover photo to get the attention of your audience.

Define Your Business

Are you able to define your business in few lines? If yes, you can use Facebook cover photo to define your business a creative way. This activity will certainly help you out improving your brand identity as whoever will come to your Facebook account or page, they will learn about your business in a second by seeing your Facebook cover photo. Just as you take logo design services to get a perfect logo, you can also take the services of a designer to get a perfect Facebook cover photo for your business.

Appeal to Senses

You must have heard about the subliminal perceptions in business marketing. Through it, the marketers deliver their messages in such an efficient way that they stick to the viewers or readers’ minds and they are influenced to buy the concerned product or service. For example, if you are running a business in the food industry, you can show some mouth-watering offers in the cover photo so that a subliminal perception can be generated and you can notice more sales in your business.

Seasons Offers

Whether a product-based business or a service provider, every business comes up with different seasons offers to attract their customers. In this regard, the Facebook cover photo can be the best way to feature your seasonable offers to a large audience. Using a user-engaging copy in an appealing photo, you can make the most of all the seasons and can earn your desired income through your product or service.

Make Full Use of Creativity

Remember, you ought not to use your Facebook cover photo for only explicating the promotion and advertisements of your products or services. Rather, you can also make full use of creativity and can make a creative cover photo that can please all of your customers.

Don’t Forget to Use Hashtags

As your Facebook has clearly stated how one should use hashtags to get better results, you can also follow these tips while making the Facebook cover photos of your business profile or page. In your cover photo, you can leave prominent space for some hashtags that can help you promote a campaign and get the engagement of a large social audience. Hashtags in cover photos can simply kickstart valuable engagements and can also play their active part in a promotion.

Feature Top Fans

With the help of different contests, you can feature your top fans in the Facebook cover photo. Through this, you can effectively interact with your audience and can develop an interest among them. Also, the fans who will come in your cover photo will overwhelmingly share the photo in their friends’ circle.

Play with Emotions

You can make the most of the emotions of your consumers by celebrating different memories in the cover photo. You can share such stories that can make them nostalgic and full of emotions. You can also use the emotions to make their mind regarding your product or service.

Use a Giveaway

A giveaway is one of the best ways to interact social users towards your business profile or page. You promote the giveaway through different push notifications, brochures, emails, flyers, and different other things.